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Deep Thinkers Seek The Higher Mind

APRIL 4, 2005

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you for your coordination, for without it these lessons would not come forth in this manner. I am joy-filled to gather with you to discuss issues of all matters and continue to strive to follow the will of our Father.

The world as a whole has had to ponder many issues as of late. There are experts in all fields saying they have the answer. Many religionists who hold fast to old traditions believe they can set the world straight. Scientists believe they can prove their theories with material facts. There are the philosophers who quote the wisdom of the ages and wonder why the so seemingly apparent is not more taken in by the hearts and minds of men.

The common man may look to the experts for answers, for the meaning of life. It is the deep thinkers however that look to a higher mind. The lessons that are being bestowed upon the people of the world are giving opportunities to rise above the familiar. In time individuals will willingly set aside the ego to simply admit they do not know all the answers.

The Correcting Time is critical in that the masses are receiving higher understanding. The truth is being seen for what it truly is. Honesty to oneself is becoming as important as honesty to others. You, as Teaching Mission participants, are asked to set aside the urge for recognition and strive for the overall good. Striving for the highest good means allowing the Father to be made manifest in your own lives.

Anytime you are sharing with your fellows is an excellent opportunity to allow the spirit to speak. The spirit speaks as if it was very natural. The mind is not saying ‘I am good,’ but God is good. God cares for us as His children and He cares for us through one another.

You are drawn to this Mission because you are deep thinkers. You are willing to go outside of tradition to help pave the way toward Light and Life. The Mission is not a handful of spiritually advanced individuals who will be leaders of our time, no. The Mission participants are in favor of standing aside of self--in favor of allowing Father’s spirit to be manifest in everyday life. ‘It is God who is good and I am honored to partake of that good.’

We are always made to reprioritize our lives because the materialism steps in the path of self-mastery. We are always reminded to refocus and step aside of self to allow the spirit to work. You Mission managers have your work, yes, but you are also allowed your joy, and we always hope that the two can be found together. Father does want for your happiness and fulfillment. Talk with Him daily and await His response. This will help you to bring the spirit into your daily living.

That is all. I am always honored to serve you and serve with you. All my best for the coming week ahead. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.