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LightLine Teleconference March 10, 2005

Teacher: Anatolia

Transmitter: Willie Verhoff

Subject: Be Carriers of Light and Life

*Willie*: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus the Christ. Master teacher we come to you tonight as students in a world that still needs to be taught lessons of love, openness, acceptance and sibling love that needs to be adopted in as many heats as possible. And we ourselves are among those that ask to and seek to have our hearts made supple, open and loving toward all that we meet. And we ask for love in our lives in particular ways that can be shared without reservation for our individual perspective and benefit for the benefit of everyone else that we encounter.

We ask for a teacher who will be with us tonight, who will present the lessons of love as you presented them, and as we strive to adopt them in our lives individually and collectively. And for this and all else that you know in our hearts and our minds which we ask for you to address this and all things in you and in our Creator, heavenly Father, we place ourselves in loving service now and always. Amen.

Anatolia is here.

*Anatolia*: Good evening, my children in the light. I am your teacher, Anatolia, who is with you tonight once again in appreciation for your time and the interest that you bring to these gatherings. I know, as all of us as teachers know, that whenever you set the time aside to be a student of life and light, we are always grateful to receive two or more of you who have open hearts and open minds for this that we wish to bring to you as further insight in the mysteries of living a life of love.

I wish to bring you also just an added note that in general applies to all of the teachings of the Teaching Mission. And it simply addresses one of the criticisms of this activity that we have never pretended nor proposed that what we bring to you in terms of messages in any way replaces or supplants that of scripture or of the Urantia Book. Our intention is not to override, but only to add further insight and to make practical the lessons of love that we, as those who have been before you, can most ably bring to your awareness and reinforcement in terms of where you are going, as we are able to do.

Also, as you know, we have the blessing of our universe Creator, Michael, as our director of activities under the orchestration of Machiventa. And through Abraham, Ham and the teacher corps we are able to bring you insightful and accepted teachers that are part of this illustrious gathering, which has as its heart’s desire to help usher in life and light into your world that continues to scream for attention and orderliness. To a large degree, much of the activity that is occurring in your world is like that of a screaming child somewhere in the range of five years old, knowing better to a large degree that such activity or such behavior is unbecoming of a child of God. Even a five year old, for the most part, knows this to be the case, even though five is actually a little young for the age of reason, it is nevertheless not unreasonable to assume that a five year old, for the most part, knows what he or she is doing.

In like manner, for the type of activity that is occurring in your world that has been of major debate within the past several years, essentially from the point of view of an American foreign policy that has been aggressive as a way of describing it. And the rest of the world who has been slow to anger, and otherwise unwilling to totally accept, yet not come to the point of being able to unite against such behavior, is more or less waiting in the wings to see whether such tantrums become more dramatic and more threatening. So it is not as if the rest of your world is unaware or disinterested in what is happening in your world. It is simply that there is too much at stake, or self interest, which keeps some of the other large powers from getting directly involved or embroiled in world tensions.

So I urge you to continue to show interest and concern. Never let down your guard in terms of being open to a loving and living spirit within yourselves that can flow through you to the rest of the world that will help open hearts and minds throughout the world.

As the tsunami experience had done to a large degree, once again united the world in an effort that reminded everyone of how gentle and tenuous life on this planet can be, and that everyone could be affected by something unpredictable and life threatening at any moment, and for the care and concern of those thousands that did lose their lives that day. Only after the anniversary of your celebration of our Master’s birth did we find such a horrible experience, some of which were powerful stories of both survival and helping one another through such a terrible experience.

So while there is reason for concern that your world is embroiled in tension that does not seem to lessen, there are examples of where it is yet encouraging, and there are reasons to be proud that you are among the human race, and among the creation that our Master Christ Creator enabled to be part of our experience.

