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Bogus Basin Conference....Transmission #5

The Closeness Of Being One Family

DATE: 8-13-04



Prayer: Invite the life breath of our Mother to enter into our being, to soften and relax our minds. Mother, we invite you in. Help us to feel your presence, your sweetness and softness, your tranquility. Activate our truth sensors so our souls internally receive the impressions on our minds of our teachers, our beloved celestial friends that you have bestowed to us to help us grow. Sit in the life breath of our Mother for a few moments to prepare to receive our teachers.

Welmek: Good morning. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. How delighted I am to be here with you this beautiful morning to celebrate with you the joy of family. You cannot fathom the excitement that we as your elder brothers and sisters feel at what we see happening at this conference. The reverberations of the love energy that you are manifesting here have such far reaching repercussions.

One day you will know and realize all the good that is being sown here as you share heart to heart, voice to voice, the wonders and the beauties of being in this divine family. Today I would wish to offer you a brief exhortation to become more fully cognizant and embodying your status as this family member and I would wish to leave you in an experience to feel a deeper sense of your divine birthright, who you really are.

The world of the cross has a particular resonance in this universe and you will carry with you, over the long course of your ascension career, this infringing upon you as a part of your soul. Is a mark of distinction, and I would wish to help you access that deep energetic quality of who you are as a member in our family coming from this much loved world. Truly the eyes of the universe are upon you.

So focus for a moment in your heart center. Say these words internally. I am a vibrant member of my Mother and Fathers' family, and allow yourself to feel what this means. I am a vibrant member of my Mother and Fathers' family. Sense these words. Invite our parents in, into their place where your soul is growing and though you may not see it or know exactly where that is, they know and they will impress upon you, a deeper awareness of your true self.

This self is multi-faceted. This self has potentials unrevealed to you. Your potentials will be allowed to come forth in this co-creative adventure of bringing light and life to Urantia. The part of you yet to be activated is being who you are in offering yourself in service. This is an invitation to ask for those potentials in you to awaken, awakened and realized into beautiful expression of our Fathers glory and diversity, uniquely voiced by you. Feel your desire for this. This world needs every soul awake, alive, joyous. Feel the vibrancy of who you are. Know that as the correction time unfolds the pace of change accelerates. Some of you will feel this pace acceleration in you as an excitation in your body. This is the vibrancy of our Mother as she fills her living energies in you through her breath. Invite her in. Allow her to fully enter your being. Let her resonate deep within your core. There are many changes coming in to your mind and body now as all this may not always be a place of great comfortableness.

The potentials that are being seeded in you now will surely bring you great satisfaction and fulfillment in time. So we as your elder brothers who have undergone a transformational process similar to yours, we encourage you to turn to us with your questions and concerns and while many of us have not had the agondonter experience that you are now undergoing, surely we can give you the benefit of our years of life experience in numerous places in the universe for your use.

As Mother is opening many more circuits within you, you will have access to greater information, will be more sensitively attuned to us if you ask for this, and so we only pray to serve you, and to deepen our partnership and friendship with you, for we are your brothers and sisters. We are a part of your family. In closing I would ask you now just to allow our [pleasure??] of our brothers and sisters, to descend upon you in a very large embrace. To feel us close to you, to feel our love for you, to know that we are available to you. We enjoy watching you grow, celebrating your steps, helping you when you stumble, patting you on the back when you need encouragement, and celebrating with you at times like this. Feel the closeness of our family and rejoice that it is ever growing in the universe of our parents. Good morning my dear brothers and sisters.