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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California 

Teacher:  JarEL

Topic:  Mortal and Morontial lessons

September 20, 2004


Larry: Dear Father thank you for our gathering. We appreciate all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon us. We are very grateful for you for our health and well-being and the fact that you indwell each one of us. Thanks for your Son, our Creator, Father, Brother Jesus, for coming to our world and teaching us that we are all sons and daughters of God and that you are the God of all people, in Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. I so look forward every time, to be in the midst of my friends here on Urantia. I view all of you as pioneers of this New Age that is about to dawn on your planet. I look forward to seeing you, because you represent a progressive side of humanity that looks forward to the future in a positive manner. You represent that part that still has hope. You represent the part that has goodness in your heart and understands that everyone on this planet is capable of good. You are still learning and you are growing as well and that is why you come to these meetings. That is why you read books and that is why you have conversations with others so that you may expand your mind and grow as individuals and relate better with one another. That is something that you understand; you are ever growing and you never stop learning. This learning process continues into the Morontia Realm and all the way to Paradise.

You have begun your lessons here. I look forward to seeing all of you every two weeks. You are eager to learn and you are eager to teach others as well. You value these lessons. You understand that much of what you hear is helpful to you and your spiritual growth. You are responsible for doing the work of growing spiritually. While many people become lazy at this responsibility, not you, you are unafraid of life’s troubles. You look forward to challenges that are set before you. These are the qualities that qualify you as future teachers, educators and spiritual guides. You shall become the ambassadors of light. You shall be the new ushers of the Age of Light and Life.

This dawning is not so far away, by Universe measurements it is just around the corner. Much of your preparation has already been set in motion. Many you are in the last finishing stages and are ready to fulfill your destiny. The message that you bring forward will be a message of love. That is what you have been prepared for, to fulfill this mission, to step out into this world of utter desolation and bring hope. While it is true that there are many like you, that have similar missions, they are set for this momentous challenge, to bring this world into the next stage, the Age of Light and Life. While some do not fully understand what this new Age will bring, they are wholly dedicated to the mission. For they understand it in their hearts. They have hope that is beyond their reasoning and beyond their knowledge. They feel it and therefore they set out to do good, just as you in this room set out to do good among all. Your mission will be to preserve the quality of thinking among all who surround you. By that I mean to encourage them to be positive and hopeful and to dissuade all pessimisms and negativity.

The importance of this mission is to insure that all that has been set in motion continues forward. There should not be any setbacks to the mission. You are here to preserve its momentum forward. You are all individuals of positive thinking. You all come to this room to listen to lessons of progressive thinking and positive thought. It is in your nature to think positively.

No matter what happens in this world, no matter what terrible injury might occur, there is always hope, there is always light. You are never abandoned, you are never isolated. It is but an allusion that you are separated from others. It is but allusion that you are alone. The very fibers of your bodies contain the strands that connect you to the entire Universe. You must have spiritual sight to see these strands. But it is not necessary to see what you already feel. Much of what you will do in this world, will be based on your feelings rather than your knowing.

So whatever happens, whatever tragedy may suddenly occur, remember, search your emotions and feelings and tap into the True Source and Center that will guide you throughout the entire ordeal. Tap into the One True Consistent Source that has remained true and steady since the beginning of time. God is who you can trust. Our Father shall not fail us. It is only through our own biased-filter perception that we begin to doubt whether or not He is real; or whether or not He is with us. It is up to you to dissolve any biases you might have or any filters that you might have incurred throughout your life. Do away with all of these obstacles that stop you from truly seeing and feeling the True Source and Center which is your Father and mine.

Many of you have already gone on that path of what I call healing. It is truly a healing process that you have to go through in order to find God. Because you have traveled this path, you are called, now, forward to help others follow this path as well. You see them all around you, they surround you. They live next to you, they are your friends, they are all the people of the world. There are those who languish in doubt and fear. These are the people that you must reach out to.

Because you have traveled this path of healing, progressive thought and spiritual growth, you have, therefore, qualified yourself for this mission. Whether you choose to accept, it is your own decision. Mind you this mission is not imposed upon you. It is your choice, however, I am certain that when you see a brother or sister completely confused and languishing in whatever darkness they may be in, you will be compelled to reach out and help them. Because you have been there, you understand what this person is going through and you understand the frustration this person might be in for not knowing the answers. I am sure at that moment, through the goodness of your heart, you shall be compelled to help them. I know who you are and I know your heart.

Eventually you will arrive on the Morontia shores and you will begin to realize that the Universe is one big helping hand; where everyone helps each other, in no matter what situation. That is because it is the nature of the Universe to be this way and that nature is patterned after the nature of God. I have described to you before the vision that God sees of you, the perfect you. God knows full well that you shall help others when the time comes. If it is in your heart to help others you shall be given the opportunity to help others.

You should see that the world is changing and see the signs of a progressive movement which is moving this world forward. There are those who would keep the status quo. Be aware of the challenges which are set before you. I tell you this so that you may be aware of what you are going up against. Yes, there will be many of you who will help to bring forth the Age of Light and Life, but not without some consequences. I do not say this to you so that you may be afraid. On the contrary, I want to invigorate you, to make you stronger, so that you may have a greater passion for this mission.

