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Cheshire, UK, September 27, 2004.
Teachers Armesh and Zeen.
Subject: "Flickering Flame."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: "Write now, and we will tell you more of the way of the warrior. When fighting for truth, it is at all times imperative to remain independent of judgment. To not decide from the intellect of right and wrong, worth and un-worth, but to feel within the heart that which aligns and supports the moving of the heart and that which stands in opposition.

"By standing firmly in support of your own heart, you attract to you naturally those who support your actions, and dissuade those who hinder. Those who are not aligned with your truth are not wrong, just on their own paths, at their own stage of evolution, and they are not helpful to you at this stage of time.

"Thus, the path of the spiritual warrior is purely to stand firm within their own light, and to allow that light to guide them easily along their path to the divine.

[Message directed at the receiver.]
"I say to you today that the manner of motion is more fluid when you run on ready oiled tracks. This means for you to familiarize yourself with the working of spirit, the workings of philosophers, and the workings of science.

"As the ‘acquaintances’ within these subjects deepen, then clarity will increase, and we will be able to transmit to you in ever more precise terms.
[End of personal message.]

"As you find yourself, the flame within the middle of your presence, you will from day to day notice that it flickers and moves. The objective is to hold this flame steady, pulsing over time, yet steady, a gentle rhythm that you could dance to.

"By looking into yourself whenever flickers of no-love appear, you identify and then move to correct such moments, recognizing the actions in your world, which cause such an effect.

"When the light becomes steady, then truly you resonate with the heartbeat of the Divine, and your path and way are set before you in certainty and faith.

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