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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Michael, Elyon


Peace, Joy & Hope

Open Mind and Heart,

Youth Group

December 19, 2004

* Michael (Jonathan TR): Beloved, you arrive once again at the annual celebration of my bestowal on your world. It does me honor that you recognize my presence. You are all my children, and I deeply love each of you. This celebration is one to remember, the peace and joy and hope that I sought to leave with you. Peace is the assurance by way of your faith of your belonging in our Father's family. Joy is in the realization of the power of spirit presence in and around you. Hope that the ideals of your heart, your sincere longing for goodness in this world, will be fulfilled, for now you have witnessed that even your creator can walk among you, and has, and that you are truly in a universe that is spiritual first. I am with you in your meditations. I am with you in your activities at all times. Each time you gather you honor me through the love and the fellowship you share together. This is as I would have it, not to sit upon the throne of David, but to reside within your hearts and to abide among you as your brother. This I would that you share with all on your world. Peace be among you.

* Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I wish to celebrate as well our many years together. You have brought me great joy in the witness of your growth, as you have responded to the efforts of myself and my associates in bringing to you increased enthusiasm of spreading truth and for realizing goodness. You have all been so faithful and diligent and trusting, and it does me great honor that you take such careful note of what we bring to you in message form each week. Do remember that I am only a conveyor, that the content is of God, and I merely pass it to you as a friend. Its true power resides in your assimilation of this grace food of the Father and transform it within yourself to be passed along to your needy fellows, that they may grasp even if but by a glimmer the light of truth and that through you they likewise may awaken to the direct contact of God within them. We each share in this process. I am ever grateful for our association. I thank the Father and I thank Michael for giving me into your presence.

* unidentified (Ginny): Greetings, this is one from your youth corps that we spoke of before. During your Christmas time you recall the story of Michael's presence on your planet, and it includes humans being aware of spirit presence, the human parents of Jesus who were well aware of the specialness of their son. They were prepared to recognize at least by revelation that this child would be a very special gifted person who would need parents who were well aware of his mission. It was a necessity to inform them of the mission of this child not just as a great teacher, a holy man, but also as the Son of God, a creative son which who would impact the planet mightily and who also would be rejected. It was necessary for Mary and Joseph to be prepared, and it was so important for Jesus to have the proper training and upbringing to enable him to use his talent for the work ahead. Also, you too are being prepared to continue his work by revelation from your spirit friends in order to prepare you for further work on this planet to bring the light of God into the lives of souls, especially those who linger in darkness. You are being prepared and you have basically accepted the invitation and prepared the way for new revelation, especially for the opening of clearer communication, so that we may be able better to shine the light on your world. We are grateful that you have opened your hearts and minds to this phenomenon. We encourage you to keep your minds and your hearts open, so you may receive clearer and brighter awareness, spirit, which partakes of the divine. It is time now that we lay aside fear, timidity, unworthiness and take up the banner of courage and bravery and love, so that we may be better able to be clear receptors and transmitters of truth. We encourage you always to be aware, to be open, to be present to spirit and especially to the spirit of the divine. We encourage you to be ready to share and to speak what you know to be true and to be willing to offer your companions any bits of comfort and hope that would encourage them to be hopeful that your world indeed is much cared for and that your world, under Michael's care, is very much in the news and very much a place for us to help to bring your planet into Light and Life. We will be with you, as we are present here to encourage you. It is especially important to increase both the frequency and the length of your stillness time, for it is best to lay aside all of your cares, all of your worries, and all of your material pressures to hear the voices of those who are waiting to speak. We are with you as you spend a few days to remember the appearance and the short time that Michael had with you in the tremendous outlay of hope and care. We celebrate with you, for we too rejoice in this splendid example of receiving and sharing life on this world. Thank you. As you celebrate this joyful time be especially grateful for those who you find yourself with. Be completely in their presence as one who accepts them as equal partners in this . .. on some journey.

Jonathan: Thank you for that great message. We welcome you to our classroom anytime.

* unid: We are here in numbers. We encourage you to participate in this adventure.

Evelyn: Can you tell us your name?

* unid: Ginny was afraid of that! It is not necessary at this time. We may reveal that in the future.

* Lester: Greetings, this is Lester. I couldn't help sticking my nose in all of this celebratory atmosphere for, as you know, I love a celebration, for I am one who encourages you to open your hearts and your minds to the events of lightness and merriment, for that too is very much a part of approaching the stage of Light and Life, not only life but light. I am with you as you communicate, as you exchange gifts, as you wear your Christmas outfits, as you visit friends and relatives. All of this is part of your natural way of communication with others. Make it a happy thing; make it a joyful thing. When you give, give from your heart, because that is very much a part of your . .. celebration on this material world. Yes, let us also embrace this wonderful moment in history when the Creator Son has agreed to bestow on us yet again the light of the divine. It is a great moment; it was a great moment, and it continues on as each one of us opens the light of the world. That is all.

Jonathan: Merry Christmas, Lester.

* Lester: Merry Christmas.