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The Part Of Us That Is Eternal



February 03, 2005

Prayer: Let's place ourselves in the presense of Jesus, the Christ. Master teacher, we come to you tonight with open and expectant hearts to convey our minds willingness to mesh our wills with your will and the perfect will of our Heavenly Father and we ask to do this in concert with you and with the Holy Spirit and with the communion of saints and all who are singing and rejoicing at the glee and the blessedness of you and your guests and the majesty of your realm for which we are thrilled and humbled to be a part. I could go on with flowery words but that is not my intent or purpose. I am just responding with what I am feeling that I believe others do as well in addition to knowing the human condition you know that we have concerns and hurts and pains and people that we are concerned with as well for their healing and well being. We place them before you now and ask for these concerns to have attention before you in terms of critical care unit of our lives we humbly ask for your attention. We are celebraters of your love and ask for a teacher tonight who will be able to convey the wisdom that you have conveyed to that teacher and to us but who may bring us to us as a representative of cosmic sphere and are appreciative for this opportunity to receive the word from spirit through your sponsorship and advice. For this and all else we pray and are forever grateful. I now ask for the teacher who will be with us tonight.

Anatolia: Good evening friends, fellows and comrades with arms. The arms that you have are up, up, extended in praise and glory as our good fortune for having such a wonderful redeemer and teacher as he who you know as your personal representative to God almighty and we are grateful for this that we continue to benefit from Christ Michael, the annointed one, and we rejoice and we are glad for all of the acceptance that we receive from those perfected beings who do not sit in judgement of us but rather continue to guide and to enable and enoble us to be teachers and receivers of the word and especially the love of God made present with us through our hearts and our minds as connections to the eternal light that exists within each and everyone of us.

So tonight my teaching is concerning the eternal flame or the part of ourselves that is eternal and from where we derive our source and our energy and where we are going in the process of that which we consider divine and eternal. First of all, if I may clarify what I was saying in terms of what we consider to be divine and eternal, that is not meant as a qualitiative statement in terms of what we consider versus what is, it is a statement of, for lack of other words to describe what we consider to be divine and eternal cannot be adequetaly described through those limited words for as broad and open and all inclusive as divine and eternal appear to be. They nevertheless limit the scope and capacity of what those terms convery, for as you know there is no one word that can adequately describe any particular situation, condition or even fact.

For example the word brown is inadequate to describe all of the possible things of beauty and nature that include the word brown, both in tone, hue, depth, you name it, there's no limit to the word brown and what it contains as there is no limit to the words divine and eternal for what they contain. So it is as if for introductory purposes or for further thought for your mental and spiritual digestion, I suggest that the words divine and eternal are like keyholes. So in the old fashioned keyhole system , where one could look through a door to see well beyond what is in the room and perhaps even beyond that it could have been, an old style dancehall or a courtiers ballroom of Louis the 16th or whatever it may be looking through a keyhole, that only begins to show you that limited view of what otherwise is grand and beyond description.

So I invite you to consider this evening in our discussions what divine and eternal mean to you. It is something that is clearly without limitation and begins to invite what is everlasting and truly holy above and including all things, all thoughts, all concepts, everything that ever was or ever will be contained within the divine concept, and that always was and always will be as a concept to be considered. So within those within your edification tonight, I invite you to consider pondering those concepts and where each and every one of us fit in that picture that you will derive from the concept. Actually meditation is probably a better way to address these topics because of the wide expanse and unlimited nature of what one can explore through the examination of these terms.

Nevertheless, I wish for us to take a look at those tonight and where we are in the process for it is as if the descriptions that you and I are familiar with here in this world and elsewhere where three dimensional and physical life require food and water and air for example, at least within your world, and the world from which I derived, are of such quality that they require these elements for the sustenance of life. I wish for you to consider where each of us happen to be in the creative process and what that process may entail. An example of that is H2o. God is the formula for H2o. He is the twice, or squared, and the 0 for oxygen of course. He is so much more than that, nevertheless, for purpose of our discussion H2o then is every drop of water that is contained in the earths oceans, every drop of water in the large lakes, streams, rivers, but just taking the oceans for example, each of us in creation would be a drop of water within that massed body of water.

