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Illawarra District, Australia, January 13, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "Whenever You Reach For Me."

Received by George Barnard.

Michael: "It is at all times, day or night, summer or winter, in hardship or joy, that you can call on Me, that I will be with you when you reach for Me. You are My creation, my sons and daughters, and yet you are My brothers and sisters, for we ‘spring’ from the same Perfect Source on Paradise.

"Surely, indeed, I am the older Brother by far, the older Brother to countless of My children of all kinds, and most experienced in the ways of the world and the ways of the diverse invisible realms they all occupy. And, still, I am the Servant of these all, and love and humility are My motivation to be with them, as I am with you now. For you reached out to Me.

"You who go through the trials and hardships of terrestrial life cannot fathom the enormous tasks you will accomplish for our Father Creator when in distant times you will be placed in the service of many others to, through your diligent endeavors, reap the greatest rewards this universe can bestow upon you—the knowledge and absolute satisfaction that you always were His treasured children, and that you have become and are His valued representatives to many.

"For now, in time, you will often be tested to strengthen your resolves as Faith Sons and Faith Daughters of the Creator of All. In Eternity, all your achievements are already known, appreciated and rewarded, and you need only bear in mind that even the worst that can befall you will be for the eventual good of you and others.

"I am Michael. I occupy time and space with you, to be with you, for it is My sacred task and delight to joyfully pass on the Father’s love to you, and individually serve you all. Whenever you reach for Me.

"Stay with your task, for your works will always be Mine."

© 11:11 Progress Group


US of A, May 5, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "Only the Good Memories."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "Today is a beautiful gift. Why torture yourself with those sad memories from the past? You must learn to say no to those memories.

"I did say learn to say no. It is a process, and it requires great patience, My sister. And a part of that process requires that you remember you are no longer the person of that sad and lonely time.

"You lived in the belief in separation, and you felt separated from all love. You were never separated from our Father’s Love, for those thoughts of separation came from the belief that Father’s Love was earned by goodness, and that sin could separate God’s children from His Love.

"You long ago traded those old beliefs for truth, and the religion of your childhood died in the wonderful knowledge that nothing could separate you from your Father’s unconditional Love.

The sad memories that sometimes return are nothing but cheerless little dreams that float in an out of your remembrance, and for no apparent reason. And you can refuse to entertain them, just like you refuse to rent the horror shows at the movie rental store.

"You deliberately walk by that section without a second glance, and in the same manner you resist the movies of war and violence, saying no to all that nonsense. You may do the same with all those torturous memories from the past, for you need not entertain them for one moment.

"It is a choice, My dear sister, and I have in many instances spoken to you about making better choices.

"Whilst you consider yourself an excellent housekeeper, the mind often needs a good ‘cleaning’ just as does your impeccable household. The choice is always yours.

"Why then would you choose to entertain the memories of a sad past? It is gone, and there is no need to return to that ‘place’ ever again. You will return, however, because it is a habit, and again, I will remind you that habits can be replaced. Say no to the non-sense of your bad memories.

"I will help you to understand this lesson, just as I have assisted you in learning so many others. Be patient, and remind yourself of the distance you have traveled, taking My Hand each day.

"And I remind you again that you no longer are the separated child of God that you once thought you were when those memories occurred. No! Now you know Whose child you are. The history that created those memories will never repeat itself. You can be very sure of that, My sister.

"I am Michael. And I do travel with you for very great good. We, together, are creating only very good memories."

© 11:11 Progress Group


US of A, May 9, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "You Have Purchased The Kingdom."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within. It is a happy, joy-filled kingdom, and one that is easy to enter, because forgiveness is its doorway. The merciful live there, as do all those who understand unconditional love.

"You, My sister, have been on a long and arduous journey to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Why did it take you so long to enter? You chose many paths pointed out by those who could not enter, and may themselves never enter therein.

"There is only one entrance to the Kingdom, and I repeat that forgiveness is the Path thereto. And staying in the Kingdom for all the days of your earthly sojourn makes only one demand: Forgive one another as your Father in Heaven has forgiven all of you.

"You notice a slight change in My Words from that of the standard biblical interpretation of My Words. The Bible comes from a garbled path. The path is directed by many of those who cannot enter the Kingdom that they ‘sell’. They offer a conditional entrance, when unconditional love is its only entrance fee.

"Those who understand unconditional love, as meaning unconditional forgiveness, are those who lead the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.

