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T/R: Gerdean

January 13, 2005


JESUS and DAMALIA, a social architect, on the aspect of Destiny in Predestination as it relates to Common Interest Groups

JESUS: This is your Friend, Brother/Father Michael, coming to you as Jesus in the simplistic mode of mortal camaraderie. I see your ‘light on’ here in the Urantia atmosphere and want to acknowledge your reach for the greatness that awaits you and which surrounds you, even that which you are ~ and are becoming ~ in these processes of listening with your heart to hear the words I put forth to you.

I AM of the Word, the Eternal Son. I come to you with mercy, to help alleviate the isolation ~ I know you have all felt ~ and that, even today, you tend to succumb to.

However, our plan is to engage you in the Family idea such that you no longer perceive of yourself as one isolated entity in contact with Paradise through your Adjuster only. But that you have a sense of the infinite Family of God that is a part of this teeming, throbbing, thriving, pulsating, living organism of the Grand Universe.

There are many Friends and Helpers in this program of allowing your minds eye to see farther into the greater reality, the invisible realms – not so that you escape this life, no, but that you are better oriented to return consciously to the mortal sphere, in order to take the great sense of compassion and association ~ that is a part of the character of the universe ~ and release that knowledge into your environment such that those you come in contact with will know that you have been with Me, that you have been with the Father, that you have recognized your place in the grand scheme of things, that you are ‘at home’ that you are unafraid and that, together, we can advance – not only in these small clusters, but in time all of the planet will come forward and your sister planets, as well.

These are the focus of our efforts these days. Monumental tasks are at hand, and your loving efforts are so needed and so appreciated. Thus, I come to greet you, and thank you for your constancy. I leave you in the faithful care of any one of a number of my trusted Servants and Friends, all of whom are delighted to come to be of service to you in your desire to grow and be useful ~ to Me and to your fellows.

DAMALIA: Greetings, my friends, my name is Damalia and I am a social architect. I am coming today to talk to you about your destiny. What a glorious word is that, destiny. It is the kind of word that calls up/conjures drama, literature, and philosophic thought -- even high thought such as you might find in the noble scribes and Pharisees of old -- those lofty thoughts that have somehow been locked into the archives of eternity for the studious and serious to ponder: the destiny of man.

I am here to make it more personal for you and to help you understand what is meant when it is discussed in the text about predestination, for predestination is certainly a part and parcel of that wonderment of destiny, which is such a mystery and such an invitation.

When the Father gives you your personality at your birth, it is as if He had given you what you might call a bar code, a circuit board peculiarly designed for your own unique use. Each personality is created such that it will have its own responses and its own impulses, its own output. Whereas some people react one way, others react differently. And all of this is a part of personality. Part of character. But more to the point, the inherent personality that is your gift, your pattern.

There are types of personalities, yes, in addition to the variations brought about by the racial structure, and gender, and the cultural influences, and those apparent differences.

Twins, of course, and immediate siblings having more in common than strangers. But the type of connection I am referencing in terms of type are those who feel different callings.

Some are called to cure and heal, who yearn to practice medicine and the healing arts. They are implanted with this desire as if it were their destiny.

There are some of you who are communications specialists, either in the technical aspects or the artistic aspects – communications being as wide a range as medicine, which can include physical health and medical health – as well as other aspects of the theme.

There are those who yearn to preach and emote, who make actors, who are not content to be studious or removed from their peers but who seek the public eye and have a calling to perform and to express.

Thee are many types ~ because there are many aspects of destiny that need to be fulfilled.

What kind of God would create you all the same? The entire universe is filled with different types of beings, who focus on the field they have been selected for. The angels of the churches are devoted to their work, have no compelling interest in other directions, only insofar as it affects their work.

Such specialization is uncommon on your world, for so many of you have no idea of your destiny from the vantage point of the Divine, rather, you are somewhat programmed to go into the family business or operate within the parameters of education and so forth that is expected of your social standing.

I want to talk to you about predestination and destiny because I am always on the lookout for those of like-mind with whom I can hope to have an opportunity to engage, as if individual pieces of the puzzle were selected and put together, and when they are all in place, the completed work is a statement that stands on its own.

We social architects observe evolving universes and with our sense of purpose look for those of you who have a sense of destiny, who are seeking your way, and who are earnest about following the path that appears to be set before you.

In the long range, and in the farthest view, you are destined to return to Paradise as pure spirit, having evolved from these lowly worlds of time and space. And so, ultimately, it is easy to say the Father knows your destiny. It would be as simplistic as if you were to take a packet of radish seeds and plant them. You know full well when they sprout and when they mature they will be radishes because they are designed that way. The Father has designed you that way, that as you sprout and grow you will become perfect and you will evolve to be like Him and with Him eternally.

En route to such a sublime culmination of personality development, there are many stopping places, many experiential laboratories, and always while the work is important, it is how you work together that is paramount. How you work together will determine future assignments. How you work with others will determine your successes and your failures.

I hasten to say that ‘failure’ is a mortal word. There are no real ‘failures’ in the cosmic sense. But for your mind, and for your level of comprehension, it is good to bear in mind the concept of success and failure as you have been taught, so that you can enhance that understanding of success and failure with the higher values and motives that would allow you to bring your training and that which is good about you ~ that you have already learned, the disciplines you have grown, the character you have forged ~ to be about the business of the task at hand ~ in company with ~ fellows of like mind.

When you see differences-- For example:

In the movement today there is the Monjoronson Mission and its proponents, who are the avant-garde of those preparing the way, planting the seed, allowing the thought to be seeded in humanity of a visitation from a celestial entity. This is something that is germane to all the major religions. If they are not anticipating Christ’s Second Coming, they are anticipating some return of some Divine Being at some point in time. While some consider this a mere reincarnation of a former existence ~ of a holy man or an Ascended Master ~ these Beings are recurrent in your destiny consciousness, for they keep you looking forward to that day when you will be embraced by the divine embrace, encompassing you in the divine love that you so yearn for.

