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Marietta, Georgia, US of A, September 5, 2004.
Teacher Abraham.
Subject: "Two Covenants."

Received by Rebecca.

Abraham: "I am Abraham. I started the first ‘wave’ in the history of the Hebrew people, and Jesus started the second ‘wave’. I was part of the first covenant, and He started the second covenant.

"A covenant is a promise. We did not have written contracts then as you do now. A covenant was your word, a sacred oath, and a promise of what will be done. It was solid or firm as rock or stone.

"And God did keep His promise to care for us, His people, to look after us and look out for us. We were the "chosen people", keepers of the covenant, but only in the sense that through us, and through our traditions, the world came to know God better.

"Before they encountered us, the greater world did not know of God. When Jesus’ disciples preached to the Gentiles, it then spread to the point where it is today, all over the world. This proves the promise of the Father was true.

"We, the Hebrew people kept the covenant, but only when His people started to stray by being deceived into following just the letter of the Law, did He have to give us a new covenant. And as is the way with God, he took what was bad and evil and had gone astray, and He turned it and transformed it into a greater and higher good.

"When he saw how the flock was straying, He gave us a wider and broader pasture, a pasture more divine in nature, a pasture closer to God and His Will, which is the new covenant, the teaching of Jesus.

"You have done fine, young maiden. Adieu."

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