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Michael - Simply War No More - Dec 12, 2004 - Illawarra, AU

US of A, December 22, 2004.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "Simply War No More."

Contributing Receiver.


Michael: "We are here to be the gateway through which the love of God will flow.


"It is not our Father’s Will that you hold any brother or sister captive with your unforgiveness. Would you have peace in your heart this holiday season? Then release every captive, for indeed, it is you, yourselves, who feel the pain and suffer from your stubborn ways. And, My dear ones, you know this is the truth.


"There is no peace ever in conflict. Look about you this very day. Listen to the news. It is all about conflict and yes, unforgiveness reigns everywhere.


"Today I would bring to you the key to peace. It is so simple to simply war no more. Ah, but you do not think in terms of simplicity, and the war games continue. There seems to be no easy solution to your minds, and defending yourselves seems to be the only answer. But I gave the Answer centuries ago when I said for you to forgive. I said, ‘if your enemy smites you on the cheek, then turn to him the other cheek.’ Fear is your greatest captor.


"I said, ‘Love one another’. And I said, ‘love your enemies’. And still you seek peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding?


"Peace comes to those who love one another. Peace comes to those who love God, wholeheartedly, with their whole mind and strength, and yes, they love all their neighbors as themselves. After all those centuries, the gospel of the Kingdom remains unchanged.


"If you have peace, then you Love as the Father would have you love. If you have peace than you Love as the Father loves. If peace eludes you, or is a sometime thing that comes and goes like the tides at the seashore, then you must examine your Love account. And if you find that account lacking, then you have some work to do in the New Year that lies before us.


"Examine those places in your life that lack the love of the Father’s Heart for all His children. Love is always the Father’s Business. Love as He loves, unconditionally, and peace will come, for there is no other way to peace on earth and His Good Will to all mankind."


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