For whatever happens in one world does affect the other, much the same as what affects one member of the family, even though that member may not be even in your household or same city as yourself, does psychologically or spiritually affect other members of the family, as well as extended family. So if something shocking, surprising happens to a family member, even at some distance, it is not as if it does not have an effect upon those other members directly, indirectly, or psychologically and spiritually. Consequently, so too it is with your solar system and the galaxy in which you live, the surrounding galaxies, your system, your constellation, etc. on up the scale or stairway of progression. The action of one affects all others. So this is why I encourage you to keep, first of all, achieve, maintain and increase your ability to be of sound mind, body and soul, now today and every day, so that you can do your part to add to the building up of the kingdom of God. As you know, as is illustrated in the good books, that the kingdom of God is a state of mind, a state of being, and a state of progression for you and for the rest of creation. It is not necessarily from the outset the perfection that we all aspire to. But rather the kingdom of God within that you currently experience, live within and aspire to. It is a state of mind, a state of being that each and all are called to, to be aspirants or students, living examples of the word and to be those who are practitioners of and teachers of the way of the kingdom. So all are encouraged to be of this nature and this example.

I am covering ground that is not new, of course, is primarily traditional Christianity, as well as those concepts which are further illustrated within the Urantia Book. It is these concepts that I am discussing tonight only to reinforce a perspective that will help you gain further insight into your daily activities. Primarily, however, to reinforce that this is where we suggest you apply your efforts to maintain this type of perspective within yourself that can affect the world around you. It is this perspective that presumably you have all begun to develop, that you know that you are children of God. You are reality presentation of your spirit’s creation made manifest here in this world, which is the world of the cross, which your celebration of the passion and Holy Week will be forthcoming in the near future.

It is this example of what your master teacher and your Creator Son made known both to your world and to his universe, of what the extent of love can demonstrate and produce for a world that for the most part did not want to hear, or see, or experience what he had to teach. However, there was certainly a group large enough that, actions being what they were, and courses taking the direction as they did, that was significant enough that brought to you the faith that you now live today. It is this continuation of faith, the links between pre and post Christ Michael on your planet, that is the link to being able to be Christ-like inasmuch as you can, as well as to eventually become Christed as you seek to become. It is this lesson of love that was demonstrated, and the relationship that was established, and presented as an example of the relationship that Jesus had with our Father God, and the relationship that was demonstrated that each of us can have with him, as well as our Father God, to be able to help bring this world into life and light.

So I simply have the message tonight of reinforcement of that which is real and true and needs to be encouraged within your hearts and mine, to be able to be the light that is so necessary within your immediate and your expanded world. I have other subjects which I can address, however this is my basic message to reinforce within you these messages of being carriers of the life and light desire that we all aspire to, and to not lose sight in your day to day life and activities that this goal and eventual reality not be lost in the confusion of everyday life.

I am certainly willing and would desire to answer questions, ask for expansion of any of these ideas, or different subjects that you may have in mind. I will do my best to address. So let’s open this up for any question or discussion that you may have. Anyone?

*Gerdean*: I have something, Anatolia, if no one else is pressing. This morning on my way to work, I was listening to a half hour program about this company out of Texas that has been doing a thriving business over in Galloping Grants, the native American capitals of our state, and other places in the state where they charge exorbitant rates to give you your pending paycheck in advance. I forget what it’s called, but it’s like fast cash, and they hook the poor. The poor are very vulnerable to this because they eat from hand to mouth, day to day, payday to payday. It does not matter whether it is through their fault or not; that’s the condition of the life they are in until at least they get out of it. I was listening to the panel, and one of the guys, the lawyer for the company, was talking and my ear was suddenly aware of what he was doing. He was talking about the letter of the law, but he was not addressing the spirit of the law, at least that is how I interpreted it. I just find the practice despicable, how people can take advantage of the less fortunate, and how people in power continue to thrive by manipulating the masses. It just makes me so angry.

Today, just to add to that, a couple of the civil lawyers that I work for announced that they had just lost a pro bono case that they had just done regarding a domestic violence situation where this woman was stalked. They lost the case because there was not evidence, and that makes me angry. I am not an angry person, and I kind of like feeling this. It enlivens me; it takes me out of my complacence. It, as you say, opens my eyes to a 24 x 7 perspective of work that needs done, of correcting the needs addressed.

