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Michael - Last Frontier - The Way of Peace - Jun 09, and Jun 11, 2005 - Progress Group, AU
US of A, June 9, 2005.
Michael (Jesus).
Subjects: "The Last Frontier."
"War No More."

Michael: "It is impossible to see two worlds. You will now see as I would have you see.

"There is no hell except the hells of My children’s own making, and there are no wars except the wars of hate and greed. And these you can simply walk away from by the mental choices you make, for on whatever you center your thinking, such is what becomes your world.

"Remember well the day when you threw your newspapers away for good. You smile! And then you turned off the news, for you chose to no longer listen to the pain and sorrows that were created by those who cannot, and will not see as I would have them see.

"In being aware of all the chaos, you also knew that you could not change one such chaotic happening. And so, by these simple actions, you stopped the turmoil in your mind, and, slowly, the creation of peace became a reality as the world of war had been removed.

"And, no, you cannot see two worlds! That is impossible. And why would you choose to poison the mind, which is the dwelling place of God—His household, which you chose to decorate with love, not chaos? And the rewards you now behold are from the efforts of right thought choices, and great consistency.

"I once told you that the last frontier was the mind, and you immediately accepted that as a very great truth. And on that very day we began to create a beautiful mind. Oh, if My children only knew of the great power they hold within their minds when consistently striving to be disciplined in their behavior!

"The business of creating beautiful minds is the Father’s business.

"You have done the work to create a world of truth and, yes, very great peace and joy, and happiness. Now we go together to help others, and just as you laid down the swords of mental war, you can now lead others to do the same.

"There is great power in the written word. Yes, it has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword; a great truth, and the mighty pen, skillfully wielded, can erase all mental wars and create the kingdom of God within. The heavenly kingdom resides in the simple choice of mentally living in and by the Will of God.

"I am Michael, and peace is as easily attained as mentally warring no more!"


US of A, June 11, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "The Way of Peace."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "The Scriptures taught you that peace comes to those who war no more—those who ‘Lay Down the Sword’. And yet, there are also scriptures that teach you to ‘Slay With the Sword’. However, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ is most certainly not the path towards Peace.

"Is this a holy book that teaches such conflict? Can there be anything more profane than the concept of a holy war? Of course not! Conflict is not truth.

"How did you come to peace, My sister? It was not easy, for so many times did you hear the still small Voice, saying, ‘Lay it down!’ You knew then that you needed to lay down the sword.

"So what is peace? What is ‘Peace on Earth?’ It is not war, but the absence of conflict, and the absence of conflict is the absence of ego.

"Ponder these words. You have meditated on the death of ego—your own, as well as that of the ego-centered ones who surround you. You know conflict is always ego centered.

"You have a little one liner that you quite often repeat to yourself. Some one once expressed this in one of your self-help books: ‘Do you want to be right, or happy?’ You adopted those words into your heart, and they became as scripture to you.

"You recognized those words as being Holy Spirit inspired. They were a little pathway to your present place of peace. Now you can see how these words worked to annihilate your ego, so centered in conflict. These words say the same thing in an updated version of the scriptures that teach to lay down the sword.

"Peace on earth will come, My sister. You know that is the truth, and it is a work in progress that begins in the lives of those who say they are My children. They must lay down their swords, and their determination will spread to all those that are directly affected by the resolve of God’s children to war no more.

"You know this works, for in truth you also once wore the hat of the warmonger. You smile at this revelation, but you have used that term about yourself, and you have said it so often of others, also.

"Who are these who love war more than peace? They are all those who would rather be right than happy. They are all those who much prefer conflict to peace. They are all those who cannot lay down the sword—the masses of humanity that are ego centered and cannot yet hear the still small Voice within.

"I am Michael. These are enough words for you to meditate on today, and to delight about the distance toward peace you have so far traveled."

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