While there are those who are diligently fueling that furnace and stoking that fire, there are those who are devoted to the conditions here on the planet now who are busy in the trenches, with their sleeves up-rolled, working hard for the facts of the matter of life as it is lived here, down to the microbes, down to the molecules, down to the bacteria of evolution ~ helping, healing, through medicine, through botany, through ecology ~ and their work is as blessed and as important as these anticipated missions of Magisterial Sons or Ascended Masters. Both efforts instill hope into the people. Both efforts (and all the others!) are a part of the divine conspiracy.

The Indwelling God Fragment in each of you yearns to fulfil the destiny that has been imbedded in you, that has been impressed upon you by that "bar code" that has been given to you by the divine Father of all.

And those of you who find your destiny calling, and hold fast to it, are indeed fortunate, for you are no longer confused about which way to go ~ "How shall I believe? What shall I do? Who am I?" ~ for these questions are answered. They have become immaterial through the work that you do. And giving it all of your heart, throwing yourself into it with such supreme motivation, your relationship with your fellows is destined from the beginning to take flight … to take root and then take flight.

To the extent that you are frail or flawed, that your plans are flawed, or that they are beyond the realm of current possibility, they will be forestalled … because there is no way it could be otherwise. But rather than anticipate that your ideas will be squelched or that your ideas are not good enough, go within. Consult with your Creator. Consult with the divine Creator of your personality. And ask to be directed into the field of dreams that you feel called to serve, with the most sincere appreciation -- and invigoration – because you believe in your own destiny and in what you are doing and in who you are.

Are there questions?

[Not audible]

DAMALIA: Yes Marty, my friend.

[Not audible]

DAMALIA: It is not I who brought you together, my friend, but since you are together, I am glad to have your ear. I am glad to be given the opportunity to speak to you. I perceive you all here as having a same or similar light. You are communicators – all of you. This is the kind of configuration I notice from afar. It would be as if certain categories of personalities were red and another blue, and here I see you with your colors, your "gang" colors, ganging up to do your work, to bond together, to profess your loyalty to each other and to the task. You develop your verbiage, you develop your methodology, your music, your dance steps, and you proceed in confidence that you are not alone. In this way, great things can be accomplished.

Do not let fear stand in the way of that which you can accomplish. You know already who you are. You know what you are called to do. If you do not know, or if you are unsure, there is no shame in standing back and reviewing your path. For many times, at the outset, the ideals are there and the dreams are evident, but sometimes life experience is necessary to formulate those hopes and dreams somewhat more realistically.

But this is no reason to falter. This can be done mindfully. When you are forging ahead, forge ahead in confidence, and when you decide to stop and take another look, do that consciously and confidently as well, feeling no shame if you need to modify your original plan to accommodate life’s circumstances. As long as you keep your eye on the prize, if you have an idea of the work at hand, if you have some concept of your "destiny calling," there will be nothing that can hold you back except if God Himself tells you.

Trust this. Trust it also in your fellows. Trust that they have set out to be and do all that they can be for the Father. To the extent they are unready they will not prevail. But to the extent that they do prevail, send forth your heartfelt support for their efforts, as they, too, shall do for you. But again, if you are focused on your work, you will not worry whether they approve or not. You will be doing what you believe you need to do. However, never overlook the importance of how you work together, and this does not only mean those of you in your common interest group, but those in other common interest groups who are working toward the same goals – perhaps not through the same programs, but who are yearning for and are working for the same destiny – the same "ultimate" destiny as all of us are, and that is, frankly, perfection – the perfection of the Grand Universe.

This is a noble goal. This is a Destiny Calling worth following, worth heeding. Your Indweller will help, will lead the way, through Its relationship with the Spirit of Truth. Stay in touch with the Source of your being. Give each other reality checks along the way. Confirm each other’s motives and intentions. Confirm each other in the process. Look for that in each other which is affirmative.

It is the human tendency, as those who seek perfection, to find the flaw and to point out the flaw, and while this is indeed a necessary part of the process, it need not be the major part of the process. The major part of the process is accentuating that which is right and good, for on that is what all else will be built. That is your foundation -- that which you know to be of Divine Order.

I and we look for these configurations of individuals of like mind who have mutual goals, ambitions, and desires to serve, to develop themselves and to support each other in the process of advancing and contributing substance. We then call upon the seraphim and we utilize the midwayers to manipulate you into finding each other, so when you find each other, you recognize "kindred spirits!" These kindred spirits can bond and accomplish great things.

I and we look forward to the many great things that are already on-going, that are coming into better clarity and to the eventual fruition of many of these projects that have begun, for there will be more. Ever and anon there will be something exciting, satisfying, meaningful for you to do for the Father, for your fellows, and for your own satisfaction. This is a part of the incredible path you have ahead of you.

Let us thank the Father now for this incredible plan and for Father Michael who has taken those parts of universe potential and selected those that he wants for you, that he wants for Urantia, that he wants for his creation … and imagine how it will stand up as a pearl of great price as it looks out upon infinity, a perfected orb, spanning space with its super-consciousness and discovering all the myriad ways the Creator Sons have been granted to give and bring about life in this vast universe ~ so varied, so infinitely complex and so orchestrated as to boggle the imagination.

We bow before Our Father and His magnificence, His unspeakable magnificence and generosity of spirit, His creativity that He gives to His children, such as you and I, with which to do good work. Let us commence to do good works for the Father, through the Mother, with the Spirit and in the Spirit of fellowship in this Family divine. [Amen]