*Anatolia*: Great examples of correcting time activity.

*Gerdean*: I am not sure what my question is, except that I am probably concerned about acknowledging, admitting and not being ashamed about being angry about things. Its not like I’m losing sleep over it, or that it’s going to impact my loving relationships with people. But what do I do with that energy? It makes me want to do something.

*Anatolia*: I can simple advise you to, initially when you hear such things, if you aren’t flash angry, but rather it builds, at whatever point that you feel the sense of being incensed, that you begin to feel the anger, ask, direct or request that Christ Michael be open to accepting your anger, and to direct it to those who need help for getting out of such entrapment, to help those individuals find a way to get out of those entrapping situations.

*Gerdean*: Know, Anatolia, that I have a prayerful attitude in the first place, otherwise I wouldn’t even care. So I am 24 x 7 spiritual perspective, thinking about and concerned about, and focusing the benign virus on the situation. And I trust that I will either be led to do something or I will be gently led to relax, whichever and whenever that is appropriate. This is not an emotional outburst. This is a slow, deep, deep concern about values, about how we treat our fellows.

*Anatolia*: Correct. And the example presented was simply a recommendation, naïve perhaps, but to one who would otherwise not already be open to such outlets, is an example of how energy can be redirected, was the example presented. And then followed up with that, as you had indicated as well, that writing one letter or developing a campaign of some sort to your lawmakers to inform them, as well as perhaps inform yourself as you or anyone are directed on an issue such as this, to find out what the laws are that allow for such exorbitant practices to continue, and to do a public education campaign as to why these types of things ought not to be visited, just as an example.

But otherwise, this as you are illustrating is an example of the unjust and corrupt practices that continue to take place in your world. Jesus was certainly not unaware of these kinds of practices, gave as many illustrations of what to do and what not to do to not encourage these types of practices inasmuch as possible. Even though he did moderate his statements to some degree, he knew that he needed to be on guard, because he was subject to attack at any second if he said something that was going to invite immediate retaliation.

What a fine example of what I am speaking of, if you remember both in the Biblical as well as the Urantia Book depiction of Jesus’ response during Passover at the atrocity of what the temple had become in terms of the charges and expenses that were charged the average person for their sacrificial rite and the animals that they were buying and the like, which cried to heaven. And his response was one that ultimately cost him his life, but brought us eternal life and the opportunity to be part of that eternal expression because of faith, because of an active faith. So it is not unlike his response and his activity in the world, he found a way to express it.

*Gerdean*: Understood. And it is not there all the time. It’s like when the spirit in you moves you, when you are brought up to full stature to address the subject with the empowerment from on high, that’s the moment to act. But as you said in your discussion earlier this evening that we should always guard up, that is to say have our senses on the ready for that moment when we can have that opportunity to speak for the spirit, speak for truth.

*Anatolia*: So true. There are countless opportunities for it, especially this day and age, when to speak for such things are more and more rare. So you ought to find plenty of opportunity to speak to that which needs to be spoken to, and otherwise I know you will follow your heart and your mind, and judge accordingly as to when the right time is to speak. I encourage you to once again place your efforts and activities within the heart and mind of Christ Michael, not that you do not do that already, but just as a subtle reminder of a truly wise and all seeing force of love that is available to us all as a daily and momentary, constant guide of perception and proper response to that which we see, just a subtle reminder to you or anyone else who is looking for a possible mode to be able to deal with these types of injustices as they are obvious.

*Gerdean*: Thank you, Anatolia, I will do that, and I appreciate the reminder, and your counsel.

*Anatolia*: As I appreciate the question. Anyone else? Everyone else is having no troubles or difficulties, that’s a good thing to hear. No wrinkles in your shirts, that’s a good thing. Or do we only have one person remaining?

*Dominic*: You mentioned something about flash anger and other types of anger. Can you explain that? Because I feel angry a lot when I am at home with my kids, and sometimes I don’t act with patience and understanding. I just react when I get frustrated because it worked.