Each and every other human being of creation from time immemorium through now and into the future, wherever and whatever that takes, each and everyone of us, we are all the droplets of water that contain the body itself so that each comprises the whole but does not appear to be the individualized but only a mass, a body of individual drops. Remove each of those drops and have it evaporate and all of a sudden you have no body of water whatsoever so that each and everyone is important obviously, each droplet is a composition of the whole but nevertheless each individual part is important to make up that whole.

So what we are concerned about in our efforts as teachers and as observers of the human condition, is to have as many of those particles, or droplets of water as each of us are, to be as aware as possible as we can be to help influence and to rub off on, as you will, the neighboring particle of water so that we do not pollute our own environment with thoughts of ill will, of ill nature, ill temper, or anything of negative import that will pollute our own or any of our neighbors environment. It is of the utmost importance that we keep this in mind because as you can see the direct nature of influence one upon the other is indistinguishable. Each of the energy patterns that exist with a droplet of water obviously blends into the other so that they are indistinguishable until separated and identified.

So I urge each of you, both in your composition of original nature and character, be as pure as you can be through your activity and through your will adaptation to the environment in which you find yourself as well as the perfect reflector of light that is shown upon you. This is my simple illustration of what the divine and the eternal have to offer us in terms of our place in the sun, if you will, and our role in the overall nature of creation and its long term effects. So let me add just a few other thoughts, now changing from the large picture of the embodiment of the individual droplets of water from the big picture of an ocean, for example, what each of you would have to do in the reality of that depiction is be who you are for the refreshment, feeding or sustenance of life as you know it, for we do know, for example, that in the earthly makeup in the condensation of water and its circulation around the earth, that water is taken up through the evaporation, or evaporative process, and becomes rain, so that wherever the rain falls, it falls for the purpose of refreshment addressing the needs of animal plant, or to return to it's body of water once again, for the recycling effect of refreshment and sustenance of life and that too we can see this example as another illustration or truth of what each of us in involved in.

In our collective nature we are the beauftiful body of water that exists as collective, individually as we address the needs which rerflect our individual lives and even the rising and falling action of our emotions, our needs, our awareness, our concerns, it is a constant ebb and flow of our awareness of who we are in the precipitation and evaporation process. So we rise and fall, ebb and flow according to the cycles for which we are a part. Now this does continue throughout our spiritual process so that once the physical life environment has achanged to free the spirit, at once the physical life environment has changed to free the spirit to be part of the larger life experience.

We too are involved in the ongoing progress of ourselves and others whom we meet in the process. So we are always involved as droplets of water in the large body of ocean in the ongoing progress for and with those around us whom we are either assigned to or naturally gravitate to, to continue the process of spiritual growth, awareness and ultimate reunion or what we have learned to call fusion with our God source and center. At that point of becoming one with our God force within, or that which we would call the adjuster, it is for the purpose of higher elevation or higher expansion within the overall process so that we too can lend our purified will to that of our Father's wish and desire for how we may effect the ongoing progress of creation and purification of all who exist so that our role in the process is ongoing and effectively neverending for we may join or rejoin our heavenly source but for and with the purpose as designated at that time for how we may aid in that process so that others may rejoin the creative source so that our individual droplets of water or spirit are amassed in the spiritual home that we call heaven as it is on earth, so that we may always be a part of the ocean of life inspirit as we are here currently and it is our responsibility to bring ourselves and others to that awareness, that we are our brother and our sister's keeper as they are ours, and to hit home as much as we can, that is to reenforce and bring to initial awareness, that which is our responsibility and the responsibility of others to be one body in Christ, to be part of the nature of evolution, both intellectually and spiritually for the advancement of each individual and the collective nature of the body of Christ.

This is our goal and purpose and for which we can bring about the glorification of our heavenly Father and the Trinity for which we are all a part in some one combination or another, so that the the vast body of creation through it's countless forms and varieties are all part of that creative genius which is in action as we speak, so that we can return to the initial thought or concept of what is divine and what is eternal as we can once again view it from a keyhole to return to that vision for the sake and sense of focusing.

