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Denver, CO, USA


The Greater Picture Is Hard To See With All The Changes

TR: JoiLin Teacher: AhmaNiden

June 18, 2005

Greetings child, it is I AhmaNiden, happy I am that you have decided to join me in this time of sharing this morning. I thank you for your time and appreciate your willingness to respond.

JoiLin: I’m always happy to join with you AhmaNiden but I wasn’t certain if it was you or myself as per usual.

AhmaNiden: And that will eventually pass child as you spend more time in this communication as I have mentioned before. Now do you have questions, or would you like a brief lesson.

JoiLin: Well, I have some questions it is true, but I think for now I’d like a lesson, one that perhaps might be shared with the 11:11 group.

AhmaNiden: Then let us proceed little one.

There will come a time in your lives. When you look back and say to yourselves, aha! So that is what it meant, or so that is what was going on or happening! At this particular junction in time, there are so many changes being wrought within your world and even to your individual persons that it is not possible to see the greater picture. Each person lives within a microcosm of his or her own making, or their own choosing within the greater macrocosm of the world they live on. And many as you well know, live totally self focused lives, and others live as if wearing a pair of blinders, allowing for only a small part of reality to come into their awareness. These times are changing or I might say the possibility to remain in such a narrow life field will soon become all but impossible for the material world and the spiritual world will soon begin to merge more clearly than has been true up until now. This merging will cause many of the local as well as global paradigms to fall, as they will no longer be able to exist within the more creative energy.

Now is the time to challenge yourselves to open to your absolute limit to the possibilities that are being presented to you on so many different levels. Open yourselves to the reality of living your lives in a more co creative fashion in partnership with your indwelling spirit guide. It matters not what theology you follow so long as it takes in the idea of a force (God) greater than yourselves, and allows for love and forgiveness to be of a higher priority than ego. Be open to new ideas; spend more time in attempting to connect with your inner spirit, remembering always that it is your intent in all matters that decides the eternal value or consequence

I think this will be enough for you to work with for now child. Stay in His Light and know always how loved you are. Shalom.