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Ambrose(AhmaNiden)042400CO InstructionsToAlternativeHealingStudent

DATE: April 24, 2000


TEACHER: Ambrose (AhmaNiden)

T/R: JoiLin


SUBJECT: Instructions To Alternative-Healing Students 

The following transmission has been edited. Details have been omitted that do not offer material of general interest. What is of perceived value is the specific guidance offered by the Teacher to a student pursuing alternative healing interests. Also note the level of true conversation and interaction which takes place.

Mary: I have had the overwhelming sense lately that a group of celestials have been preparing a group of us (mortals) for a healing mission. I have referred to it as a ‘project’. I have felt strongly that we were being gathered, and that the time has arrived for us to make our individual choices on a conscious, as well as on the Soul level, as to our participation in this group project. I have little sense as to the details of the project other than it is healing and it is global in nature. Psychics and such have indicated for over two years that: There is a powerful group of celestial beings working with me and that I hold a key to bringing in new healing technology. Actually, it is ancient healing techniques that I, or we, will adapt to this vibration.

Regarding the celestial group working with us we came up with 12 personalities. We were a bit overwhelmed with such a powerful celestial group and were led to confirm at this point with a TR session. Ambrose came on line.

Ambrose: Greetings Child. You have questions?

Mary: JoiLin and I have been discussing a lot today and would like confirmation. Is my sense of a mission or as I called it, a project, correct?

Ambrose: Indeed.

Mary: Are there actually 12 celestials involved?

Ambrose: That is correct.

Mary: Are they as we named?

Ambrose: Yes.

Mary: It is my sense that the mortals involved have been in training for years and that we are now being gathered together or called to make a decision. Would you tell us what talent, what gifts, what it is that we would bring to this project?

Ambrose: You would be well served to recognize each other’s contributions, however, I will offer some of the pieces which each brings.

[Deleted details.]

Mary: Let’s talk about the many modalities we’ve been exposed to. I sense that we all were exposed to many things, not to distract or confuse us, but to give us a general picture or more pieces to a larger puzzle.

[Partially deleted. The student asked the Teacher to rate various healing modalities from a minor role of one to a significant role of three.]

Mary: Okay. Then how would you rate Reiki or energy work?

Ambrose: Reiki is energy.

Mary: Yes, and how important is it to this project, using one as minor, two as having a role, and three as a significant role?

Ambrose: Three.

Mary: Okay. What did we learn next? Hmmm… A/P – Applied Physiology – how would we rate that?

Ambrose: Master the holographic image of the human. That is a three.

Mary: The holographic image? The energetic?

Ambrose: The energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Master this.

Mary: What about chakra balancing – we learned Seven Chi Keys.

Ambrose: Chakra balancing is a result not a method. Master the holographic technique and the chakras will be balanced in the process.

Mary: Gosh, what else did we learn? Oh, what about the detox clay baths?

Ambrose: Awareness of body detoxification is a three.

Mary: The clay baths?

Ambrose: The clay baths are not part of this project. There is a key to creating greater balance using clays. That key will be given to another. That is a different project.

Mary: I’ve been told I hold a key and

Ambrose: You do not hold a key – You will be given a key.

Mary: Ahhh, okay. What about DNA activations?

Ambrose: Understanding of the DNA is a three.

Mary: And codons?

Ambrose: They are part of the DNA.

Mary: Yes, but, Drunvalo said there are those that have 24 active codons and are immune to all disease. I cannot substantiate this. I cannot find any scientific documentation on this. Is this even true?

Ambrose: This is true.

Mary: He also says that if you study the I Ching, the changes in the I Ching, you find a perfect representation of our DNA. I have tried to figure this out. I’ve tried to convert it to binary code. I’ve looked at it a number of ways. I’ve tried to break this code. I finally put it aside. Does the I Ching, is it what he says?

Ambrose: There are replicating patterns in all of life. You need to understand crystals.

Mary: Crystals? What about crystals?

Ambrose: Understand their role in ancient as well as present time.

Mary: How do I find out about ancient times?

Ambrose: Look for books on Atlantis. The human’s name… Stitchens, perhaps. You need to know crystals.

Mary: Okay. I take it that’s a three. What about oils and flower essences?

Ambrose: That is not part of the group project. You need to learn about crystals.

Mary: Crystals and holograms and… What about crop circles?

Ambrose: Yes.

Mary: The water in crop circles? Are we to duplicate the vibration of water in crop circles?

JoiLin: Nothing – I lost the connection. It’s dead silent. This has never happened!

Mary: Just wait. He is conferring.

Ambrose: Much will be revealed in time.

Mary: Am I to learn of crop circles and is that a three?

Ambrose. That would be a three.

Mary: And water? Is that the means by which the energy will be transmitted? Rife used gas plasma tubes and sent the vibrations through the air. Is water the…

Ambrose: Transducer, yes.

Mary: So water would be rated?

Ambrose: Three.

Mary: Okay. What other things have we learned or been exposed to? What am I forgetting? Well, we haven’t learned it but what of Polarity therapy?

Ambrose: It is a piece that would be helpful as it would open other avenues.

Mary: Charlie wants to know about astrology.

Ambrose: Astrology is in the universal as opposed to the global realm. It is too early for most to see the universal pattern. Learn more about holograms and patterns.

Mary: I was shown two triangles. At the top of the first was carbon, us. Then silicon and crystal at the bottom. The other, at the top was light with electricity and magnets at the bottom. Am I to study all this?

Ambrose: You have been, and will continue, to pursue these. Right now focus on crystals, magnetic fields, lasers, holograms, crop circles.

Mary: That’s all hahahaha??? And, what about my material world reality? Let me say that I have felt I have carried a financial burden. [trying to maintain a healing center]

Ambrose: Yes.

Mary: Do you realize the shift that occurred when I viewed it as a gift rather than a burden?

Ambrose: Yes.

Mary: That was a relief but I do need to generate an income. Will the Kindling equipment provide this?

Ambrose: If you choose. What of your book?

Mary: "Letters to God"? Well, I was pursuing research with the I Ching and DNA. I put it aside. I have three weeks until the Kindling demo. I’ve done all my prep there, gotten my ducks in a row, so to speak. I felt the three weeks was a window of opportunity to get the book underway. I’d suggested it, as guided, to three people but they didn’t do it. I suggested it to Mike and he thought it great. I started the book when my computer crashed.

Ambrose: That wasn’t the universe.

Mary: I know... Anyway, I thought to do the letters and also incorporate intentions and manifesting as I have been guided through that process this year. Maybe Mike and I can turn it into workshops.

Ambrose: The "Letters to God" is a good project in and of itself. It is a great tool for others. Do not hand the project over. You are a speaker or will be. Work together with Mike but do not give it away. Workshops are a source of good income.

Mary: I became discouraged when I heard there are Urantians doing some sort of letters to God.

Ambrose: Attend the Adventures in Spiritual Living presentation, but you may well find that you have your own niche.

Mary: Okay. Write. Master the Kindling. Research holograms, crystals, Atlantis, crop circles, magnetic fields and lasers. That should keep me busy. Well, I thank you. It is time to pick up my children and this has been a long session. I truly thank you. God-speed, Ambrose.

Ambrose: The same to you. Shalom.