"You have entered and you will remain, for you stand firm now as a Kingdom dweller. Yes, the world around you may seem in chaos, but it holds you not. You have purchased the Kingdom and paid its entrance fee.

"There are many who need to learn what you, personally, have learned by walking the path of many ways. It has been a walk of trial and error, and the path has not been easy. As you have said so many times in referring to yourself, "You are a slow learner!" Ah, but I tell you today, you have learned your lessons well!

"The lessons learned in pain stay with us, do they not? I am Michael, and you are ready to teach others about the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow the Father’s unconditional love and mercy for all to guide the way."

© 11:11 Progress Group


US of A, May 19, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "In Quiet I Receive God’s Word."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "This is our quiet time, My sister, when you listen and I speak. My Voice comes to you in stillness, and you hear the Words of Truth. You are the Beloved of your Father, Who holds you in high esteem.

"You have learned that He is no respecter of persons, yet do not confuse that word ‘respect’ with one of a totally different meaning, for you know He loves all equally, loving not one single child above another, and yet it is possible for Him to hold you in high respect. It is possible for Him to hold all His children in high respect.

"His respect is above anything you can imagine that word to mean. He values you beyond measure and that value is His measurement of respect.

"Do you know of any person that you deem worthy of respect? Of course you do! There are persons in high places that you honor. There are persons of whom you would be awed if you were invited to be in their presence. That same awe is a semblance of how your Father envisions all His children.

"You find it hard to believe that you are worthy of any awe by any living person. You have much to learn, My sister.

"The word love is too insignificant to give you any idea of what love actually is. You try to think of its meaning. Do not wonder of your lack of its perfect knowledge.

"In quiet time today, I tell you there are no words to describe your Father’s love for all His children. You use the word love to describe many things, many circumstances and yes, many feelings and emotions. Simply believe! You are worthy of His love and high respect.

"Let it suffice to simply believe what I say to you today. I am Michael, your beloved older, wiser Brother. And My wisdom is My credential for truth."

© 11:11 Progress Group.

Illawarra District, Australia, June 2, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "Now Let Me Humor You."

Received by George Barnard.

Michael: "Indeed I have the skill, the patience, and the all-over-my-universe presence to tutor you, and countless others, my dear friend and brother.

"It is such a short life, any human life; such a brief moment in time that the entire world around you appears to be in utter chaos, and more so each day. And whilst I recommend to you, and any who hear my words, that you live in the now from moment to moment, with total forgiveness for self and others regarding the past, with hope, faith, trust and joy for the future, you keep an awareness and diligence in the right now, and that you continuously spread the Father’s Love to all.

"Truly, my children, with a most excellent, might I say, "managerial outlook over the entire business" that is our beloved Urantia, I assure you there is notable, measurable, exciting progress.

"Now let me humor you some more, my son, in asking you to momentarily look back over your long . . . long . . . life to see how it unfolded, and for you to recognize that you made progress since the days you were but a raw recruit "enslaved" by those who call you their brother-much-loved. Do you not discern a decisive order there, note a particular rhythm, and perceive a distinct pattern of growth that has brought you from your earthly beginnings to this point in time?

"But no, my dear children, brothers and sisters, friends and servants to the Father Creator of All, I do not chastise you for your doubts, deep concerns, and fears for a world, or even a universe out of control, when you weigh up the daily torments of terrestrial life on my bestowal planet against the surety of the Father’s Plan, and imagine the latter to have great shortcomings.

"But as much as I can glimpse into the future by sheer reckoning of the many factors that exist, as much as I am the recipient of Paradise-ordered information, I can see a straight path of clear, unobstructed and unwavering progress for a world that is so special to me towards the eventuality of Light and Life, here and for all of Nebadon via the Correcting Time. Trouble yourself not about the distractions wrought of evil minds, their nefarious plans, and sad harvests, for as always reliable, the Father’s promise of that glorious future will be achieved.

"In a world such as this, such as many that were isolated through rebellion, they are only the most learned, most experienced of Thought Adjusters that will engage in the work of their planet’s salvation, the bravest and most resilient of humans that answer the clarion call to become the pride, perhaps even the envy, of their very Melchizedek Teachers.

"Let this world lead you to a future where loyalty, steadfastness courage, and extraordinary forethought for self and all others will splendidly serve your future universe careers. And should all things material disappear, should all things close to your heart be taken away, your survival was a fait accompli yesterday, tomorrow, and for all time.

"Reach for me often in the stillness of your heart, for I shall be aware of your reach and answer your heart, soul and mind. I am Michael."

© 11:11 Progress Group.