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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,  Arcadia, California

Teacher:  JarEl

Topic:  Observing Parliament Of World Religion’s Conference

August 2, 2004

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering. We are so grateful for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon us. We love you very much Father. Allow our eyes, ears and hearts to be open to the message that we receive from your Teachers tonight. We pray for peace in world. We pray for all men and women to come to your love, to know that we are all sons and daughters of you Father and that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters in the family of God. We pray for all of this in the name of Michael, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. I am glad that this room is full of peace-makers. I am glad that everyone in this room has the intention of creating peace in this world. I am glad that you come here to learn and expand your minds, so that you may in turn return to the world with hope and better tools to tackle the great work of peace-making. Many of you have returned from the Parliament of World Religion’s Conference in which you witnessed many people who are also peace-makers, who want to change the world for the better. There you witnessed the light of the world; there you witnessed the beginning of what will later be known as the Age of Light and Life. What you witnessed at the conference was highly-skilled, spiritual and intellectual people who decided to come together in harmony and brotherhood to meet with one another and discussed ideas and shared opinions, theories and faith. If only your governments had such spirit your world wouldn’t be where it is today.

So, I am glad for the people who are here in this room who have the intention to create peace in this world, to bring harmony to all humanity, to heal the wounds of war and suffering. You’re here to bring the light to the world; to share your values, your ideals and your hopes to all who need it. What you witnessed at this conference was the thirst of so many people in the world who want change. They want this world to have peace. They are tired of war, famine and poverty. What you witnessed was that those who attended this conference know that through spirituality all things are possible. Through faith and communion the whole world can heal itself and come to terms with its mistakes.

Remember that you have been given this great knowledge. Many of you are privileged to be aware of The Urantia Book and everything that has been a product of it. This knowledge is not meant for a few, it is meant for many, it is meant for the entire world. It is you who must disseminate this information to the general public in whatever way and means that you find necessary. The information and knowledge that you carry has been proven in your own lives. You know for a fact that it has helped you in many ways. You know for a fact that many questions that you have had, have been answered. It is clear faith and belief on your part. In your heart you feel these things to be true. In your life you have had many doubts and questions but you have come to an understanding and a peace of mind by reading The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission Transcripts. You know in your heart that much of what you read is true. It is a matter of belief, a matter of faith that the world will come to an Age of Light and Life. I tell you my brothers and sisters you must continue on with your work and continue giving this information out to all who seek it, for this is fertile time in which humanity will surge up into this new age and you all shall be there to greet them. I will now take your questions.

Stella: There is so much brutality in this world, what can we do to stop it?

JarEl: TR, George. It is not impossible Stella. In reality Stella you should only be asking what can I do to stop any brutality happening around me?

Stella: That is true.

JarEl: There is much in the world that you cannot change, for there are people who make decisions and choices in their lives and cause such destruction and chaos. You can only control yourself and the chaos that surrounds you. You can bring order to the chaos that is in your immediate surroundings. By doing this you will affect the rest of the world and inspire them to bring order into their own lives. Eventually those who create chaos will be isolated, will no longer be able to create such chaos because all the power shall be taken away from them. They have that power because people give them that power. We all have the power to change our lives and our realities. Through our connection with the Thought Adjuster we bring order into this world. Through harmonizing with the Eternal we begin to do His Will and begin to bring order and the harmony which is the destiny of your world. Chaos exists because so many are disconnected from their Thought Adjuster. The decisions that they make are not in tune with the True Source and Center. The day will come when all will align themselves with the Father. You must have hope Stella, hope for the future. You must realize Stella that you are the future of this world. Through your peacefulness, your harmony and through your connection with God you shall bring this new Age into existence. Imagine a world full of peace and it will be so. Do you have another question Stella?

Stella: There are so many people who call upon Allah, call upon God and yet they kill in the name of God. What will happen to them?

JarEl: TR, George. You try to understand these people because you want to help them. Yes, anyone who claims that God is on their side and, therefore, they have the right to end someone else’s life is completely wrong. God neither, condones or approves such acts of evil. Try to understand these people by understanding where they are in their lives and in their spiritual growth. They are no different then many who claim to love and profess God, yet behind everyone’s back do the opposite. It is a very painful experience to have to listen to someone invoking the name of God and at the same time destroying lives. When they arrive in the Morontia Realm they will be shown the error of their way. They will be told that God is a God of Love, a God of Peace and a God of brotherhood. It will be explained the way the universe works and how we all cooperate with one another. It will be shown how the different races of the world and the universe come together in harmony, with love and understanding. They will be allowed a time to adjust to this new reality and together their thoughts and their emotions will be rearranged to this reality. Eventually they will find remorse in their hearts for what they have done. They will have a clear understanding of how things work in the universe. They will ask for forgiveness from those that they have harmed. Eventually everything will be put right in its place. Everything that has been wronged in this world will be righted in the next world. So, yes, you may feel sorry for those who kill in the name of God, but all you can do is to pray for them, that they may in this lifetime see the errors of their way. If they do not do it here they will eventually do it there. Are there any other questions?

Henry Z: Yes, JarEl, thanks for a great lesson. One of my favor topics is Agondonter status. What can you tell us about the relationship of the Agondonter status in the Universe of Nebadon.

