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What You Prepare Now Is What You "Will" Receive On The Other Side

July 29, 2004

Matthew, T/r for Teacher Anatolia

Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we come to you from all over the United States for this getting together in a wonderful way, beyond our ancestors’ wildest imagination, to be able to join together as we are, and for the purpose that we are, so we are living the future today and for this we are forever grateful.

The only thing more amazing and pronounced, will be when we are able to do this in the mansion worlds, for various levels, various dimensions even, to be able to communicate and listen to broadcasts that we are able to participate in, so for this sneak preview, we are grateful.

We ask for a Teacher tonight who will be able to share insight and light with us for the purpose of the spiritual growth of our souls, which are of our Source and are our being, that they may be enhanced. For all of those special needs or concerns with each of us that you are aware of and the Mother Spirit can nestle within herself, we place before you now, respectfully and prayerfully.

And now to look for the Teacher that you designate for this evening. (Silence) Anatolia is here.

ANATOLIA: Welcome, friends and family of our Master’s house. As you are well aware, the Master’s house is full of great and wondrous beings, the light that inhabits this abode is Supreme, piercing and all-encompassing. There is no place where there is no light, for it truly shines on everything and everyone that is within the realm of our Master’s house, for within our Master’s house it is both a physical and a non-physical experience.

It is, essentially, a place (or a non-place) of consciousness. You may experience whatever you anticipate to experience. This is, on the other side of the veil, say, in the valley of our Master’s house, would be those places that those who expect to find trial, difficulty, error and judgment will find those experiences over the hill in the land of expectation. There they will experience that which they expect and anticipate, in both positive and perhaps not-so-positive ways.

That is not to say that this is a land of torture, or difficult for the sake of it, but rather those who expect to experience certain experiences will do so, for the outward and onward progression of their soul growth. For if one expects, for example, to be in a desert without water and only experiencing the heat of the sun and not knowing where they are or where they are going, and to do the classical scene of crawling on elbows and knees to anywhere that will be a source of relief, this too would be the experience if this is what one is expecting.

On the other hand, up the hill and over the ridge is the land of our Master’s house where the expectation of non-expectation awaits. Those who have prepared their hearts and their minds to be able to expect the most grand of possible experiences or the simplest of experiences will experience that which they expect, as well. For the mind is prepared for the journey, as the light that precedes/prepares the one to accept. Therefore, all of the preparedness that you currently anticipate and prepare yourself for will be played out in this initial realm of your transition.

As I prepare a way for you, as my Father has prepared a way for me, is what Jesus had told his disciples. I, as a friend of yours (as I frequently refer to myself as Auntie Anatolia) prepare you for your transition, I can only inform or alert you to the fact that as you prepare in the present is what you will be able to expect in the future, for your life in the afterworld will in many degrees not be much different than what you currently experience. The exception, of course, is that you are no longer a being of matter, but rather a being of light, and your physical experiences will be much lighter than currently.

To a large extent, the physical world that you inhabit, limits, to a large extent, your experiences, because you expect to find limits and obstacles to what you pursue – physically, mentally and spiritually. You expect resistance; you expect for there to be difficulty in mounting the degrees of gradation of experience, namely if one is having difficulty due to age, or whatever reason, of even climbing upstairs, or whether one is fully embodied and enable to even climb mountains, these examples are alliteration of what it is to be in the physical world.

Nevertheless, you already realize the opportunity and the tasks which can be overcome in the concept of mind over matter. The mind can overstep that which the body finds to be limiting. So the mind is both a lighthouse as well as an energy source for your engine, for if you can see with your mind beyond the physical limits beyond this world, you are able to overcome that which is otherwise perceived as an obstacle.

On the other hand, if your mind sees these obstacles as limits to your being, that is, because you see yourself as a physical being and therefore limited, unable to surpass that which is an obstacle in your way, you are in fact limited in your ability to overcome. Also, in light of that, the engine of your mind can prepare you to either accelerate or decelerate your growth or even to be put on automatic pilot or cruise control if you will, be able to coast and ride the ups and downs of the ride or the road surface, to enable you to rise to the occasion or settle to the lower points or obstacles as a constant form of being able to traverse, or as one would say, "cope" with your physical world.

These are all simple illustrations of what I wish to reinforce with you that your preparedness here has everything to do with your ability to agree, accept and ascend in the world of our Master’s house. As Jesus had said, there are many mansions in my Father’s house. There are many descriptions of what this will or can be, for the life in the next experience can, again, be as grand or as difficult as one imagines.

So I wish to have you prepare the way for yourself, whether you live another day, another year, another decade, or another 100 years. It is unnecessary to count the days. It is not quantity but rather quality, and I urge you to find the quality within your life to be able to aspire and ascend and to know with certainty that you will find yourself on the upside of our Master’s house, not in the valley where you would expect your worst fears to be experienced.

