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Live In The Moment

JANUARY 31, 2005

I am Abraham. Greetings. What an intellectual group we have here this evening. You have quite possibly covered every topic. (Laughter.) I may have to rearrange my lesson. Refreshing, yes. I am in awe of your ability to be flexible. Your enthusiasm for your spiritual understanding is quite contagious. It is indeed a blessing to know each one of you.

From where I am I have some opportunities to know you each as your authentic selves. Father, of course, knows you through and through because He is the Father. I know you from what you dare to show me or share with me. I find you each unique and yet I relate with each one of you as a part of myself, part of the universe and a part of the family of God. It is indeed a blessing. I thank you.

It is interesting how individuals can be more accepting of their personal aspects when they are more accepting of others, or in other words, less judgmental. Life in the flesh is a lot of assuming or guessing or preparing for the worst. As we mature in spirit we see our own mistakes not so devastating, not so condemning. While you can begin to see yourself as a learning mortal you are releasing the pressure to be perfect. There is not lasting perfection in one who is continuously pressured.

The anxiety one may feel even can possibly delay growth, but that is not to worry over. You most definitely expect more from yourself than do others and many times you do fall short, leaving you with feelings of discouragement or having disappointed others. This negative self-regard can certainly lead to unwanted behaviors, perhaps desires to escape.

How free would the world be if we simply made allowance for the growth of ourselves and one another? The ego is a master of deceit and will try to convince you that your fellows’ downfalls are your uprisings. The ego can certainly make man a slave to popular opinion and limit spiritual receptivity.

This old saying is not just words but a reality you can make happen. "Live in the moment." It is a well-worn saying but has deep meaning. In the moment there is simple reality. There is not the guilt of the past or the worry of tomorrow. There is not judgment of self or others. In the moment is where God resides. In the moment is where peace abides.

This week, children, free your minds from that pressure that causes your worry. Think not of how you will reserve your place in Heaven but how you will live in the moment today. Let us study on spiritual maturity. That is all. Know that you are a good sounding board for the activities of this Mission. Have not worry. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.