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ABRAHAM & MARY(Magdalene)

Assignment Introduction By Mary

MAY 16, 2005

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your candor is always a treat. I have become accustomed to your humor and reasoning, for without it I would surely miss it. In the sharing of your lives there are so many questions answered. It would seem that allowing the spirit to lead brings you great joy. Your willingness to be open with one another is indeed a part of our lesson. I would have you know what an honor it is for me each week to arrive and view your beautiful faces in waiting for whatever our meeting may have in store. This evening I thought it well to hear from a fresh voice.

I am MARY. I am the one you know as Mary Magdalene. I find your group personality to be congruent with my own. I feel that I have lived the best and worst that mortal life has to offer. I have been steeped in spirit poisons and also have I been taken to the heights of spiritual fruit. I feel quite at home here among you that do your utmost to embrace reality, whatever reality that occurs on a daily basis. I am hoping to further develop our friendship. I am grateful to Abraham, for he has been a wonderful mentor and friend. To be in his presence is to feel the relief of light in a dark place.

What an opportunity for me to be here at this place and time, this day and age. From somewhat of a practical standpoint, things have not really changed that much. I am not a philosopher. I am not an expert in any field. I am however an ascending being--just as you are. I have felt the pain of complete loneliness and on the other hand, I have been consumed with an unstoppable love. I know the limitations of gender, religion and social standing, but also I know transcendence of those things that are seen as valuable from the mortal eyes.

I can hardly contain my excitement for this particular assignment. I am back on my mortal birth planet in a future that I could have hardly predicted. I am amazed at all I see. I am touched by the faith that is placed in me to perform such a trusted position. I know you. I feel as if I am returning home. Hopefully in our time we will share together we can discuss those issues that will help you live a new and enhanced existence. Because of the lengthy introductions I should keep my words short.

I am particularly interested in learning more about the mind and habit patterns of you modern people. It would seem that many of you have a great deal more freedom than I had ever known was possible while sojourning in the flesh. I am curious about thought limitations that mortals place upon themselves. I am amazed at mortals seeing material reality as the kingdom of heaven or as some reward. I shall stop there.

For the week ahead let us ponder our self-imposed limitations, be they material, spiritual, mental or emotional. Again, my enthusiasm precedes my ability to express my thoughts with some accuracy. Thank you for your patience. Until we meet again, farewell.

I am ABRAHAM I thank you, our sister Mary. I would just say that your enthusiasm is indeed contagious and reminding me of the wonder for life, for new things. You, my friends, are in good hands. Know that I am also grateful for your diligent attitude to stay on task. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.