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Beloved One - A Lesson In Awareness - Aug 01, 2004 -ProgressGroup, AU

Urantia, August 1, 2004.
Subject: "A Lesson in Awareness."

Contributing 11:11 Progress Group Receiver.

THE BELOVED ONE: "Allow yourself to be totally centered in Me, without outward thoughts intruding. Feel a holy hush enveloping you, enfolding you, flowing through you. Realize that these are My emanations from within you, which you can only feel when you are totally at rest in My Being-ness as I saturate you with My presence.

"I saturate you right now, even though you are not aware of this. Oh yes, you somewhat sense and feel My incredible Peace, and this will increase when your awareness grows, and you begin to feel so incredibly and unconditionally loved.

"The more you trust this process of coming into My presence without any expectations, or hidden agenda on your part, and with only your longing to be with Me, the more will you realize My presence. I Am always here, anyway, but you are so often too busy to notice. Allow yourself the luxury of taking the time, to at any time, come into My presence to have your soul nurtured by a full awareness of Me.

"In time, when your awareness of My Reality in you grows, and I am more in your conscious awareness in your daily doings, your comings and goings, you will have grown accustomed of My being part of you, that we 'travel hand in hand' the highways and byways of life, and that nothing will worry or deter you, for you will have realized that I am with you, forever.

"And, dear one, this precious life which you are living here on earth will be the shining foundation of all future ages to come. You shall climb into glory with Me, and together we shall have many adventures in spiritual growth. These will even increase in the ages to come when we shall fuse together as one. How is that for My plan for you? Can you even begin to imagine, child, what it would be like to fuse with a Fragment of God?

"I tell you right now, that your earthly imagination falls far short of this incredible moment in your eternal career. Feast your heart, soul and mind upon this realizable goal. Print this in your very DNA, that you are a beloved child of God—the eternal God—Who desires to be so intimately involved with you that He sent a Part of Himself to indwell you."

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