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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

I Preside Over The Next Phase Of The Correcting Time

May 05, 2005

T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: Divine parents, once again we find ourselves coming to seek your embrace. We find ourselves reaching up to you as little children of yours that we are. We seek your guidance and your counsel and most of all your love. We know you are out there and we know that you know of us way out here. At this time we seek to come close to you. We extend ourselves to the very brink so that we be close enough to you to hear your words of wisdom and to feel your presense in our lives. We are assured of our success because we extend ourselves in faith and we have your assurance that when we do so you are there awaiting us. So even now in this hour we make vocal this petition of our hearts to be close to you and we look forward to this exchange of spirit between us and that this bond be strengthened by doing so. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Machiventa: I welcome this opportunity to greet you in this arena of your making. This is Machiventa and as you may well know it is I who has been given the opportunity to preside over this next phase of the Teaching Mission and to be present and involved in the very inner workings of this creation that we together are building which we are referring to as the Correcting Time. I applaud your efforts for constructing an arena that we may join together and exchange thoughts, ideals, ideas and universe principles.

It has been my privilege to work with many over the years for the salvation of our home planet but in this hour, at this time I am graced with such glory and beauty and splendor in those of you whom I gaze upon across this circuit and through this medium. It is my privilege to serve with you side by side as we co-create this next level of interaction, as we define the parameters wherein we will function, as we solicit advice and help from on high and then when we together we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

I am no stranger to the many tasks involved of this magnitude and as I gaze upon this volunteer army I see before me I recognize the character and the traits required to manifest such destiny as is before us. Truly great things are on our horizon. Truly we stand at the very brink of a new era and these great manifestations will be put into motion by us now in this time, and even though we may not fully understand the ramifications of our actions in these hours, it is an essential aspect of the plan that we be engaged, that our desire be in alignment with the will of our parent Creator and that our human energies be focused on that which we can accomplish.

It is easy to accomplish a first step, a beginning to something new without concern as to the permanent effects of such and action, but rather with intent focused upon the action at hand of creation, of making a new beginning. This begins with us individually as we within ourselves begin to see a new beginning, begin to have an awareness of that which is different and distinct from that which is now and current. It is in drawing this distinction that we will come to realize what our part to play may be, that how we may manifest this new reality may come to pass. Before we are in awareness of a new direction we are simply engaged in repeating old patterns and propping up old designs. The time is upon us where we must forsake the old patterns and replace them with new universal patterns with upgraded designs. When we embrace that this is a role that we must manifest, we become emboldened to make these proclamations and to state that which aught to be in contrast to that which is. Each of you and all who care to make a connection have access to a higher way, a more real reality, and having chosen to embrace this glimpse of a new ideal, it becomes your privilege and your obligation to state what you have glimpsed.

To witness what you have come to believe to be true. To manifest the very qualities and characteristics which exhibit this new dimension of reality. There will be gracing our world a new and stronger sense of this higher reality. Those of you I gaze upon in this hour have done significant personal preparation to be blind so as to be receivers of this wave to hit our world. Having done this preparation and having spent time in the stillness, you are positioned to receive this new dimension of reality as an undeniable message from on high.

Once the realization of this message sinks into the core of your being, you will be driven to activate within your life circles and become a true activist for spirit realities and universe principles. It is not required that you beat a drum and stand on a street corner and spew out cosmic truth. It is as simple as sharing with another your deepest and most inner beliefs as witnessing to those who will hear the truth that you know to be real. By doing so and extending your faith grasp to the level of certainty you become a manifestation of the very principles you would convey, and insofar as you manifest these principles you will convey deep meaning and timeless truths.

You must of course also use words and I encourage you to choose your language carefully as any language is greatly conditioned by the choice of one who is attempting to wield its power of communication. Speak boldly and honestly and you will find that there is great inspiration when the moment is right, when time appears to synchronize with your motion and your motion synchronize with time, and in those moments you will feel the injection of spirit presence even as you encounter it in this hour, and this can provide you with great strength to proceed as well as comfort in the knowledge that you are supported from on high from those who would have you put into action this very plan.