JarEl: TR, George. My dear brother we definitely do value every single citizen that comes from this world. We find that their Agondonter status is extremely valuable for it has shown that they have been proven in more ways than one and above all they have seen consistent chaos heaped on your world and yet they have this whole-hearted dedication towards God. However, given the state of your world and the state of your Agondonter status does not justify why your world is in its current state. Neither would it justify if we denied any help. We practice, (it is our policy) non-interference. It has only been two thousand years since the visit of Michael on your world as Jesus, the son of man and the Son of God. There has not been enough time for the world to adjust to this new revelation. We constantly want to help to improve this world and we do assist you in whatever way we can. We feel that the revelation of The Urantia Book has been a great help to the normalizing of your world and also The Teaching Mission has also been a great help to this world.

Henry Z: I partly agree with most of what you say, JarEl. It is true that there is a tremendous spiritual influence on the planet, I cannot deny that. It is also true that the two spiritual defaults on the planet basically left much undone. I will concede that the planet was redeemed by the bestowal mission of Michael, but a mere few heart beats that he was here didn’t do a tremendous amount to really shift the last two thousand years if it did, wow, amazing. We live in a time in which there are concurrently four thousand years of thought-forms smashing against each other simultaneously partly because of the spiritual defaults on this planet, the things that were not really brought into alignment. Yes, it is a challenging place and most of us do fairly well here, I am not doubting that. It seems to me above and beyond the status of a decimal planet. Urantia is afforded a very special judicial and administrative position because it is Michael’s bestowal sphere and it has an Agondonter status. It took me years to actually really come to view the Agondonter status in a more profound way, at first it was just a new word when I read it and an interesting concept. The more that I viewed it, I came to see that regarding Agondonter statusyou are not telling us everything. They say, well it is quite useful to the Universe of Nebadon, kind of nonchalantly. I mean, we are rebellion-tested, I know that. I just don’t quite yet at this point see the spiritual administrative wisdom of denying a visible presence of spiritual beings on this planet?

JarEl: TR, George. My friend, Henry, it is very hard to see when you are in the middle of things, isn’t it?

Henry Z: Well, yes.

JarEl: TR, George. When you are caught up in a twister it is very hard to see the form of the twister for you are completely engulfed in it, in fact you are a part of it. You have not yet gone through your entire test Henry, there is still much more to do. You have not yet arrived on the shore of Morontia…...I see you understand.

Larry: Urantia is not the only world that has Agondonters, don’t the other quarantine worlds have Agondonters too?

JarEl: TR, George. There are Agondonters throughout the entire universe. You simply do not know about them. It is only important for you at this moment, that this world has Agondonter status. It is not merely to say, that I am an Agondonter. For you have not yet passed the entire test. Only when you arrive on the Morontia World will you fully realize what your status means. Now it is very vague and it is very hard to see where you fit in the grand scheme of things. The reason it is hard to see is because you are in the middle of it. You are here deep in the trenches.

Henry Z: I cant deny that.

JarEl: TR, George. So be patient Henry, answers will come.

Henry Z: What I am concerned with is this Agondonter status, because, like Larry was saying, all of these other rebellion spheres that are not decimal planets would have been reverted back to normal status, except us. It is one thing to be the scapegoat of the universe it is another thing to be the scapegoat by the Creator Son……for a mortal life time. I am sure in times to come I will be shown more clearly these things I am trying to understand. I don’t think it is a fault to try to understand, is it?

JarEl: TR, George. It certainly is not.

Henry Z: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions?

Donna: JarEl, I just have some comments not questions, going back to the topic that we were talking about before. Stella brought up about killing in the name of Allah and things like that. I just wish to say that I just finished a book about Islam-Everything about Islam. It was a very good book, because I wanted to learn more about what they really believe and what the Qur’an said. It turns out that it is a sin for anyone who is a Muslim to commit suicide or to kill or harm anybody else. That is not in the Qur’an, that is not a part of their real belief system. From what I can understand by reading the book they have quite a beautiful religion and faith.

The Muslims have contributed greatly to the world culture in the fields of Medicine, Mathematics and Science. One of the things that the Islamic faith has in common with The Urantia Book is that they do believe that religion and science go together, that there is not any conflict with that. They believe in studying the designs that Allah, or God, has put here; which is basically science, then we can learn more about Him. That is a wonderful basic belief system and because they have that belief system that is how their scholars in the past ages were able to go so far in these different scientific fields.

So I think that these fanatic fringes who are out there being terrorists and killing and committing suicide and doing suicide-bombings and all of that are just a very small minority of the Islamic people who number in the millions around the world. Muslims believe in politically talking things over and reason and all the things people should believe in if there is going to be peace. So, hopefully, the true Islamic people who really follow their belief will have a lot to do in setting things in order here and creating more peace among their followers.

Anyway, I am just putting that out there because I don’t know how many people know very much about Islam. I didn’t know very much about it either but I was really heartened to learn more about all the good things about that particular faith. In fact, for eight hundred years the Muslims lived peacefully with the Christians and Jews in Spain. For eight hundred years they had a history of learning on how to live with other faiths and allowing other faiths to be accepted. So, politically, if they could bring forth the leadership of their true believers, I don’t think we would have anything to fear. Anyway I just wanted to put that out there.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Donna, you have taken it upon yourself to build a bridge and that is how peace is won, thank you.

Donna: You are welcome.

JarEl: TR, George. If there are no more questions I wish you all good night.

All: Thank you JarEl, good night.