Throughout your life and your work, remember that there is great help available to each of you. There is an army of Angels waiting to help you. The Midwayers are ever present to help you. Of course the entire Teaching Mission is at your disposal as well. You have a whole slew of help that is ever ready for anything you may ask or need. If there ever comes a time when you feel afraid or isolated, remember my words and you will feel better and connected. Even if you die or are in danger of losing your life, you will never be alone. The Father loves each and every one of you. He has insured your life for all of eternity.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis: Hello, JarEl. In regards to your message, it sounds like there is a storm coming.

JarEl: TR, George. In this world there is always a storm.

Dennis: Are there any beings, whether they be mortal or otherwise, who are not here to interact with human beings or not in alignment with Paradise rules?

JarEl: TR, George. The mortals not of this world are under strict guidance not to interfere with your planet. There is a hierarchy that exists which directs the governments of these different planets. Therefore, anyone who interacts with your planet must have authorization to do so. Is this what you are referring to? Any authorized interaction that may occur is of the purest nature. What I mean about that is that they attempt to insure the utmost and clearest communication that they have with Urantians. They do so without influencing the planet in any negative way. So far everything has been under control and the communications which you may have will always be positive.

HenryZ: It has been my experience that you must be asked before you give anyone help. It is a tremendous irony to me that the Will of the Father has been entrusted to us incompetent human beings. What are your comments on this?

JarEl: TR, George. You have to be able to know when someone is asking for help. Not always will they ask for help verbally, there are signs that you must look for. Remember not all help is good, and yes can be taken advantage of. It is the same as if you have a child who falls and you immediately run to aid him. Children must be allowed to work through the situation for themselves. A person may want to ask for help but does not know how. You might be a help to that person by giving them hope where that person will be encouraged because of your positive and hopeful attitude. A lot of times the help that you provide may be just to listen and not give your opinion. Asking questions and allowing a person to fully express themselves can be very helpful.

The presence of the Thought Adjusters in your fellow Urantians does not entirely constitute that they are responsible for the Will of God in perfection.

I believe that we are all important. We are all important to the Supreme. We all fit some way or another into the Supreme, so that the evolution of humans on your planet is very important.

HenryZ: Thank you for your insight, JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. You’re welcome. Are there any other questions?

Christina: JarEl, my name is Christina and I have never spoken before. I have a question regarding when Adam and Eve first came on the face of the earth how God invested them to uplift the race, being that they were immortal beings, having as I understand life infinitely. Because that was the Will of God initially for this earth, is it ever going to be the course, or is the course now that things will sway and that will be the case once again where the mortal race will one day have immortality as Adam and Eve had it in the Garden of Eden?

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you, Christina, for your Question. The future for the human race will not exactly be like the pattern of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve’s mission was to continue living for all eternity for the sake of humanity, so that they could be teachers and parents. Humanity will one day arrive to a point where they live really long lives, but never will their lives be set after the pattern of Adam and Eve. For eventually they will have to transition to the Morontia Realm so they may go forward on their Paradise career. Humans are not meant to remain on this planet, they are meant to evolve. They shall not become permanent residents of Urantia.

Christina: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You’re welcome. Are there any other questions?

Dennis: Has there been anyone who has fused in the last hundred years?

JarEl: TR, George. Not in the last hundred years.

Dennis: Thousand?

JarEl: TR, George. Perhaps, that is not important for you. You should be more concerned with your own connection with God and your own interactions with humanity. Whether a person fused or did not fuse on this planet is of little importance to your own life. We do not want to see you follow anyone for the sole purpose of becoming like them. God wants you to become yourself, who you really are. He wants you to grow into yourself and to flourish as to the future you. God sees you in the future tense and He sees you perfect. Find ways to connect with God. Find ways to make that ultimate connection and become fused with Him. Do not be so concerned whether or not someone else fused, that only puts pressure on you. Do not compare yourself with anyone. If there is any comparison to be made, compare yourself with yourself. Look back into your life and understand where you came from, understand how you have grown and what path you have taken. Understand the progress you have made, be grateful for all the knowledge and spiritual insight you have acquired, for you have come a long way. It is true when more human beings fuse it will be a significant uplift for your planet but it is of no consequence for the individual.

HenryZ: It is quiet unfortunate that I have always looked for human beings that I could model myself after.

JarEl: TR, George. You have all the power and all the glory inside of you Henry, search within.

HenryZ: I have.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any more questions?

Lucille: JarEl, I get little nudgings and feelings at different times, are these from within?

JarEl: TR, George. Whatever nudgings you may get Lucille, they are from within. If these nudgings are pushing you towards a more positive outcome, then most likely they are from your Thought Adjuster.

Lucille: Then we should listen to them and act upon them?

JarEl: TR, George. That would be advisable, it is up to you Lucille, it is always your choice.

Lucille: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. With that I bid you good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.