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[Note: Dear Folks, Well, almost caught up! Here is Michael from October 11, 2004 via our bunch at the Marin Teaching Mission Group. We also have Nebadonia on the next Monday - the 18th, and She will be coming along as soon as I can edit the transcription from a recording. Enjoy! Jerry]

Michael - October 11, 2004

The Universal River Of Life

Marin Teaching Mission Group

Prayer: Dear Michael and Mother, Once again we welcome You with great joy and anticipation. Your presence here with us gives us an ability that we treasure very much. This is an ability to know You, and through You, to know ourselves and what this life is that we are living. And so we thank You and invite You once again to share our lives with us. Amen

Good evening, My children. This is your Father, Michael. My peace be upon you. Feel it surround you. Feel it support you so you can feel a buoyancy of spirit that is your birthright. I thank you for your welcome to invite Me into your hearts where you can feel the spirit moving within you.

This is life itself, my children. It is streaming right through you. Can you feel it? It is sustaining you, and at the same time, you can give yourself to it. Welcome this feeling, feed upon it, and in turn, give it your will. Support it as much as you can. The way you do this is by giving yourself to others.

Just as the stream does not begin with you, don’t let it end with you. Be generous with this stream of life. The more you let it flow through you by giving it to others, the more it gives to you. This is the way you feel the stream of life - by giving it away, by sharing it. It is dynamic and powerful.

As your Mother told you last week, you are not keeping your own heart beating. Life belongs to the Father of us all. It is His gift. This is also His gift - this ability you have to add to it, to give it your will as you give it to another. There is a gracefulness in this, a sublime ease, and this is part of My peace. Feel the peace of this onrushing, gigantic river of life. This may sound strange at first, but not if you feel it, for as you feel this river of life flowing right through you, you can relax in the absolute assurance that it is yours. This is who and what you are. You are an individual, unique being, and yet you are sustained by this universal river of life.

Can you feel your freedom, My children? Can you feel the choice you have? Can you feel the power of your own will, and can you feel the grace of adding this will to our Father’s will? Now can you feel the ease of this, like it was meant to be? Can you feel the rightness of this? Can you feel the deep, deep peacefulness of this? Rest in Me; rest in your Mother. This is Our delight. Can you give Us your troubles, your anxieties, your fearful uncertainty, even your pain? We delight in accepting these, to see you transformed.

This is another choice you have; this part of your freedom. For the very reason that this freedom is real, for this very reason, it only exists in its use. You have to know you have this choice of sharing your life with Us. You have to know the transforming power of using Us. So We encourage you: step deeper into this river of life. Let go entirely. Don’t even think of keeping your nose above the surface. Get right into it all the way. Remember to use Us - give Us your pain, your difficulties, your joy, your happiness - those times when you are splashing around in the river of life just for fun. Remember Us then, too.

And so, My children, you see that you are free, even to deny your freedom. You’re free even to be unaware that you are free. You are free to experience life as a kind of compulsion, a straight jacket in which you have no freedom at all. But with courage in your heart, and trust and hope and the humility to call on Us, you can break out of the straight jacket of your own unconscious choosing. Now feel your desire for this. Now feel the power of accepting your own freedom. This is also your gift to Us.

This is the joy in Our hearts: to see Our children realize the freedom that God has given them. We ask you to cherish this as you cherish Us. Rest in Me, and as you do, feel your freedom grow. Do you feel the peace here, my children? The river is still flowing, rushing into eternity, but now you are swimming with the current. If you have any questions or comments this evening, I would be glad to hear them.

Student: Father, one of the challenges that I’ve been facing as I make myself more available to You and Mother, is no energy that (too faint) to heal Your children, (?) is a physical release now of the toxic residue of the Rebellion, and to find that liberty in my body would be inviting…(too faint)… There in no encumbrance energetically of Your spirit or of Mother’s spirit as it flows from You to Your children, and I would just appreciate more of an influx of Your spirit and Mother’s to come into me tonight to help me wash more of this junk out.

Michael: Well, My daughter, we have shared so much these years. I know, even if you forget, from time to time, how far you’ve come. And yet the journey is never over. Now that you have accumulated such a wealth of soul, so much experience of living, you find yourself at a point between, I would say, two infinities from a human standpoint. Your own soul, my daughter, is enormous; and the path before you has no end. The only thing to do in this situation is surrender. You’re clearly overwhelmed with infinity in every direction and every dimension.

In here you will find a peace which is truly beyond your comprehension. So you might as well give up and accept it! It’s God’s gift pouring down on you like a driving rain. It’s a situation you have earned - but you have to accept it. You have the freedom to not accept this gift. As I said a few weeks ago, it is not pride or vainglory, but humility, to accept the enormity of your own soul. For you have earned it. Let this deep, profound thankfulness, you owe yourself, give you the courage to take the next step. And you will find this freedom supersedes what you might think of as a necessary patience. I could counsel patience, but I would rather that you enjoyed freedom. Does this answer your question, my daughter?

Student: I want to take in the energy of the soul being larger than the body, and feel the impact of the truth of this. Thank you, Michael.

Michael: You’re welcome, My daughter. Don’t forget to love that body of yours. Put your mind, but even more, put your spirit into it. Support it, help it, and stretch it. Above all, don’t abandon it! Feel it, revere it, and learn from it. Don’t forget Who created it, and Who is keeping your heart beating. And be in My peace.

