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Unexplored Areas of Being

October 24, 1993

Greetings, I am Ham and I am your teacher and always your friend. Your entire lives, including today, have been complicated by the attention that is unduly focused on trivial and inconsequential things that take energy and yet are nothing but ashes that you continue to burn out of frustration or inner anguish that re-stirs old cinders, availing nothing. When you feel that need to burn something use this individual flame in order to consume something new. Try to focus energy when possible onto newness of some kind. Push yourself out into some new realm and experience, savor something new. Feel your lives expanding instead of contracting and extend yourselves into new areas, even if it is only an act of taking a walk or a drive into another neighborhood. These days of human life are only to last a short while. Use your time in order to grow into the unexplored areas of being. Allow yourselves freedom from self, especially as your self can calcify, or tend to restrict growth.

Sometimes, like a plant grown root bound in too small a pot, you need to break out of this restriction, and though it may be shocking at first, surely you are destined to accustom yourself to larger surroundings where there is freedom of growth. You see, there are several levels of being and sometimes humans decide that they are content at a certain level and consciously attempt to remain there even though they are outgrowing this restricted level. Yes, it takes courage to ascend into another new and unfamiliar level of existence, one that entails personal risk and personality extension for you to truly function in. You may try to restrict yourself in mis new level for a while, but eventually you must concede to explore beyond that corner. Certainly as you do so, you will discover things that you had consciously denied yourself before and you find that you are actually increasingly more comfortable in an expanded condition than you were in restricted condition. Usually as human beings expand their inner potential into outward realms of happiness, contentment, peace and tranquillity increases as they stop being their own jailers and become free sons and daughters of the living God. As His living light enters your souls and warms the inner coldness again, as you drink from the living waters of life and grow comfortably and peacefully within your expanded realm of being, then do you begin to see His work within yourselves, you begin to understand that He is continually creating you anew and fresh. Clean, healthy, tender new shoots take the place of those dying outer leaves. As you continue to grow and become as He increasingly fashions you, you know that in fact you are Him, as though your tiny drop of ocean reflects the content of the sea. Your inner harmony begins to tune itself to the harmony of the universe and as love radiates from your continuous, harmonious being, you are connecting yourself as a unique vital aspect or part of the greater body of the Supreme Being. Don't you want to become a vital living extension of truth, liberty, and enlightenment? Don't vou want to be part of greater reality? Isn't it time that you decided once and for all to lay down your selfish pleasures and commit yourselves into His hands?

If I could only express to you what it is truly like to be a tiny part of the great Kingdom of God, I would have fulfilled my entire obligation to this world, and yet I am restricted and limited by the only design of communication available, and I can't express the grandeur that becomes actually your being. His spirit, who ever increases the awareness mat you have of Himself, is hampered by all the animalistic and childishly crazy notions that constantly fill your heads day in and day out. Your lives can be so full, and yet you restrict the living water as if using a eye-dropper. I would surely greatly thank God if I could give you but a glimpse of the eternal future which lies before you, yet I cannot. You must open yourselves to His living Spirit and allow Him to give you this understanding yourselves.