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Cheshire, UK, January 11, 2005.

Subject: "Following Masters."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Monjoronson: "Follow within the footsteps of those you respect, but do not be afraid to allow divergence when treading the path of your own heart.

"Many are those who follow blindly to realize, too late, that their master’s path is not their own, and indeed that their only master comes from the Master within.

"Teachers guide a way, showing experience and encouragement, but a true teacher will allow a student to run ahead, to dally a while or to find their own course.

"Each individual is exactly that, individual, and so whilst Jesus, Buddha and other celebrated teachers of your human times have shown great example, it is by following their examples of love, awareness and truth that you shall truly find yourself.

"Such will be the way upon my arrival, also. I will not teach as absolute, but encourage each to discover their Master within.

"All who would have it otherwise are untrue to my name and my being, yet understand these too, for it is fear that perpetuates the myth that personal power over others is what leads to freedom, or that one persons truth will assist another to the same end and conclusion.

"Be only concerned with opening your heart, your mind and your every day being to God the Divine, and paradise will appear from within the ashes of your perceptive reality.

"I Am Monjoronson."

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