You will feel great amounts of support from those on the other side of the curtain and yet you will stand alone on your side and you will be seen by your brothers and sisters as ones of great strength exhibiting magnificent faith and acting with supreme sincerity. These are the qualities that you will manifest by simply acting in your realm, being in motion so that you might be directed, might be led by spirit. These are exciting times and I look forward with great anticipation to the magnificent works that we will all be involved in as we choose the path of engagement, as we decide not to sit on the sidelines and watch, but rather to boldly take the steps necessary to be in motion, to engage in the process. You all who hear these words are fulcrum points in your own life circles whether you may apply some leverage on one end and make great motion happen on the other. These fulcrums are set in place by our Creator but they require action, the action of you to apply the necessary force, to direct the necessary energy that this lever may be used to great advantage. It is in the knowledge that the use of these levers that you are becoming adept and are becoming more proficient and that is a joy to witness, knowing that we have so many grand and glorious opportunities, levers before us.

I know that you are of a generation and a time that has not beheld the great glory and the magnitude of the force of our Creators, but I tell you this is about to change. You are about to behold the strength, the power, the glory, the greatness that our Creator desires that we have as part of our reality, as part of that we may embrace. The days of darkness and longing and uncertainty and unfaithfulness are indeed drawing to a close and the era we are entering is one of lightness, of grandeur, of faith and of certainty.

The next generation will not grapple with these issues as you have and will not live a life of uncertainty where one must build faith in a vacuum, but rather there will be exhibitions on this world of great spiritual glory and it is you, it is us who stand at this juncture, at the opening of this new arena. It is you and I who are here in this time and space juncture and who are afforded the privilege and the opportunity to put such greatness into motion. To begin a great and glorious era.

This is a ball that we will get rolling but that will roll on and encompass all that we know. Truly great and glorious things can be traced back to their beginnings and my associates and assistants, that is the juncture we are at in this time. I count you all as the good and faithful workers in the fields of light and I so much look forward to the opportunities that will most certainly arrive before us as we engage ourselves in this grand and glorious plan before us. That is all that is required of you is your desire to be engaged, your willingness to participate, and your longing to be of service. These factors are all that are required of those good and faithful servants who will most tirelessly toil in the fields of light.

The most glorious aspect of the mission before us to be embraced is that we are guaranteed of a certainty our success. Those of us who know that when the desires of the Creator are made known and brought forward there are no forces capable of derailing such a mission. Therefore the end is a certainty, our success is assured. The mission is a success looking from the beginning to the end. Now it is but for us to take the steps. Those are my words of encouragement and support for today as we all are in need of support as we extend our faith and go forward in this mission together.

I assure you of my support and as well I know you are assured of our support from those on high who gaze down with approval at our engagement in this process. I would conclude my remarks but would engage any questions or conversation, as this is not, as you have come to know, a one way street. Comment: Machiventa I thank you so much. Every aspect of it was food and I feel very natured and strengthened by your encouragement, your loving force, a cheerleader supreme.

Machiventa: One more comment I would make is many on the world are under the impression that they might somehow work hard enough to give away this spiritual food that you just referenced to the point where they may become personally depleted of such a resource. I am here to state that this nourishment that you spoke of which you perceived as being provided by myself was in fact merely directed through me, as you are aware, from the source of all our spiritual food and likewise are you each conduits of this spiritual food and that it is not possible to give to the extent that you will be deficient in your quantities of this spiritual food.

In fact by being such a conduit for this spiritual nourishment to those around you, you have created a divine pact with the source of this spiritual food and this relationship insures that the more you give, the more you furnish to those around you, the more of a conduit that you are for this love, the more there is to give. So in working hard and providing this service to others, you are replenished to the point where your cup continually is filled. Be not afraid to give and give and give some more. Be strong in your faith and certain in your realization that there is no end to the supply of this spiritual nourishment and that your role is only as facilitator. It is not required that you furnish this material, only that you spread it around as the server of all. Would there be any other comments?

