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Chile, January 14, 2005.
Master Teacher.
Subject: "All Is Love." [A Personal Lesson]

Received by Juanita.

Master Teacher: "Each day of your life brings you new opportunities to love someone dear to you, someone who is only a casual acquaintance, at your work or in the store. Even a smile for a complete stranger, or a loving thought for someone you may never meet will be noted on your record of passing on the infinite love of the Father Creator.

"Consider now the children and your brothers and sisters. When you see them do or say things that are inappropriate, may you (respectively) punish them, or scold them? I say, no, my worldly child, student, and willing listener. Gently direct them towards better behavior, and know that it is the Father’s love in you that makes you care in both cases. It is your love for the Father that will make you choose the better option in expressing His love.

"Consider now the workers in your plant (industry?), and how you daily witness theft and other unseemly behavior. There you must show your ability to treat them equally, still, no matter if you see them as good or bad, for by your example, and not by harsh words, will you bring a change to their errant ways.

"Consider those you meet on the streets or in the store. A ready smile, even a light-hearted demeanor, will lift their day out of the drudgery, hurry or anxiety they may feel, and it is in this fashion you will show that you are an emissary, yes an ambassador of the Father, even the worthy disciple of my choice.

"Ponder the responsibilities of those who must rule your town, your country, or large corporations, and know that they, too, like you, cannot be perfect in all their works, for this is not a perfect world. Do not judge, but send them your prayers and therewith your love—the Father’s love—and therewith you have the opportunity to change the world one person at the time.

"You, will surely change you.

"I love you my dear child. Light your torch and make it shine bright, for all that turns your world is His love."

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