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US of A,

December 16, 2004.
Christ Michael.

Subject: "Offer Only Miracles Today."

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "Offer only miracles today and have them returned to Me. I would say to you today, offer the miracle of love to everyone, always, and know that unreserved forgiveness is the greatest extent to which you can show your love. Hold no one outside the closed and locked doors of your unconditional forgiveness, as this is the answer to every problem in the world. Notice the word every. I said, indeed, every problem.

"It is not always easy to forgive, for the ego will try to justify every single wrong. You say you would follow Me. I hear these words so often from the pulpits of every church, and, yet, unless you forgive all, as our Father forgives all, then truly you cannot call yourselves My followers.

"Today is a great gift, a precious gift, even whilst the problems of this world seem manifold, and yet you can change the world. Each of you can make a little difference—an incredible difference, collectively. You have a daily opportunity to make the world a place of great light.

"You know My Words well, for I have said, "You are the light of the world." So now I call on you to shine these lights into every dark corner. Do let your love lights shine. These are not idle words, or words of fantasy.

"Take a long look within the caverns of your hearts. Examine your consciousness well for that "different one" to whom you deny forgiveness, for, surely, if there be even one whom you cannot forgive, then you follow Me not. The love command demands forgiveness for every soul, for the Father’s Love extends unreservedly to all. You are required to become your Father’s perfect children in every sense of these words, for indeed, you are His creations, created in His image, and that Image is Love. And love can change everything in the world.

"Would you give Me a gift in this season of giving? Then give only love for whenever you give love, denying no one, you give that great gift to Me. Go today, and sow the gift you have so freely received, whilst denying no one.

"I am Michael."

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