Student: Yes Michael, I’ve been thinking about, the last few days the idea of, You’ve been talking about stretching and the love beneath the stretching and I can see that clearly in my life and in the lives around me. But how about the instance of war, and what is going on in Iraq, and the thirty-six thousand men, women, and children who have died, and the soldiers, men and women, who are dying? Where is the love in their stretching? Why do they need to go through this? Are they pawns in the reclamation project of the Correcting Time? Does this need to happen to bring this whole world into unity?

Michael: D, my son, I can only offer the reassurance that nothing, in the entire universe of God’s creation, is extraneous - absolutely nothing. Everything that is happening must happen. There is no separation anywhere between any phenomena and absolute Deity. Out here in time and space perfection is a goal, not the starting point, and not, as in Havona, an instantaneous creation. Keep in mind the whole sweep of planetary development from the instigation of life, through evolution clear up to the mammalian stage, then the Darwinian survival of the fittest through all the tooth and claw there is.

Remember what you have read about the whole evolution of mankind, for nearly one million years now. Consider and respect the enormity of the Lucifer Rebellion in disrupting a divine pattern for social/interactive evolution. I say respect in the sense of realizing, for individual men and women and children, what this has cost in terms of agony and terror - man turning upon man and using the utmost limits of his imagination to terrorize his fellows. Keep in mind how I died. This war of which you speak is only the latest chapter in this ongoing story.

But for individual human beings to have real freedom, and for this freedom to have no human limits, what you are witnessing is the result of individual men’s and women’s decisions, both in the past and moment to moment, in all the social aggregates from families, to neighborhoods, to cities, to nation-states, to international political and social organizations. Though no single human mind can begin to encompass the complexity that actually exists on Urantia, our Father does, and from His standpoint, no human being is ever just a pawn.

Trust that there is a planetary evolution underway. But in your own life, for your own personal decisions, social and political, you have to decide. I can only give you the context. You have to decide what you will do. In a way, my son, there is no answer anyone can give you for the terror and the pain, the killing and the torture, the cynicism, the indifference - all these are real. The human heart can only respect them as best it can. Does this help your heart, my son?

Student: Yes, it does, very much so. And I feel like it is for me - what I can do on an individual basis? Just swim in the waters of freedom, and come from this place, and meditate on this place of God’s reality. God is the only reality. Allow His vision to express through me in the best way I am able to express it. And turn what is going on around the world from hatred into love, the best way I can. From my moment to moment, day to day existence on this planet.

Michael: Good! I would further add that, though nothing that has ever happened was extraneous, and nothing that is happening this instant is extraneous, reality is still a continuous creation. It is not a mechanical device that was wound up like a clock and set in motion. Because it is the living body of God, it does not extend in its entirety into the future. The future is still open and amenable to personal choice. This is where your personal action comes in. Use it wisely. And be in My peace.

Student: Michael, I would like to express my fears, my uncertainties about these darkening clouds of the coming storm that seems to be upon us. Our human tendencies seem to be to run for cover, to lock the doors, to build up stores to survive the storm. I guess the question is: Is there still time for enough of us, through our free will choice, to dissipate this storm? - to save what is still good on this planet before we destroy it even more?

Michael: R, my son, let me assure you the answer is: Yes! There is still time - especially for those who do not run away and hide, but rather chose to stay out in the driving rain just to be with their fellows, and share with their fellows whatever happens. This is the ultimate triumph that is possible, a triumph over what you know of as life itself. This is a choice that men and women have made throughout history. Animals do this all the time. A mother rabbit will attack a dog or a wolf to save her little brood. A bird can act out a broken wing to lead a cat away from her nest. But this is instinct, and in a human being the instinct for self-preservation is great. Only a dedicated mind acting on the insight of spirit and a love greater than self-preservation can choose to join his or her fellows to face what is coming. And in this willful choice, of choosing to share what you have, even life itself, lies the enormous flexibility and adaptability of the human imagination. This is the way out: you have to create it. It is not that We, your spiritual Parents, are standing idly by just to see if you will do this or not. It is Our confidence in you that you can do this.

You literally have to create your own way forward. But the human race has been doing this from the beginning, my son. Your own resiliency, the spiritual creativity of your own imagination, is also limitless in its very use. So the answer is: Yes, there is still time. But you have to create it. I repeat, this may sound hard, but We have a joy of confidence that you will do it. Is this understandable to you, My son?

Student: Father, it’s understandable, in so much as each step of creativity that I take, I feel…first I will need to come to You and ask, "Father, what do You think of this step? What do You think about this plan?" Because I don’t think I can do it myself. I don’t want to. I need Your guidance.

Michael: Again, my son, I say: Yes! You see the situation very clearly because, as you just said, it is your plan - I will help guide - but it will be your plan. It will be My joy to be there with you. As a parent you know: the parent can tell the child what to do. But the parent’s primary concern is to encourage the child’s creativity. This is why We ask you to try that which you are not certain you can do. This is the stretch, and We trust you can see the love behind this need to stretch. I commend you on the clarity with which you see the situation. Is there anything else, my son?

Student: No, Father, other than to give You thanks for all that You are. You are the Father, and I worship such a beautiful Father I have in You. Thanks. That is all.

Michael: Thank you, My son. If you only knew how much the Father - is - all His children. Be in my peace.

Well, My children, another evening has been very full…for Me. Once again I salute you for your courage. This world is very hard. When I was here, as one of you, and became aware I was also your Father, I marveled even more at the courage you use in order to love one another. Mother Nebadonia sends all Her love, and I welcome you to be in My peace. Good evening.