Comment: That was so replete that you shut me up and this is something I encounter in the field. I sometimes give them more food than they need and they get indigestion and don't want to come around me anymore till they get hungry. I might alienate more people than I invite by not knowing how to feed his sheep. I suppose I'll just learn by experience, trial and error.

Machiventa: You most certainly learn by experience but I would caution you not to make any judgements regarding others and how they perceive or are helped by your offering of this spiritual nourishment. It is not yours to witness the full impact or extent of services rendered at the time they are rendered.[ Yes I suppose you are right.] Oftentimes time is required to allow individuals to fully embrace the reality of the truths that you witness. Do not take this personally or as a failure in any sense, but rather you are simply serving. They eat what they will, they take away from the table what they do, this is their journey, this is their mission, and you as the server cannot make an accurate assessment as to whether they were nourished and to what extent.[well said] Trust that as a server you are filling your role. You are bringing nourishment to the table, you are providing it through your action and by your will and therefore my friend have you succeeded to the very end of your mission. [good]

The same scenario can be said of our world. When will they take this nourishment, when will they be filled with this spirit infusion? How will we know that these truths have made their way into their hearts? We must trust that The Father is working from within, that their souls are reaching for the very embrace we offer and that the design is such that all this will come to pass in the time of its choosing and this certainty of this reality is not contingent upon our impression of its success.

Comment: I was under the impression that it did...chuckles...I'd like to see more women step out of that backward role that they are relegated to and step up to the plate and just think for themselves, minister like one of the guys... you know. The discouragement with womenkind and the political situation is not helpful at all. I know that women have had the women’s liberation in this country but that is not what I mean exactly...

Machiventa: And what your heart desires will most certainly come to pass. It is only time that intervenes and as a will creature in time and space it is only natural that you desire to see the results of your ministry in a timely fashion so that you may reap the rewards that you desire but time does not regard you or I and another’s progress and spiritual advancement is structured on their time frame and marches to the beat of their own rhythms and while your own beat has brought you to where you are now their rhythm will most certainly bring them to a point but at their own pace and at a course of their own choosing. In the final analysis it will all come to pass. Even that which your heart longs to see even now but we must not judge it on our scale of days, weeks, months, or years.

Comment: I appreciate that. Actually I feel I was contributing to your theme you put forth about observing what is now and what can be and while I do very much appreciate what we have accomplished in a short period of time I am just looking ahead to the challenges that still lay before us, not discouraged but perhaps setting a focus on the engagement in front of me.

Machiventa: All of you who hear these words have a rather special challenge on your plate and that is the challenge faced by those students who are the advanced learners in the class. While on one hand it is exciting and exhilarating and peaks you with desire and stimulation, it also demands that you be patient with your brethren. That you assist those in your class who desire to know what you do, who are attempting to learn, who are honestly and sincerely reaching for that which you have attained and who are simply involved in their own pace of learning. It is not a crime for them to be slower to the realization than someone like yourself.

They are as much The Fathers' children as you are. Rather it is incumbent upon you who have made these advances to master your patience, your tolerance of those who would take different paths, who would take longer time, who would find what you have found in completely different manners, and yet all will come to realize these universal principles and truths in due time. Instead of your feeling impatient with your classmates, rather lies your opportunity for service. Your chance to tutor those in the class, or perhaps even more important, your chance to provide a living breathing example of that which you have come to know as truth.

That is your most powerful teaching tool and that combined with your patience and tolerance mean that you are instrumental in the classes advancement as a whole. Therein lies your privilege and your challenge and your opportunity all rolled into one and I have no doubts that you will rise to the challenge, that you will seize the opportunity and that you engage yourselves to move the class forward because you are aware that that is part of your role, is a component of your function in the class. I look forward to seeing how you rise up to these challenges, how you access these opportunities, what new and different ways you will find to manifest the reality that more and more you come to know.

Truly it is thrilling to observe. I would release you all from this arena which you have so graciously provided for such an event as has just occurred. I thank you all for your participation. I look forward to working with you as we together discover the levels of reality destined for our world and as we together manifest these new realities and begin this new era. Good evening to all my comrades, farewell.