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Prayer: Beloved parents, whose children we all are, we are grateful more than words can say for the lives that we lead and for the love that we feel that comes from you in so many forms. Of the many expressions of your love for us in this life, these communications are dear to us, those who have the ears to hear. We are humbled and in gratitude at this expression of your divinity towards us. May we gain strength in our relationship to you in this process and in all ways. Thank you so dearly.

Machiventa: To all once again, this is Machiventa and I welcome the opportunity to access this as you see, expression of your Creator's love for you. So many avenues are available to you as you grow in spiritual awareness and are able to function in appropriate arenas. You will come to many different expressions of this love as there are many different expressions of the messengers of this love.

Each one of you feels a great deal of gratitude and appreciation in your hearts for that which you embrace which brings you peace and love and light. It fills you up as vessels, and once full, it is your natural desire to spill this out upon all those around you that they may be quenched by that which has brought you your sustenance. Indeed this fulfills a cycle of giving that starts on high and merely flows through you as the liquid may flow in and out of the vessel.

At times you are taking in this love energy, this gift from on high, to replenish your needs and to quench your thirst and at other times you are pouring your vessel out completely upon those who may benefit from its transfer. You are becoming certain of the reality that your vessel will always be refilled from this well. When you are certain of this reality, it is easy to pour out your reserves of beauty, truth and goodness upon others knowing full well that at any point you may simply refill your vessel from on high.

Each one of us goes through our daily lives as vessels dripping and sloshing and pouring and filling. When you go to the well, when you enter into stillness, you are easily refilled and are able once again to splash and to pour. Life is a series of splashing and getting splashed by those around you. Each time this happens from each others vessel, we are mixed and colored and unified and nourished. There is a great pouring out of this sustenance from on high and there are many needed to be vessels and carry this life giving sustenance to all.

Many would gladly take part in this service project if they only were aware of its existence and purpose, therefore do you come in as examples. You will function in the awareness that you are this vessel, that you contain this life giving goodness from on high. Spill out the beauty, the truth, and the goodness freely so that all those around you may be well nourished. Never doubt or fear that you will give it all away, it is not possible.

Once you understand your role and purpose in this reality transfer that you as a vessel are, then you may become more useful in the process and others will witness your effectiveness at spreading this goodness around and will be drawn to your actions. You will be a demonstration of one who has accepted and embraced the privilege of spreading around liberally this nourishment from on high. That does not mean that this does not take effort or sincere commitment to the process, but with your commitment and your volunteer effort, you become well rewarded with the satisfaction of the attainment of such valuable service.

The time draws near when there will be a veritable flood of this sustenance to be spread around, to be splashed, and even to be puddled all about and the workers will be very busy with the responsibilities and privileges they have embraced. We have great assistance from on high at our disposal and with your assistance we may make this transfer complete. I am confident in each of you as a faithful steward of this charge as it is the true expressions of your souls to be so positioned in this reality.

This commitment you make is obvious to those who can see past the limitations of the flesh and I embrace you all as partners in what is sure to be an incredible growth experience. I have been privileged enough to be involved with this project for a great deal of time and I am once again poised on the brink of great epochal significance and am excited at the multitude of possibilities that are before us. I would ask that you act as if you are aware of this reality and function within those parameters. It is a significant step to take to realize within yourself that you have not completely embraced an idea and when you attempt to embrace spiritual reality, your perspective is elevated and your true nature revealed and it is in this arena that your spiritual commitments and beliefs may be strengthened or reevaluated or realigned to accommodate your enhanced level of understanding.

The opportunity will arise to move from talking the talk as we have, to walking the walk and putting yourself on the line for your spiritual beliefs, your spiritual convictions. Opportunities will come to you in which you may express yourself in spiritual terms and be accepted, as others are seeking for the spiritual light and will be open to new discoveries in spirit as they mature and reflect upon the circumstances and realities of those around them. This again is where you come in as a beacon, a shining light, as others are seeking to make sense of it all. You stand firm as a lighthouse and they will find your stable presence reassuring. It is with such gratitude that I address this forum. I recognize the accomplishments each one of you who is assembled in this arena have made to be here. I recognize these accomplishments and the growth that they reflect and would honor you and your accomplishments by pledging my support in whatever situations you may find yourself in. I attach myself to your detail. As you are willing to sign up in mine, so I am willing to sign up with you. When you are in doubt or in confusion as to how to proceed, you may ask for my assistance, as well as others, and I will counsel you as to the best spiritual approach to your circumstance. I make this commitment to each of you because I can relate to your commitment to this process.

We share this commitment and therefore just as you would help me, I will help you. We form a trust in this process. It provides us both with strength and stability. We form this partnership, I on my side of the curtain, and you on yours, and in this time frame, you are the one who is seen on the other side of the curtain and can have an impact with those out there who can see you. I can offer you support and perspective as we work together and in this partnership we may, the one vessel, fill the other. I thank you each one for the sincere desires of your heart to manifest the reality that Michael would have for us.

We serve the same Master and I am sure he is pleased with our work. I thank you in his honor. I thank you for myself and I would bid you all see this season of new beginnings in this new year as a fresh page to turn, a blank slate to write, a white canvas to paint, a poem to finish, a song to sing. Express yourselves my dear ones. You too are an expression of your divine parents love into this reality. Be a good expression, be a worthy expression, be a bountiful expression of that which you know to be truth, beauty and goodness abound, yours for the taking, yours to pour into your vessel and then out again. Yours to contribute to on the way through.

Your privilege and honor is to add your dimension of truth, your perspective of beauty, your version of goodness to this world. What an honor and what a privilege to manifest all that love, even through you. May your expressions be glorious and be a tribute to our Father. May our work day be long and may we get much done, and may we always be mindful of our relationship to our Divine Parents which is where it starts and where it all comes back to. Thank you all, my students, my partners in this project. May we work well together. I take my leave now and I free you to have a light heart as we set out on this journey together, surely to be magnificent.

Michael: I greet you all. You know me as Michael. You hear my voice and I hear yours. You are my precious ones in whom I am so pleased. I come to you at this time simply to strengthen your awareness of me and your conviction that I know of you, each one, everyone, all. I know it is the desire of your heart to be involved with me in the reinstatement of our world into the graces of spirit and I look to you, each one, to be my hands and my mouth and my feet. As you move through all of my children, I desire that in your presence they see the character of me, the character of our Father.

I desire that you reflect for me, the nature of our Father that you have come to know. I desire that when my children glance upon you, they see truth, beauty and goodness, they witness your light as a messenger of truth goodness and beauty. Many of my children will hunger for this light. They will see with the eyes of spirit, they will hear with the ears of spirit. It is your proximity to them that I desire and it is your commitment of heart that allows this to transpire.

I honor this gift that you give to me, this desire to fulfill my will. The will of our Father provides for the opportunity for this to manifest. I am pleased to witness the sincerity of the forces before me who will steadfastly carry out their mission, and your mission is to love. Exude love, drip love from your vessels, spill love out upon all around you. I will replenish your vessel in turn and in this way we may transfer this essential life fluid to all those in need.

I will use you in this purpose if you will just allow. That is all, and I believe I have that in you. Imagine it is I who looks out your eyes when you gaze out upon your brothers and sisters, my children. Imagine it is I and it will be. I desire this approach. I desire to use your eyes in this fashion. In this manner I will be visible to all. This is my desire and whosoever will aid in the manifestation of this reality, so be it. Thank you all my little ones for your sincerity of heart. It brings me such joy to witness this come from within you. I treasure these gifts and I know of you each one and I love you. Good night.