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Abraham; Mary - Being Self-Forgetful - Jun 27, 2005 - Woods Cross, UT



Being Self-Forgetful

JUNE 27, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Many times I am overfilled with love for you and your unique personalities, and I feel a great deal of comfort around you. I feel secure in the knowledge of your feelings toward me and the Mission as a whole. I am appreciative of your willingness to be known and strive for a better today. I realize at times how our Mission seems flat. It can seem void of that mountainous beauty we all enjoy in the thrill of discovery. Such is the mortal life. Our Mission is what we make of it. Our personal being depends on our willingness to allow Father in.

I am MARY, again, greetings. I do understand the valleys and peaks of the mortal life. I remember an ever-changing perception of my outlook on everyday living. As a child it seems we start out as free and open spirits. Then pain or experience in living, teaches us to be cautious and for some it would lead them to closing up altogether. As any child learns, if you touch the hot coals you get burned. Certain negative experiences or traumatic events would perhaps make some individuals a little too cautious, shy or self-conscious. Pain is not pleasant and escape is understood. There is a tendency for people to escape any un-pleasantries of life by seeking to escape experience altogether. They are closed up, not only closed off from the wisdom to be gained, but also from the living spirit that is available to each and every true believer.

I remember such pain and holding back my natural instinct to act. Having been reinforced time and time again that I was of lower value, I had not trust in any of my abilities, therefore I held back, I remained quiet. The insecurity from ridicule directed my actions as a person. Yes, it controlled me. In this holding back or closing up, I curtailed one of the many gifts that is ours just by being set upon such a planet. My intuition or capacity to receive spiritual information was indeed squelched and most definitely were the spirit poisons more real to me than spiritual fruits.

With the coming of the Master’s ministry I began to realize my rights as having been born mortal and a child of God. Certainly women, among others, were limited in their freedom to speak their mind or act on any cause, but with a few lessons in humility, I was able to find the balance in holding back and allowing Father’s will to unfold. Certainly in the mortal experience will you experience the perseverance of ego and look for opportunities to be rewarded for the great person you are. It would seem that feedback from others such as family, friends, spouses and employers seem to be a great value.

Not everyone on an evolutionary experimental planet is raised with the fact that they are a child of God and are given certain rights and gifts. This is why the Maser taught self-forgetfulness so that the believers could receive pure assistance from our Father. He really did make effort to teach equality among all individuals, but as evolution has shown to be true that good prevails and true things are lasting. In ministry it is most likely safe to be in a mode of questioning or in self-forgetfulness, where you are trusting more in Father’s ability than your own.

When we close up to experience for self-protection, then are we shutting out the assistance of spirit. You can self-protect until the end of this mortal life and yet you will carry on from that point when you reach the other side. Such is the eternal career, not bad or good, just the way it is. When we are closed off because we have been burned, then are we most likely to miss out on the abundance to be gained. Spirit perceptions that are available for you to utilize in this life go unnoticed.

We can see an excellent example that the Master set by remaining open to Father’s will, keeping a firm handle on emotions and knowing who He was dealing with. Many things could the Master foresee because He was open, it was His deepest desire to serve Father and His fellows. Many times could He have ran with emotion and delayed Father’s plans. Many times could His fear have overcome His courage to be His true self. Imagine the burden toward the end of Jesus’ life. Did he see it as a burden? No. Was He paralyzed with emotion, self-consciousness? No. Was He a servant to popular opinion in His own need to be loved and accepted? No.

You know Jesus was born a babe of the realm just as you were. He grew just as you did. You are able to have a fairly good communication with the Father as He did. We can all see that Jesus was prepared all along the way for His life experience and His ministry. He was willing to be taught. His loyalty to the Father is unmatched, but definitely do you have opportunity to make an effort to come close. I am stopping there.

I am Abraham. For the week ahead let us ponder how we are self-protected to the point that we hold back or are fearful of experience. Let us ponder our balance between allowing our Father’s will to unfold and pushing for our need to be noticed and accepted. How is intuition helpful in everyday living and our ministry? That is all. Know that I am with growing gratitude to you, my friends, who dare to step out and be seen for all that you are. Well done. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.