For this is the land and the opportunity to experience everything that life has to offer, and who in their rational mind, during the more lucid moments of their mind’s function, would choose difficulty, hurt, fear and chaos? Rather, everyone who has the ability to rationalize good vs evil, happy vs sad, difficulty vs ease, would choose the more difficult route, so I urge you, if you have not already done so, to lighten your load, knock the chips off your shoulders or wherever they may be that would prevent your ease from moving in and out, around, above or below anything that you might consider an obstacle.

In fact, I would go on to say that in this life, the physical life that you know, it is even possible for you, given your level of mastery over your mind, to physically pass through that which would otherwise be, according to your ordinary expectations, a literal and true obstacle. Passing through walls, rock or other physical limits is what the mind is capable of as well, for everything is made up of light and atoms, and if atoms are virtually invisible, then why wouldn’t light and atoms be able to transport through other light and other atoms. Nevertheless, this is not the reason or the essence of the lesson; it is simply an extension of the concept.

What I am wishing to reinforce within you tonight is the concept that your happiness and your development is purely based upon your readiness and preparedness to ascend. For no one knows when their departure from the physical will occur, and one I would imagine, would not want to be shocked to realize they are lighter and more capable of pursuing everything that has previously appeared to be a limitation. For those who have dreams of flying, and out-of-body experiences, then would be the time to literally experience those; however, as I was saying before, these experiences are possible now. Out-of-body travel and other experiences are fully capable because there is nothing that really changes, other than your physical package.

If a lightbulb is behind a lampshade, is the bulb any less bright because it has a shade to encompass it? Remove the shade, the light is unencumbered, and has full freedom and capability to reach as far as its light limit enables, or prevents. So this is a simple enough concept that I believe you have. I just cannot emphasize enough that through your quiet time or silence or stillness, whatever you call it, however you practice it, I encourage you to seek this as your MO [Ed.- modus operandi; common method of operation], to realize that you are currently eternal. You cannot become any more eternal than you are right now. For when creation occurred, all that is was and all that is will be, and consequently, there is nothing new under the sun, only our awareness therein.

I encourage each of you to hug, caress, and hum to sleep tonight the one closest to you, and that is your Eternal Light Being Within, in unison with your Creative Fragment Within – to know that you two will be together forever as you are at present. It is only your opportunity and responsibility to seek that which is within. It is as simple as knowing that a candle is lighted within you that cannot be extinguished, and will not be extinguished, that bears the mark of God, that is the eternal emblem of your part of creation. Your house is the home of an eternal presence within, that knows you, that loves you and in reality is you, that seeks the company, the care and the courtesy of recognizing his or her presence.

I encourage you to adopt an attitude of love toward yourselves which honors the light force within, that houses the creative presence. In this way, we are all truly temples of our Creative First Source and Center. And with that awareness and loving concept within, how could anyone hate anything without? For with that viewpoint and focus, how could anyone have disparaging thoughts, contempt or antagonistic feelings toward anyone that, in reality, is themselves. For it has been said that we are, in reality, each other. The creative force that has put all life into being, it is the light that is within, both your present consciousness and with the creative force your Thought Adjuster that shares your eternal space.

I could go on with this. It is purely my desire to have you realize more fully what it is that you have the capability of doing right here and right now. For you need not desire heaven, for you are both living heaven at the moment, as well as the opportunity of hell. I encourage you to seek the light and to seek that which you can anticipate in grandeur or in utter simplicity. Seek that which is gift and joy, and leave the questions, the misery, and the uncertainty to those who are in current confusion, but will rise or mount the hill to come over the rise, into the light of total freedom.

If anyone has a question, I will be happy to address it and help anyone in your current journey.

Manu: My question is a two-part question having to do with our perception after we cross over. How do our expectations change our experience, either in a good way or in a bad way? And how does the Thought Adjuster relate to us -- since it is everything, as compared to a part of everything? And, finally, what is God getting out of this?

ANATOLIA: Reiterating, to understand your question, after crossing over, how does your viewpoint change? (clarification)

First of all, the element of fear is the biggest culprit in this scenario. As I had said in the lesson, expect the best or the most or the simplest of experiences, and thus the pathway is made clear to experience whatever is possible within the expectation of light.

I could give perhaps an example of that but at least for the moment, if you get the sense of what I’m talking about – to have an expectation of joy or openness or light, allows total openness, no reservation, no fear, and in a no fear attitude (and, again, we’re speaking consciousness here, because your consciousness is what survives in or with your soul), to enable you to continue to experience, and it is much like in the eastern philosophies, is to void yourself of anything is the beginning of everything, so that in essence, it is a positive state of mind or positive state of being that is fear free.