*Anatolia*: First of all, I appreciate your asking the question, because it is a good example of what I was speaking of, however on a different level. What I was speaking of was for the most part being incensed by social injustice or wrong activity, abuse, those things that happen that bring up righteous indignation, which can be expressed as flash anger or an injustice.

*Dominic*: Isn’t that also the case when people see other organizations or institutions could get mad, other countries get mad at other countries’ behavior. When you see a child get mad at another child, or a parent get mad at a child, isn’t that the same thing?

*Anatolia*: Yes and no. Meaning what I was addressing was soul indignation, the type of indignation similar to, however it does not have to be as dramatic as that which Jesus experienced in the temple in turning over the tables of the money changers, etc. But that type of righteous indignation over the outright abuse and mistreatment and distortion of what original principles were involved.

So what I was making the distinction of, even in your example of getting angry over children’s misbehavior or, as they typically do, not listen to what they have been told to do, but go their merry way and will end up trying your patience beyond the breaking point. It’s a similar reaction, but not necessarily the same activity, because for one you are dealing with, as you had said yourself, frustration over not being able to maintain your own equilibrium, and being agitated or aggravated beyond the comfort zone for what has become irrational, chaotic and just plain agitation. So your response to that is irritation, emotional upset, whatever kind of description which is a natural reaction that you are reacting to try to maintain, or to bring back within your control as much as possible sanity, stability, equilibrium to be able to maintain function again, which is a little different than righteous indignation, if you see that difference.

*Dominic*: I do. The way I react to things out of my control, I get passionate, like Gerdean. But really the best thing to do is just wait for an opportunity to be aware of it. With your family it is more constant, because you are dealing with personalities rather than behavior, the social behavior of big things out of your control.

*Anatolia*: Right. I’m not doing a right or wrong, it’s just that it’s a different response to something that is an internal screaming, but from different causes or different sources. One is not better than the other, it is just that they are different functions. So your irritation with children is not to be condemned, of course. You are only encouraged to count to ten, or shorten the count if necessary, to try to reestablish equilibrium within yourself before you get to a breaking point where you would begin to lash out. Or if witnessing a child hitting another child, an adult needs to step in to stop that kind of behavior and to say it’s not OK to hit people, even though that is the natural reaction of humans at a very young age, because face it, for the most part everyone is self interest oriented. And the younger, the more obvious that becomes. It’s through socialization that that becomes to be taught as inappropriate behavior, but it is basic and primal to a large extent, which needs to be taught out of social behavior as much as possible. That’s essentially my lesson for sociology 96, not even 101.

*Dominic*: Thank you.

*Anatolia*: You’re welcome.

*Gerdean*: Let me just carry that a minute further if I may, Anatolia. I am trying to find, because I don’t want this sense of anger to follow me around like a dark cloud. And people ask me, "Oh Gerdean, blah, blah, blah, blah". It’s not that. I am not angry. I am discussing anger and its various modalities because it is something I want to know more about, so that I can handle it wisely, since it is such a natural part of the human animal. It is said to be important because it lets you know things. But I’m not looking at anger now so much as when Jesus was, for example, upset with his kid brother Jude, who was all the time getting in trouble and getting everybody else in trouble as well. This is problematic behavior, and it in those terms might make a person angry, as we have been discussing. These other countries could be very angry at our behavior, but they haven’t formulated an idea of whether they should do anything about it or not. This is the kind of a feeling when he was addressing Jude’s behavior, I’m wondering. It wasn’t anger, the behavior makes you angry, but I am not angry at Jude. It’s like love the sinner and hate the sin. I’m not angry at an object. I’m angry at a principle. So what then do we bring to these situations? What am I looking for that I need? I don’t want to come to the situation angry. I want to come to it with an attitude of "What can we do about this? This is unacceptable. This is not working. This is not working at least for this element here". What is that? *Anatolia*: As I hear you describe that, it’s a plea, for the most part, for reestablishing order as it is supposed to be, as it was in the beginning, but through the human condition creates a state of constant disorder. So it strikes me as your plea for "Please reestablish order. Put it in the way that it should be so that we can finally live according to your law and your design to love one another". So it is a screaming recognition of you, once again, that things are screamingly out of order.

