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A'Cilla - How Do I Nurture Tolerance - Mar 30, 2005 - Lafayette, CO




March 30, 2005

T/R: Mary



How do I nurture tolerance, a Fruit of the Spirit, and can you give me some exercises or methods for spreading tolerance?



We all have the seeds of the Fruits of the Spirit contained within us. Love is the fertilizer. But, we do not have the option of choosing which Fruit we will nurture or fertilize.

When we spread Love, it will help to sprout the seed that is ripest for growth. Our only real tool is Love.

Be not discouraged that we do not offer the examples or exercises you desire. Sharing this with your spiritual community is also a method of sharing Love. When you each ponder and reflect upon ways to make yourselves and your world more fragrant, you also fertilizer your seeds within.


That is all for now.