If fear exists, it would manifest itself to the extent that that will become the experience, so the best preparation that I can encourage one to have is to love and cherish yourself, your creative being that is given life and light and eternal possibilities, in union with your counterpart, your God-centered higher self, to share center stage with you. And when you accept and recognize your true self in union with your God-presence, Friends, fear is no more. You have no fear. The opposite side of this consciousness that I speak of, of the love and acceptance with your God-presence is the epitome of fearlessness, for the absence of this state is fear. Do you see the difference?

[Part two of the question] Only God can make something out of nothing, and therefore God can, through his or her presence within, be the ever-abiding light and presence that is the fuel source for when the human soul recognizes that it has an eternal source and destination. This can happen inside or outside of religious training, for there are those that have been nurtured within from time immemorial through the present day and into the future, who have simply been positively programmed, per se, at least have not been negatively programmed, to the extent that their self-concept and their openness to the light within has not been thwarted or abused out of them.

So that much of life today, as it has been for millennia, has been a true testing ground for developing a self-concept which is harmless and cheer-filled. For after one has been abused in one form or another, beaten down, rejected, imprisoned, physically beaten – it is this light within that is both there to share and encourage the eternal part of yourself to rise above defeat, sorrow and what would otherwise appear to be extinction, to enable your self-awareness to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

So it is the Thought Adjuster’s presence and purpose, among others, to be that enabling force to rise out of the ashes into awareness of ones Self. This may sound like pure propaganda or pap or whatever you like to term it, but I am sharing with you my concept of understanding of the Father/Mother’s presence within; otherwise it would not be necessary for the Mother/Father presence to take shelter within, even though it has been termed, typified ad described within the UB and elsewhere of the concept of the God Supreme that in all its dimensions and purposes for being and sharing and coming to self awareness and therefore self love and mastery, it is in that perspective that God can make something from nothing, and to be consciously aware of that, to be able to fully participate in creation and eternity in its onward progression as a participant, much like was demonstrated in our Master’s rising from the dead to prove that life is eternal and has no limit, cannot be destroyed, and is beyond limitation and above all, negativity. These are some of the concepts that enable us to be brilliant in our Father’s presence. Does this help any?

Manu expresses thanks and appreciation.

ANATOLIA: You are most welcome.

Mark loved the lesson, said it opens up new vistas. He is somewhat speechless, except for his thanks, and wonders if there is a message for him.

ANATOLIA: I encourage you to continue to peer through your eternal lenses, your eyesight, orbs, if you will, to perceive your light as that light that you share with others in your world experience, in your world as you experience it, to begin to live it and love it fearlessly. I encourage you to adopt and adapt the lessons of tonight and to, if nothing else adopt the concept of living life fearlessly. After you fully accept that you are loved and loveable, you have no fear. I encourage you to do this, which will make you fearless -- not to the extent that you are going to walk into traffic or try to walk through a wall, as I had said, but know that it is possible because you are eternal and beyond destructibility.

What does matter, above physical matter, is how you live and love and constitute your life. Plant each root of your being in a ray of light and draw from it much as the plant draws nutrients from the soil through its root system. Envision yourself as a being of light, having roots to everything that is pure and good, and having branches that reach up to and connect it to your eternal sources. This too makes you fearless and a being of light for all time and beyond.

This may be bigger and broader than you were asking, but I encourage you, knowing that you and others who are listening, and all who have life and breath within their being, have the capability of doing and being this. After all, it is our destiny. We will know each other in eternity as we know each other right now. It is as if your classmates in first grade knew one another, and as you may or may not know them in your adult life right now, you know they were there, therefore, they are and they forever shall be. Is there anything else?

Unidentified Querist wants to know how does our motivation affect our ability to accomplish things?

ANATOLIA: Motivation is what it is all about and is so easy to forget. You are each truly blessed and truly loved as it has been said, as if you were the only product of creation. With that, my friends, how can anyone be against us? It cannot happen. Is there anything else?

Querist: (elaborated)

ANATOLIA: Motivation is probably considered one of those fuels for motivation is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts, only because it is the fuel which enables your life to have its sense of self and sense of destination. So however one is motivated is how one will spend their time and their efforts to achieve whatever it is they wish to achieve.

Let us use the example of one who wishes to become an attorney and, for whatever reason and what age, for status, for stature, for final recognition or approval, that they have arrived at a level of social status that is acceptable, that they will be able to move into comparable status that will bring financial and personal reward and, therefore, one could say that the person is highly motivated, just based on some of those superficial reasons for how to spend one’s time, to be able to rise to a level of accomplishment, and so define or describe, and therefore they will spend their time motivated to achieve that which they have set out for themselves.

So beyond the description that I have given, there are other motivations, certainly, for why one would choose to be an attorney and what they could accomplish by being so. So one can decide or have their desires set on accomplishing a particular accomplishment, either for self-purposes (not all of them having to be selfish and undesirable) or have them even be more self-less than self-ish and therefore can convert that time motivation factor to become more self-less in perspective, and therefore, perhaps accomplish achievements as a result of their accomplishment and status, for a more self-less purpose.