So having started from the very centralized view from a keyhole out to and up to the entire embodiment of creation as it can and does sing to the glory and praise and unity of all creation singing and praising the source from which we all derive. Can you imagine a more perfect scene that all creation singing and praising it's source before God. This is my idea of heaven friends and I believe you share that with me and so it is our responsibility to do our part to be as brilliant a droplet of water to bring refreshment and nourishment to those that we encounter. So I wish to bring you the good news of our role as replenishers of truth, beauty, and goodness both here, now, and wherever we are in our travels throughout the cosmos and throughout creation as we know it, and are beginning to know it. So I bring good news of encouragement and reenforcement to those who maybe today have felt particularly burdened or weakened, or beaten up even emotionally or psychically or otherwise, to let you know that you are far from anything negative that you can percieve of yourself. Certainly imperfect as we are, we still are the source of eternity within. As an individualized representative of the God presense among us, each of us is a representative of perfection, love and beauty. So I wish to open this to further discussion if there are questions and we can hopefully we can have a good discussion of these concepts for your continued edification. Are there questions at all?

Q: You spoke of ill will and my question has to do with the discourse focused on the difference between ill will and rose colored glasses. I am sensitive how I sometimes affect some people very negatively. In speaking with someone I commented that with alcoholics they loose their rose colored glassses. I'm speaking about one who has been around the block before like Jesus shortly before he left and did not take any flack from anyone and spoke very overtly and frankly to people. Whereas some may have been very offended, I have every confidence he said what was needed at the time. I'm not saying I have attained Christ consciousness, but I noticed that what seems to be expected in this culture of ours is, you put on these rose colored glasses and only express that which is most pleasing, which to me is often sheer hypocracy. I've been reminded of the Tomas lesson on enlightened honesty in which one should be able to take the truth and present it in such a way that it is palatable, but no matter how hard I try with tact and tolerence, walking the second mile and all that, I still seem to have it interpreted as having ill will. It bothers me. Can you comment on that?

Anatolia: I can first of all tell you that what you describe is a matter of perception, not that you misperceive, but what you are addressing is your perception of what humanity is called to, the higher purposes of life. To a large extent a good percentage of society, let's say 2/3 at least within the last 50 years, is in a declining mode of so called progress which is essentially materialism. As materiallism progresses, spiritual consciousness decreases so that the mindset of society becomes more and more nullified relative to spiritual truths and goals with the increase of materialization just as an example, not that it is limited to this description, but as a soursce of discussion and illustration.

Therefore ones mindset for the things of higher value and purpose are not even considered on a daily basis and even for those who may attend church, for some this is just a weekend event , presumably wih a positive goal orientation but not necessarily seen as a total life purpose or experience rather than an isolated one for an hour on a Sunday morning, point being, your purpose and orientation are those of spiritual nature, truth orientation, growth and prosperity of spiritual truth. I don't think you would debate that statement or the illustration I used concerning the orientation of the vast majority of people that you would both work with and would encounter at nearly any event that would be of a secular purpose.

Consequently, your orientation toward truth, goodness and beauty are such that most people are simply disoriented from those as priority, so like Jesus, you would be considered a radical in terms having people refocus their attention. To a large extrent, as you know, there was nothing violent at all about Jesus, yet he did through his illustration and through his person, basically, is he would in effect be pulling people up by their shirt collar to say look at what you are doing, you know better, you have been taught, you have been given the law, you supposedly live the law but what are you living versus what you know to be right and true. This is what you feel called to in your very being and what you call other people to be and do as well, however the prophet is frequently not accepted, least of all in his or her own town. Consequently you have the role and responsiblity, to addresss these concerns and inform your brothers and sisters as to their requirement to address their own needs and those of us all because their actions, as well as our own, affect each and every one of us. Does this ring true for you?

Q: Yes, I got some substance out of that. I appreciate your counsel and have missed you.

A lenghty conversation ensued between various callers as Anatolia took leave.