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November 11, 1993

Greetings. I am Ham. I am your teacher and friend as always. Our lesson tonight is about granting our own wishes. As you are learning, usually your inherited desires are gradually changed in the later years. And as you later come into understanding concerning your desires, begin to understand about their underlying source. Ancient eastern wise men taught that only by attaining a attitude of complete desirelessness could one attain peace of mind. I say that always should the desire for perfection remain, though desire for the glories of life can be antithetical to this supreme desire. Underlying all human desires about themselves is the desire for brotherly love, or put another way, desire for social acceptance. Desiring the love for one's soul drives the need for social acceptance.

Give all that you need. Accept the souls of others in love and you will gracefully and naturally find acceptance among those same humans. Inherited desires are those which a human being accepts as genuine in childhood or adolescence, desire which can usually be traced to a need for acceptance detected in another human and their need or desire has become accepted by the young mind. Human beings are seemingly insatiable in their search for respectability, sexual desirability, economic stature, and other even lesser rewards, such as fame or the mass acceptance of personality.

Human society functions only as well as human family units are accepted and respected in communities. Social awareness and the responsibility to others are learned by children in these circumscribed community transactions. Increasingly becomes distorted and mis-comprehended until desires become base and the love for the soul is forgotten among tragic circumstance. You humans who are living through these tumultuous times ought to learn the value of socialized and nurtured desire. Human beings are extremely impressionable so that they can substitute unworthy and unfair desires for the pursuit of their Heavenly Father who is indeed the source of desire and its completion.

As a man desires in his heart, so does he truly become. As this understanding dawns upon the human race of beings, so shall unworthy and inferior desires diminish and in their place the desire to be like God and to share Him with your brothers amplifies and restructures desire itself, until eventually perfecting. In those days to come shall all eyes constantly behold Him and will His praises be upon all lips and all ears will hear the message, the eternal message of the ages, one that transforms each human soul into that of glorious perfection. Understand that you are undertaking to transform the entire world and that the time of correction has come!