In other words, the more self-less your ambitions and motivations, the more pure their intent, and perhaps become more of an acceptable offering that survives physical death that is part of your eternal being, that has its place in the Sun [sic] in that openness of expectation that I referred to earlier. Perhaps I am making this more glorious than your question allowed, but I am trying to give an example of motivation and time expenditure that has levels of being as well. Does this help any?

Querist: Thank you.

ANATOLIA: You are welcome.

Gerdean: I have a follow up question to that, Anatolia, if I may, and that is, I know that there are people who choose to become a doctor or a lawyer or a political activist or something because of something that happened to them in their life, like maybe a woman whose child is killed by a drunk driver becomes the founder of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, or if someone has been a victim of a violent crime, or their neighbor, they want to become a prosecutor or a public defender because they are motivated socially, in terms of social service.

I have a hunch, however, that in the long run that need may be met and/or burn out, and what then would you advise for those who need a renewed motivation to take up the next leg of the journey? If there is nothing… I mean, you cannot go around creating traumas in order to have a reaction, to continue to motivate yourself -- although people do that. Since motivation affects us so much and obviously will even in the next life, how can we keep our motivation alive?

ANATOLIA: The motivation that generated the creation of an organization, whether it is in one’s neighborhood or larger in its purpose, is, in itself, a motivation enough that it will spawn the need to find continual achievement within, and on the face of it, unless something else happens in the individual’s life that is purely a source of discouragement, one may need to find their motivation once again, but what I am trying to say is: whatever it may be, as you already realized in your lifetime so far, that the motivations and achievements and purposes for work are endless.

For as many individuals as there are in the world, therefore, are there that many worlds or universes to affect and enlighten. So that while there is yet one drunk driver on the road, there is one life there that needs conversion and brought to awareness as to how or why they would allow themselves to be in that condition on the road to be a weapon to society. So long as there is one more mind that needs to be enlightened, I would say there would be no reason to be discouraged.

However, knowing people do either get bored, discouraged, something happens that sends them off course, there should be, in the ordinary developmental growth of an individual, either through tragedy or through opportunity to reflect more quietly within, should be plenty of opportunity within one’s life span to regain the motivation that they once had, to redirect that to another, albeit personal challenge to rise to the occasion, to embrace life once again, and to accept the next challenge that dances with the selfless part of one’s internal being. Does this help any?

Gerdean: Yes, Anatolia. It’s encouraging to find that opportunities rise like the Phoenix, as well. It made me think about after we are gone from here and there aren’t any drunk drivers, and after we’ve left these tremendous problems that exist on Urantia, probably then is when we’re going to realize all the things that we could have done while we were here. You don’t suppose we’ll be bored there, do you?

ANATOLIA: Heaven knows there is enough to do, even in the next world, in the classes that you will attend, as well as those that you may insist in presentation. There are those who will need loving guidance along the way. For example, just imagine or picture yourself in a classroom with other beings of light and there is the soul of a 7-year-old child who was the victim of a drunk-driving accident, who – while the individual has awakened and has joined family members and friends – is still too young to have a full appreciation for what he or she had experienced that brought them to this point. And as one who has been through life’s vicissitudes and trials, and seeing the rise and fall of self-ego and rising to the occasion at whatever level or height of self-mastery, will be able to be a guide and teacher and evidence to the individual that life does go on. And life has its purpose and its moment of questioning which are pit stops along the way for being able to regain purpose, value and a sense of self, again. Is there anything else?

Gerdean: No. That tells me that knowing our self is a service, because through that we will be able to reflect the light and know how to be more godlike in our service efforts in the future.

ANATOLIA: Absolutely. Even if one were to pass away through cirrhosis, since we just happen to be on that topic, will be able to shed light with the seven-year-old, for example, that life does have purpose and meaning, and regardless of what the lessons are that brought a person to the point of the next opportunity for life progression, that despite the reason that may have ended the life in the physical, that here we are, now ready and able, willing and wanting to serve. So for a soul whose life would have otherwise been cut off tragically through no fault of their own, or what one would say "should or could have known better," or was a preventable passing, whatever the case may be, the opportunity for renewal is equal and the insights gained will definitely help and aid another who may be having difficulty in the process. So, regardless of one’s experience, provided you have the insight to know the benefit of that experience, it is always of use and service at whatever level of growth one happens to be.

Gerdean: Thank you.

ANATOLIA: If there is nothing else, I will take my leave for the evening and wish you the best that life has to offer, which is what you are and where you are at this very moment. So relish, cherish and nourish that which is alive, well, and wishes to spring forth eternally.

Peace be with you and know that the love of service of our Creator is within.