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US of A, March 3, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "Let Us Be Glad!"

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "Good Morning, My beloved brothers and sisters. Let us be glad to begin this day in the service of our Father’s Love.

"I have spoken to you previously about the business of being our Father’s Ambassadors of Love, and taking His love with you into every moment of our day. I remind you today once again of our work together in His Kingdom. And it is this Kingdom that we share equally with each and every child born into this life experience.

"You need not single out any one person for this great gift we carry forth. No! Allow the love to simply flow like a river from your very being. Be kind. Be gentle. Be ever focused on forgiveness, and allow your truth to simply flow forth.

"Love is who you are! One, Who is only Love, created you in Love. You need not hurry today to any one appointed task, nor single out any special place deserving of your love above another. Love is the gift you bring to every activity of your entire day.

"Simply take My Hand now as I speak these Words, and together we will fill all the moments of this day with the love of our Presence. And that Presence, yours and Mine in unity, will incredibly bless every single moment whatever our activities together may be.

"Yes, let us be glad; be happy to serve today as our Father’s Love made manifest through us, His most beloved children.

"I am Michael."

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