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Serving Father

MARCH 7, 2005

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you for making me feel so welcomed week after week. I realize for myself, each time we meet I am filled with spiritual energy for the week ahead. I love the regeneration of energy we create with our fellowship. There are times when hard feelings come upon the group members, but for the most part there is always a revival in spirit.

The statement, "I have felt energy go forth from me," was one of mystery quoted by our Master. When did Jesus receive this energy to put forth? How did His recipients in turn put forth this energy in gratitude? Over these last few weeks we have been discussing spiritual maturity, faith, and desire. As we move deeper into the Correcting Time we will require those sound minds, who are willing to receive guidance from Father to help us move the planet closer to Light and Life. We need individuals who are willing to forego any recognition, whose greatest desire is to serve the Father.

We have all come to realize more and more there is a great deal of healing work that each individual must experience before ministry can begin. We have spent quite a few years delving into past pain and what seemed to be permanent patterns. In your desire to serve Father, you are served. As you mature you are understanding the past and collecting the lessons therein. As you rise above resentment or victim-hood, you are able to receive this spiritual energy and put it forth into the progress of the Correcting Time.

Mortals will always have their issues or emotional pain. Some mortals will have what seems to be a scarring of the soul and are caught up in the bitterness. For the most part, any healthy individual will bravely face the lessons and be willing to move forward with healing, and beyond that be capable of helping others. Again, as we focus more on Father’s promptings we can have more trust in what He guides us to. When we are wrapped up in our own needs and desires we seem to stay trapped in self. This is indeed upsetting and producing spirit poisons.

The Father desires your wholeness. He desires your company, your willingness to listen. He knows what you want and need. He is a partner in life, not an authority figure who would bestow gifts upon His favored children. He definitely sustains us in all things. He upholds us in our weakest moments. He reasons with us in our pool of self-pity. He makes every effort to reach you, His child. We have every opportunity before us. All we need to do is accept it. Accepting our son or daughtership with the one God is the ultimate compliment to Him, not that He requires it. Accepting the gifts that Father bestows upon us helps us move through this mortal life with a bit more stability, a bit more peace of mind.

Who are you in this mortal life? What are your real responsibilities? What are your priorities and what would you think Father’s are? I realize each week I ask you to fulfill certain tasks. I do always want for your rest and relaxed countenance. My words are simply suggestions. Be not overwhelmed. Be not weary. Know that this mortal life is an adventure to be savored, not simply endured. I’ll take a few questions.

CALVIN: Abraham, thank you for your love and friendship all these years. We really appreciate you and it extends to each member of this group too. As Harrison said earlier, it makes it a well worth week when the group meets together. In our discussion of truth, is it a safeguard to have this group discussion to buffer truth from error? Can individuals in this ladder of learning come in with presentations for the whole? You know what I am trying to describe. Do you have a safeguard or correction to me on this?

ABRAHAM: I also believe the group can be a safeguard from fanaticism and certainly group members can be swayed, right or wrong. Those groups, who make it a practice to set Father as their sovereign and welcome the Spirit of Truth, are usually a secure guidepost. Your playing field is what you make of it. If it serves the ego, then definitely will animal tendencies reign. If you each have interest in personal correction and the good of the whole, then certainly are possibilities endless. Always is there a good balance when a close friend is at hand. In the flesh there are always the animal tendencies and definitely a group who simply wants to have understanding of this sojourn in the flesh together, will find the struggle is not such a struggle. Well said Calvin. The group is a safeguard against the ego--providing it is done with love, honesty and an air of non-judgment. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you, Abraham.)

MIRIAM: Yes Abraham, I have two quickies. First of all I thank you for your lessons every week. There is always a word or phrase that just gets you through with what you need. I was wondering if you had any words of guidance for the trip coming up for my mom, sister and me?

ABRAHAM: Only that it is indeed a blessing for all of you. What an opportunity for a family to strengthen their bonds. This life in the flesh is short and to make memories is certainly valuable. (In speaking with a friend yesterday, we are trying to find a friend that we both love very much. Do you have any guidance? Is the way I am approaching this seem like the best way?) I have not all the details, but I view your efforts as worthwhile as long as your mind is accepting of any outcome. Be careful of your emotional investment. Stay open to Father’s guidance by setting aside what you hope to see happen. In this all are served, even if you don’t get to see it. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you. I love you.) I love you. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, I don’t have a question. I just want to thank you so much for your lessons, the tremendous opportunity that those lessons bring for our spiritual growth. It is just a simple thank you and a hope that sometime we can sit down and break bread together.

ABRAHAM: I thank you Harrison and would have you know you are each a blessing to me. I feel a true connection in spirit with each one of you. I am grateful for your ability to remain steadfast. We have a beautiful foundation to build upon, and with that I will thank you and take my leave. Know that I am with growing love and gratitude to you each. Until next time, shalom.