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Beloved One - Addictions & Self-Mastery - Sep 11, 2004 - Progress Group, AU

Urantia, September 11, 2004.

A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "Addictions And Self Mastery."

Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "This is going to be a little treatise on addictions. Mind you, it is a little spiel on addictions, but not just on chemicals, food, or sex. No, the habits we are delving into here are those that are not normally thought of as such by mainstream humanity. These are the ingrained habits of your thinking. They are the well-worn, in-grooved patterns in the brain—the very channels through which your mindal activity flows, whilst hardly ever an idea will surface as to why a particular thought appeared in the first place.

"Even when you perceive visible signs, these can act as a trigger for thought patterns that will soon become a habit to begin looking for that particular sign, seen as an omen. Take the 11:11 numbers for instance: Many people seeing these numbers will wonder if there is any significance attached to them, and, so, a new addiction has arrived, although this is a rather profitable new habit to acquire, especially if one owns an electronic modem to access the internet, and one starts typing these numbers into a search engine.

"Numbers have always fascinated people. Most games are made up with numbers and letters, although, when giving overmuch time to these games, much precious time is wasted, not even to mention money, which could be better put to more practical pursuits and actions.

"So you see that addictions can start very innocently, but may soon have their ‘hooks’ into you, so your mind starts following a certain track that may not be altogether healthy. Even your thoughts are your responsibility, and, at times, it becomes essential to trace a thought back to its original trigger, especially when the new addiction leads to fear, or panic, or any kind of negativity.

"One needs to remain open to the possibility that thoughts can still be changed in mid stream. One needs to become aware of how, and where, thoughts become negative and addictive behavior patterns, especially those having to do with un-forgiveness, anger, real or imagined hurt, resentment, suspicion, intolerance and such. All negative and positive thought patterns have an effect on the body’s cellular level, so thoughts can make one sick by thinking toxic, addictive thoughts. However, thoughts do also have the power to heal if one can free the blockages that are held in the mind. Even physical symptoms, or mental symptoms, such as depression, can often disappear overnight.

"Mankind has truly not yet begun this important training in self-mastery over its thinking. Only a few have done this throughout your history, and they have taken the time to trace their habit patterns and addictive ways of thinking. Right now, mankind has become more addicted then ever, and tends to look outside self for anything that is ailing. Be it mental or physical, people simply have no idea of the power they give away to then enslave themselves into more addictions.

"This insolent, lazy behavior needs to be looked upon as addictive. It is habit forming in the sense that they hand over their precious free will of choice, by forgetting, or even not knowing, that all the cells in their bodies have an innate intelligence and capability to replicate and reproduce after their selves.

"Nothing happens at random, but your entire being is effected by positive or negative thoughts that set off a whole chain of chemical reactions that flow on to the cells. Therefore, start tracing your thoughts and behaviors, for it is another branch of self-discipline and self-education. And, yes, do check out the meaning of the 11:11 number symbols.

"You might find some interesting answers there, too."

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