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September 19, 1993

Greetings. I am Ham. I am your teacher. Our lesson this evening concerns your interest in revelation and its effects. As our teaching mission gains ground in human understanding, its effect upon knowledge and culture gradually is to come into reality. As this reality gains ground in depth and breadth, it surely is the actualization of your individual and collective potentials. Each person has a preordained destiny which unfolds according to the ability to comprehend truth and live righteously according to Father's will. Yet also is there a preordained destiny for your world which is furthered by individual potential realization. Our understanding is that as each human becomes aware gradually of divine destiny encircuitment, they knowingly or unknowingly also compel those closely associated with them to recognize this reality also. To witness the efforts of one who walks in righteousness inspires everyone associated and shines the light of truth into dark corners. Remember that even when individual circumstances look to be unfortunate, that God in His infinite wisdom has chosen this time for one to shine most brightly. Use the trying situations of your lives in order to spread the light of truth, and as you do so, you will surely attain greater levels of awareness than you had before.

Upon each back are certain burdens that you are destined to bear. Each human mortal has the option of taking up his burden and carrying forward in life while learning and teaching about his own expanding understanding, or he can reject this divine effort and attempt to run away from this God given responsibility, losing his burden and even losing his mortal life eventually. God requires that you carry His burden as you journey long His pathway home. Crying persists through the night, but gladness comes forth with the sun. Remember that even when you momentarily stumble under seemingly crushing burdens, that you will gladly rise on the morrow to triumphantly carry them home.

Individual freedom paradoxically requires this carrying of the divine burden. As you increase in the spirit, do these burdens become increasingly lighter and lighter. Soon you can easily shoulder misfortune and triumph over despair which surely would have devastated you in an earlier stage of growth. Require of yourselves that you gracefully shoulder these burdens as an example of the living way. Show an attitude of trust and good faith in the face of crushing disappointment or bitter defeat. Carry your individual burdens by the power in the spirit which is all and the only real power. Learn as you do so the true meaning of greatness and goodness. Learn also as you carry home your divine gifts, that your efforts are always aided and balanced on all sides without your intervention.

Imagine a world in which all humans sought to uphold righteousness within their lives as their foremost and sacred duty. Where is cruelty, injustice or the inhumanity that reigns supreme here now? Mankind requires purpose, individual, complete, wholehearted purpose and this will lead to understanding. Never can I truly portray the ultimate, eternal design of the Lord. Always am I constrained to offer a partial glimpsing of His infinite care and love. I am only a teacher of partial truth, for ultimate truth is beyond my understanding. However, I continue on, attempting each meeting to broaden and to deepen your partial awareness of God and His creation. Neither great nor good am I, yet I know partially about these things and I can pursue their nature and source. Take up your burdens and follow the One who sent us. Follow the Christ, the man Jesus, follow Him alone.