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US of A, March 18, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subjects: "Acceptance and One Mind."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "You are listening carefully now to My Voice. It is soft, very quiet, yet easily recognized as being Mine, and over time you have developed an inner ear to this Voice. Does the mind have ears? Ah, you smile! You may think of the mind as having ears, My sister, for why would we pray if we did not know that Father could hear us. So you listen with your mind, and Whose mind is this Mind? It is our mind; the One Mind we all share.

"You know there is only one mind. This makes perfect sense to you, because of your belief in collective consciousness. You have often seen the very great power of prayer; prayer that can cross entire continents, and reach across all dimensions. If your brothers and sisters can bridge dimensions to call on their Dr. Mendoza, then you clearly see an example of that One Mind.

"Let us now discuss Acceptance. Over time, through your personal tests, you have learned to accept the things you cannot change. This intelligent acceptance came from laying down many of your mental swords. You made countless valueless mental wars over issues that were not your responsibility. You fought mental battles that belonged to others. Was this the end of the battlegrounds of your mind? Ah, if it were that simple!

"But this word, acceptance, which I introduced into our lesson plan quite some time ago, is truly like the proverbial onion, with always another layer to be peeled off. With acceptance of one layer, you would immediately discover yet another. Giving up the battles, that were not yours to fight, represented only the outer layer of acceptance.

"Then, learning to simply accept all your brothers and sisters where they were, and at whatever level of their evolution they were, came next. That wasn’t too difficult, for you began to see with a new vision; a vision that came from your trust in My working with you, to the new realization that I was working in all of them, also. You accepted them by faith that this Mind, One Mind, was always working for the total good of all mankind, just as it worked by example in your personal life. And thus another layer of the onion was removed, and you realized that with each layer of acceptance a greater peace would become your reward.

"The inner work continues, and will continue, for the levels of further acceptance are required to be ongoing. You work on accepting yourself now, and it is not a difficult task, because the word itself now makes perfect sense in your understanding. You know we will succeed in attaining this new level together.

"And are there more levels to be removed? Always you question, knowing full well the levels and lessons are ongoing in our adventure together. You have come far, My sister, and as well, you know we have still further to go, for I have said these words to you many times before. But would you have it any other way? No! You know I take your hand each day, and the lessons are always for our total good. We walk completely in our Father’s Will, and we walk this path towards His Perfection.

"I am Michael."

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