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Message to All:
There was an opportunity for three members of the worldwide 11:11 Progress Group to meet up in the Netherlands when on their individual holiday journeys. Some of us in the group were notified in advance that our Celestial Friends would be there in force. The transmissions set out below were received and recorded in a lovely park setting in the town of Utrecht.

Utrecht, the Netherlands, April 30, 2005.
Christ Michael and Monjoronson

Two Receivers of the 11:11 Progress Group.

Opening Prayer: "Great Creator, we request Your blessings during this work. Thank You for bringing the three of us together here in love, harmony and peace. We request to learn more of Your Ways, to assist in doing Your Work and spreading Your Word throughout the rest of this planet. We request that any extra energies created during the rest of this day be sent to healing the Earth and healing those who are in trouble, those who are sick, and those who have need of your sustenance within their soul. We thank you in the name of everlasting love. Amen."

Christ Michael (Receiver A).
Subject: "The Spirit Within Will Forever Guide You."

Michael: "Dear children, I greet you. We are just as pleased as you are in the configuration. This is Michael. Mother Nebadonia surrounds you with her love.

"We are absolutely thrilled that you two came to meet with (Receiver A) so the three of you can get to know each other far better than would be permissible via email. Their electronic devices only go so far, but they do not have the human touch, although it may be somewhat conveyed through that method. We are very proud today that you three, and all of you with George and the others, are developing yourselves in this work, which is so needed on this planet. Here are personifying my blessings and my love towards the planet, to all the people, and we encourage you to keep going on this path.

"It is extremely important that you keep yourself focused. It is wonderful to be together, and soon you will leave each other again but this moment of togetherness will never be forgotten. It will be written in the annals of heaven so that you can revisit this meeting whenever you desire, which you can now do in your own memory.

"It is to be a growing group, which will spread far and wide but you are still the nucleus, who are the hub of more spreading of the activities of the 1,111, which is very much needed.

"People need to know that they do have access to heavenly helpers, that they have access to the spirit worlds, which mean them no harm, that they have access to our love which is free for the taking, that they have access to our nurturing. And that, if they are in trouble, all they need to do is to sit still and be, and allow the Spirit of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Eternal Spirit to enter, and know that all is well, that they are not cosmic orphans any longer, that they are not sinful people, only children who make mistakes, and that mistakes can always be corrected.

"It is the path of experience through which you learn. It is the path of trouble that teaches you there is a better path to walk, which is the path with the most love in it.

"We advise you three to always be mindful of protection, of our love and care, and of knowing that the Spirit Within will forever guide you in the direction you need to go. All you need to do is ask, and allow it to happen.

"Children, enjoy this beautiful day. We are grateful when we see you being grateful because we know that our plan is working. Enjoy, be at peace, and have a wonderful time. Good cheer, Shalom."

Monjoronson (Receiver B.)

Subject: "Remember the Spirit of Play."

Monjoronson: "I am most grateful to have this opportunity to speak with the three of you this afternoon within this beautiful place you know as the Netherlands, which holds so much soul within the essence of the nation which resides in this part of the Earth. There is a peace and tranquility here, is there not, which you feel through your very bones, which resonates inside your souls, and brings joy, wealth and expansiveness into your hearts?

"The three of you support each other in ways you may not fully understand. This is not just through your communications of shared experiences, of situations which one has encountered, which may assist another in their understanding, but also the friendship and the ties of family, which are created when people stand together with truth in their hearts and with a common goal.

"I applaud you greatly for the work you do in service to our Christ Michael, and know that this work is seen and appreciated by all here on the celestial planes, who take joy in the continued evolution of humanity, as well as in you each as individuals, as brightly colored butterflies unfurling their wings from the cocoons and flying out into the world with joy, with laughter, and with a brilliance and playfulness also.

"So I ask you too to remember that spirit of play, that however intense your work becomes, however much you feel the work unending when you take time for yourself, when you take time to sing, when you take time to be as a child and to smile with playfulness, so too you discover more of the world around you through that playfulness, through the inquisitiveness of a small child investigating a stone for the first time, or peering intently at the details within a flower. And so, too, I remind you to spend time within this joy, to allow your natural inquisitiveness to bubble to the surface, for this is contagious and assists in the spread of such energies throughout the entirety of the world.

"I thank you again for your time, and for the opportunity to speak with you, and I say farewell, for I AM Monjoronson."

Comment: Bells are ringing!

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