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Abraham; Mary - It Is Uplifting To Stop & Be Grateful - Jun 20, 2005 - Woods Cross, UT

Woods Cross Group


Abraham: Sometimes it Is Very Uplifting to Simply Stop and Be Grateful

Mary: Self Forgetfulness Aids Ministry To Others

June 20, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I find it amusing that you expect me to be here. I like that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if moment to moment of daily living you could expect the same from Father? It really is the same, even more so true with the Father, for He is personalized for each one of His children. Every day the two of you are becoming as one. I know in your daily struggles it sometimes is difficult to grasp.

Just know that the veil of the flesh is only temporary and with the forward momentum of the Father’s plan, more things are possible than you know. Is it not cause for rejoicing to see those things that are true remain lasting? You have allowed the unfolding of our Mission and with some stumbling, have done quite well putting it to good use. Sometimes it is very uplifting to simply stop and be grateful, feel those blessings that surround you, allow the energy of the Spirit to continue to empower you.

I am MARY, your sister and friend. I am grateful for the friendship and assistance I receive from our brother, Abraham. His grace is indeed something for me to aspire to. Even though I have received training to help in the uplifting of Urantia, I am still never quite prepared to teach any particular lesson. Abraham speaks of making effort to be prepared and then always allowing the living Spirit to guide, to have the final word.

It has been many years since I have indwelt the mortal flesh and I have come to know such joy that you have yet to discover. I have never forgotten where I began and truly is all my experience a part of the sum total of who I am. I do remember some excruciating times in the flesh, certainly, but here I am now with some knowledge of the outcome of ultimate good. Just like you, your struggles will one day be behind you and the ultimate good will be presented to you in a way you can understand.

It is so encouraging to keep striving in that forward momentum that Father has set before us. You have had many years of training and your mission assignments are laid out before you daily. Some assignments may seem small, but they are always possible links in a greater chain. Our Mission seems inactive to some because it is so low profile. It demands not personal recognition of each individual who serves.

I do remember in my days of becoming alive in spirit, the temptation to take credit for receiving and disseminating living revelation was always present. Having grown up as a child, who knew not real love and affection, I was more inclined to take credit for the Father’s work. The attention at the time fulfilled an emptiness I had always known. It was strange how the more I leaned on the side of ego and the desire to look and feel important, the less ability I had to minister to others. When I was caught up in myself I really was of no use. The ministry became secondary to my desire to feel needed. I swore I served to work and minister for the Master’s cause, and yet understandably, the animal side craved to be noticed and appreciated.

Certain sects of that day and age were not socially accepted. If you grew up poverty stricken, then you pretty well had it set in your mind you were always going to be of a lower class. It was rare when individuals strived for more, because it was believed then that this was the Father’s plan for you. So most definitely when my mind began to lean toward spiritual reality, I learned of my real importance. I learned freedom from labels, classes and status. If I was to serve in the Lord’s ministry, then I had to become one with the people. There was not room for a feeling of self-importance. There was no time to reflect on how I would be rewarded in Heaven.

The ministry was exactly what the Master taught us it would be and a great deal of His teachings was focused on self-forgetfulness. I always had to remind myself through daily prayer, meditation and efforts to serve, that this was not about me and my longing to be fulfilled in one way or another. In that there was joy beyond my ability to express it with words. To feel a part of something greater than yourself, than your little world, is freeing. It was just as the Master taught. "He who would save his life selfishly will indeed lose it. He who would lose himself for the Father will definitely be saved."

Our Mission is active, even though it is not so much in the public eye. We are all a part of something greater and that links us together as members of an unlimited universal family. To me the Mission is simple. If you need fame and recognition, maybe this ministry is not for you. If you desire to be part of the whole and serve side by side with your fellows, seen and unseen, finding spiritual fulfillment instead of ego-satisfaction, then you are home. I am stopping there. All my love to you, my brothers and sisters. Godspeed this week in all your undertakings.

I am Abraham, our gratitude to you, Sister Mary. Well done. This week find time for prayer and meditation. Take an honest look at your ministry. We may be a quiet Mission, but that does not take away from our activity. Carry on with what you know to be true in your soul. My love is always growing for you each. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.