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Marietta, Georgia, US of A,

December 15, 2004.


Subject: "I Am With You All."

Received by Rebecca.

Michael: "I am Michael, and I return to tell you again what I told you before when you were not able to write it down. My theme for this time period continues to be Love, the Love of the Father and the Love of the Son. As I was telling you before, the Love is what comes from the heart.

Rebecca reporting: He puts his hands to his heart and extends his hands outward.

Michael: "Love is action and energy and spirit and deed. The words are not as important as the feelings and the gestures that you offer in Love to another person. The Love itself is more important than the words that are used. It is so.

"Yes, you are right that our helper angels and guardians are watching your children to keep them quiet. Is it not good?

"And now also I wish to say that although people may think that I, Michael or Jesus, am at the top of the hierarchy, this is so in name only. In actuality, I am with the lowest of the low, the humblest of the humble. I am with those who are distressed, in need, unsure, confused, uncertain, feeling unworthy, feeling low self-esteem, as you say these days, depressed, poor, sick, unwell, heartbroken, bereaved, abandoned, lonely, rejected, or dejected.

"I am with you all and love you, as our Father loves us too. Whenever you find Love in your heart for another, you find me.

"That is the lesson for today. I send love to all the recipients of this message.

"I am Michael."

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