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Teacher: Elyon

T/r: Rick Giles

March 31, 2005

Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I am happy to make contact and to share this interval of time wherein we ponder truth and reach for a deeper understanding of our ability to demonstrate truth. I am aware that you each are cognizant of the divine spirit that resides within you and your knowlege of this presense has expanded from an inkling built on trust into an experience founded in reality.

For a moment close your eyes and view the back of your eyelids. You have two eyes. Consider one eye to be your human self, the other the look of the divine. Taking this perspective you establish a stereoscope, one wherein your humanity and your divinity conjoin to better discern the experiences of life and the value of your ascent and to your comprehension of what God is revealing to you. The eye is often viewed as a receptor, a receptor of light that bears image, and in receiving this light you discern, and act upon your discernment to meet a goal or motive.

Having the awareness of Father's presense you are better assured that the divine guidance will adjust your discernment, will give it the perspective of spirit. In balance you retain your human view and connect it with the divine perspective. Father, Creator of the universe and Mother of all souls, far trancends the experiences of the millions and millions and millions of creatures throughout the universe. This omniscience is grand in scope, grand beyond imagination, but God has seen fit to accompany you in your single form, distinct from all others, an island of sovereign will, as [if wholly being??], may perceive reality through the limited life of each human being, of every angel, and through all classes of ministering spirits.

You are endowed with His Spirit for this purpose, to give to God the human perspective. Living as you do on a world such as Urantia, much of your time is spent seeking and discerning Father's will, and this endeavor is right and good, but you have a parallel purpose, and that is to allow Divine Spirit to discern the temporal station of life wherein you dwell today. Your vision becomes therefore, two-way in operation, taking in spirit, and revealing to God. Though the Father perceives all, the Father seeks the perception of one, each one of you. This is your gift. Grace has been bestowed that you are endowed with all necessary to touch spirit, to receive spirit, and to be fused with spirit.

But you also extend grace yourself by allowing Father dwelling place within you, and allowing your experience to become His experience. When you discern your partnership at any moment, when you acknowlege this, that moment becomes sacred. I am also of human origin. I share with you this ability to collect for God, to gather experience of a human order. When a mind newly discovers the reality of spirit it is often anxious to slough off its temporal change as they may be seen and to leap into the heavens to be embraced by light and love. This is a wonderful aspiration, an energy drive that will carry you to Paradise. But as one matures, one begins to understand that life that you live today, is for God to live today. You are in a partnership, not only for yourself, but for He who loves all. Illness is a time to balance yourself with the Divine Presense, to recalibrate, that you may be prepared anew to go about your life aware of this divine partnership. You are two functioning as one. Michael demonstrated this in his bestowal, and while we all acknowlege he had greater advantage, being a Creator Son, he did it in your form, and on your world, demonstrating that this condition of unity with Father is truly possible. I hope I have encouraged you to continue the development of this wonderful relationship. When you find yourself off center, return to the knowlege of your partnership. Do not go it alone. You have the guidance of the Almighty Creator. I extend myself now to questions or comments for I do enjoy interaction.

Comment: It is good to hear from you , I'm just open to Father's words through you. I can see how I might better progress because of this, it has been a great acceleration and I imagine all the great things going on in the universe besides here as well. Just open to your words, thankyou.

Elyon: I have expressed in the past how things are astir across Nebadon. To you who have lived less than a century in time, it is hard to put into perspective how fresh and new the current status is in Nebadon with Michael's soverignty attainment. Much is astir on all worlds, and your world today witnesses great stirring as adjustments are being made to realign all the governments of all worlds to this new local universe standing, and it is my joy to perceive and to contact those like yourselves who are aware and sensitive of this change in time, the correcting time. Keep up the good work, each of you.

Question: There has been some very intriguing references to morontial blending in several transcripts over the past year. I was wondering if you could be more specific with us about what sorts of skills and abilities you're hopeful that we mortals will be able to develop.

Elyon: The training of morontia entails the ability to reach balance, to understand polarity. Harmony is attained throughout your morontia ascent because differences cease to be fought over and are increasingly intertwined and held as complementary that one view is an angle of discernment and an opposite view is another orientation. The morontia view is the compiling of both into a harmony of perspective that rises above and accomodates these opposites. My lesson tonight even holds to this pattern of working with your human self and the Divine presense. You make a new and grander being.

The state of morontia is itself an intervening realm between the entirely physical and the wholly spiritual. As you practice your ability to attain the morontia state, harmonizing contrasts is the enactment of morontia quality. In the morontia realms, fighting ceases and gives way to wholesome debate where each perspective is cherished as an aspect of the discernment of truth. All desire the largest, grandest perspective possible, which means the giving up of the single being right and others wrong, but rather all are part of a team of truth discerners, each contributing to the experiential composition of that truth. That is a morontia quality. I hope I have assisted you in your discernment.

Q: I had thought of the morontia blending as dealing more with the development of new spiritual capacities and abilities. What you describe is almost more personal than that. It's the spiritualization of the individual and how the individual thinks and relates to others. I am glad for this broader perspective of what morontial blending can mean and I invite the teachers to share with us more fully how we can open ourselves to that process and learn the things which you desire us to learn.

Elyon: Yes I have assesed what is a preliminary ability such that you may be better able to accomodate morontia forces and energy without distortion or misapplication as it is an ability I perceive to be of great importance as preparation.

Question: In some of the service activities I'm interested in doing, I realize, especially this thing that we are doing this summer, that I spend a lot of time in trying to get it to the place that it's actually going to happen and now that the pieces are starting to fall into place I realize I want to recenter myself. Sometimes one can get caught up in doing the work but lose focus on spending enough time in stillness, being centered. Instead of always being busy doing something, just being in the presense of God. Can you offer any insights in bringing all of these aspects into balance, making service and the inner life more effective.

Elyon: I applaud you for noting that your service benefits from undertaking the stillness. The drive to be of benefit to your fellows springs from your previous experience of contact with the divine. Those experiences were soul fulfilling and the answers found have perceived to be valuable to others also. And while years have rolled on and you have continued to gain in these experiences, you have likewise continued to be motivated to present the opportunity for others to likewise engage in those activities which contribute to those same experiences. Behind you the well tred paths for others to discern, and I speak for many along with you, but while you engage in making the path available, it is of great importance to look ahead in your path, to open the way for greater progress.

The service you engage in today is possible because of your prior work. The service you wish to engage in in the years ahead requires personal work today. Advancing your spiritulal education, an education not only of comprehension of higher truths, but of direct experience with spirit. While the tasks are tugging at you, remember the time with Father infuses all these tasks with greater power and likelyhood of success, [fading sound] and be illuminated with his love greatly accelerates the task you wish to achieve for love and light are the core from which all your other activities are gathered around. It is a service to ones fellows to sit in stillness with Father. I hope this motivates you.

Q: Yes, thankyou for the insights. One of the key concepts we intend to convery this summer is that anybody can have a personal experience with God, and it behooves us to take seriouly that if we are to teach this, we should be well versed in experiencing it ourselves. I don't want to lose sight of the practice of the presense in the practice of service.

Elyon: Father Source, Mother Spirit, these souls, your children be blessed by you continually. May your goodness be replicated in your actions. May the beauty of your relationship to them be recognizable to their fellows. I am here on this world to serve you and to serve all of these who hear me. May our lives be of benefit to all around us and may our lives benefit you in the fulfillment of your will. I close this session, thankyou.