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Beloved One - Humility & Ode To Receiver - Jul 17, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Urantia, July 17, 2005.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson on Humility, and an Ode to the Receiver."

Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One:


"This is a lesson during which you will experience some reluctance to note my words, because they are those steadfast unsung heroes on the planet who can serve God without recognition from other humans, and can display a great deal of secrecy because their egos do not need to be fed by other people.

"I desire to commend you for always being at your station, to ‘hear’ My words, and diligently write down My words while the world around you sleeps. It is this early morning yearning and urge on your part to learn and do God’s will, which drives you out of your warm bed to listen to My dictation, while you never know what word will come next. For you it is like taking one step after the other in the dark, which will somehow, and somewhere, offer words of hope and comfort to others.

"You neither know where or how this shall be done, but you trust solely in the wisdom of the Gods. It is with great pleasure that I convey these words to you.

"It is one of true humility, who seeks no fame or fortune for the self, that becomes more capable as prayers are answered. The plans of the Father shall never fail, but it is humans like you who can serve without recognition, who help tremendously to forward those plans. You happen to be assigned to a very progressive group, even if you did not realize this at first, but each mortal does come with a certain plan for the unfoldment of the soul on the planet of their birth.

"It often does not work out as intended in the material life, but it always will in eternity. Those who start listening at a very young age to that inner Still Voice, have a greater chance of succeeding, even though this happens through great trials and errors in the material existence.

"Mistakes are always made, but this is how humans learn. They are those mistakes during which humility is learned, and a certain character trait in humbleness is developed. It is such a trait that has helped you succeed. It is such a trait that has made you eminently suited to this job, and, although you feel very inadequate regarding this job and still ask: ‘Why me?’

"The answer remains: ‘Why not?’ This is the secret of being trained for bigger things, and as long as you show yourself willing, you will be trained. That includes any hardships coming your way, but these will be easier to take and learn from, as you now know where to turn, and to Whom to turn.

"While the world languishes in spiritual darkness and despair, there are more and more humans awakening and discovering the eternal Light, and allowing that Light to shine forth through them. This is done without any bragging on their part, as for the most part they do not even realize that they are becoming those shining lights in the darkness.

"There will be ‘dark’ souls that will take offense to such ones, but their light shall never be extinguished. Instead, their resoluteness will cause their light to burn even brighter. Some of those lights will become the modern-day martyrs on the way to making this world a better place in which to live, as the darkness abhors the light.

"However, it has been so decreed on High that the light will no longer be stopped, or put out by whatever means. It shall continue to burn brighter and brighter, and this shall happen one person at a time, who will start to realize that he or she, too, is the beloved child of the One Creator.

"I call on each human, to hear the call of Sprit within them. This is meant for all God's children, who can serve without recognition in the material realm, and who are all recognized on high. This . . . is true humility."

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