*Gerdean*: I’m not buying this screaming stuff, because I’m spending a great deal of time being very well modulated. I’m not a screamer.

*Anatolia*: No. Screaming not literally in the sense of screaming audibly, but in terms of…

*Gerdean*: I’m broadcasting then. I’m being heard.

*Anatolia*: Right, but I’m talking about a reaction to that which is unacceptable. So it’s a cry, a statement of unacceptable condition. And please make our conditions acceptable and sane.

*Gerdean*: When Jesus went to Jude, do you think that is what he said to his kid brother? Because doing that would put the kid brother in control of Jesus’ emotional state. I don’t think that would work. I think he has to have more with him than a plea to reestablish order in the home. I think he’s got to have some kind of…

*Anatolia*: Authority, for one.

*Gerdean*: Authority for one, but I don’t want to leave it at authority, because authority is so readily abused.

*Anatolia*: Right. What I was speaking of was a description of what I perceive your response is to injustice. To use your example, then, it doesn’t exactly follow what I am describing as a plea in response to injustice. But in terms of a behavior, then with Jude as an example, and rather than Jesus getting angry and losing patience and being irritated, which would be the typical human response, after reasoned attempts to try to gain some cooperation. After a while, it just doesn’t work. Jesus’ attempt then would be to establish a sense of establishing what acceptable behavior is, and that if you cannot comport yourself accordingly, there will be certain privileges that will not be extended. In my understanding of what happened in that example, he had to step in as an authority figure, and to explain that his behavior was unacceptable and could no longer be tolerated without his losing some of his freedoms, to be able to get the point across that he had to curb his behavior.

So in the larger sense that presumably is why there is a United Nations, to be able to step in in a similar manner. However, in a world which is still full of imperfection, it does not always work.

*Gerdean*: Anatolia, as I see it, so far we have the woman pleading and the man being authoritative. Somewhere between the two there has got to be the community of feeling and value that we all can draw on that will be heard. That’s what I’m searching for in myself.

*Anatolia*: OK. I’m responding to particular examples. What I was going for to begin with was the description of plea for reestablishing order or justice. That is not necessarily a female or a male response. I was then responding to your example of Jesus with Jude. That was not necessarily a male versus a female description. What I was going for was in the plea for reestablishing order, or reordering chaos, was to once again suggest that anybody who feels bad over a particular situation call upon Christ Michael to help you adjust your spirit to be able to deal with that particular situation, whatever it may be at the moment, so that you can respond in truth to what you are experiencing, and for you to respond responsibly to what it is you are witnessing. That’s my best advice for how to deal with any situation, whatever it may be, in a true and honorable manner, responsible manner.

*Gerdean*: I think the Christians have a word for it. I can’t remember what it is, and I’ve heard Rob Cricket use that word, too. So there is an attitude, its like calling upon the spirit. The phrase will come to me.

*Anatolia*: Dominion, maybe?

*Gerdean*: No. I don’t know what it is.

*Anatolia*: I know what you mean. I can’t nail the word down. So I hope that helps.

*Gerdean*: It will be fun having God reveal it to me, I’m sure. And it has helped a great deal. I have so much enjoyed our conversation. Thank you Anatolia once again.

*Anatolia*: You’re welcome. Anyone else?

I thank you all for tuning in and going through another practical example of living the life that we have for the invitation and encouragement of life and light to eventually surround your world as we each work within that ourselves and collectively to bring such about.

If there is nothing else tonight, I do wish you well, and remind you to keep the kingdom of God in your constant sight because you are living within the kingdom of God as we speak, and it is the eternal now that we enjoy and have the opportunity to become as glorious as our future invites. So I pray for your well being, and until we meet again, may the Christ reign within your lives, now and always. Peace be with you.