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Nashville, TN


Overcoming Fear by Focusing on God

September 21,1995

Greetings. I am HAM and I thank you all for having come here this evening. I want to discuss regulating conscious thought, which when focused on God, is your highest human contact with Divine source, while focusing the thoughts on human desires is the low end of your thought spectrum. Obviously, it is impossible to maintain the thoughts exclusively on Deity during activities or while doing mental work. However, you can take several times a day a few moments in order to redirect your thought process consciously toward your Father's spirit who is immediately present in your mind always. If you will consciously set aside at least 10 minutes in the morning for prayerful meditation, it will help you establish contact with Him throughout your day, and then in the evening another full 10 minute session for thanksgiving and praise is very helpful. Your days are then bracketed with spiritual practice.

This practice will aid you in elevating your thinking throughout each daytime. You should with time be enabled to connect with the Father's spirit more and more readily and easily and you'll find your entire life to be changing. The transformative power of spiritual communion is all-encompassing. As it is said, he whose mind is stayed on God dwells in perfect peace. You each are learning to focus the consciousness on the Father's spirit more and more and it is precisely through your practice of this communion that you experience a deepening awareness of God's presence always.

When you experience anxiety or fear and the mental turmoil mat accompanies fear, you are separating the consciousness from divine contact. And so, you are required then in order to quell the fear and achieve peace consciously to direct your thoughts to Him. As soon as your thoughts are consciously directed to God, however fearful they might be, you'll experience calmness and ability to remain calm. Human beings have the tendency to dwell in fearful thinking indulgently without really wanting to have comfort. You, however, are directed to consciously pull away from this self-indulgence and to reestablish contact with the Father at once. Indulging in fearful speculation is a faith destructive or lowering pastime. Do not allow your lower animal based fearful natures to destroy your higher faith based natures. When you find yourselves indulging like mat, be conscious of it and direct your thoughts to God.

I would especially like you to do this in the coming week and practice the maintenance of higher thought levels. This is also a practice of using high levels of mini. As your mental processes become increasingly spiritualized through conscious effort, your fears are gradually left behind in the lower levels of material mental function. Are there any questions?

Q: Is this also a way to overcome other destructive emotions, for example like anger? Is this a way to overcome anger or to move out of anger more quickly?

HAM: Exactly so. Anger is the other side of fear. They are the dual reaction to a single stimulus which we term animal fear. It is an integral part of the material mind, but mis material level of mind is just your basis or starting point in your mindal development. The morontial mind is overlapping of the purely material mind. Always are you functioning as an integrated whole and cannot fully leave behind the material mind until experiencing mortal death. The material mind in essence constitutes all your basic drives: hunger, procreation, fight or flight. You need these animal drives in order for the animal body to continue. However, it is likened to the lilies which have their roots in the mire and their beautiful faces turned toward the sun. The soul which encompasses the morontial mind has its face always turned to God and your consciousness can dwell in these areas. Are you understanding?

Q: I have been wondering about this lately, how to move into morontial consciousness. Is what you are telling us about redirecting out attention the way to achieve this?

HAM: Exactly and it is unnecessary to suppress your thoughts. No, rather direct your thoughts Godward and observe them change. In other words, tell it to God rather man stirring it round and round, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor.

Q: How do you do this when you are engaged in an interaction which involves fearful or angry feelings? While you are engaged with the other person it seems to take on a life of its own. I have experienced what you have said and turning to God does make the negative emotions subside, but how do you do this during the interactions?

HAM: You can only do this consciously, so my advice is to do so often during the day, not just when it is needed to quell the emotion of the moment. You can have several cues mat will help you, like coffee breaks or other things that you do regularly during the day and use mem as a cue to direct your thoughts Godward. This will elevate your thinking until eventually these moments of extreme emotion lessen in frequency and in intensity. Does mis help? (Very much. That was exactly the kind of suggestion I was looking for.)

Q: Would focusing my mind on God draw my mind up to the highest levels when I am doing work or trying to write something?

HAM: Yes. The consciousness level is like your home base. You can move above it into the superconscious realm of pure spiritual communion or below it into the realm of animal fear. This base continues gradually to rise throughout your lifetimes search for the Father. Increasingly does the mind grow through spirit identification so that this base expands as it rises into each new level. The fruits of the spirit are resulting from this process, the fruits of tolerance, temperance, long suffering. All these things are reflective of a balanced mini Wisdom can grow in this environment. A balanced mind wisely is immune from the extreme which plague the immature levels of mind. Maturity, wisdom, and a balanced mind are all morontial developments, and one other thing, increasing joy is always in attendance.