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Daniel071495 TrustWillingly

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topic: Trust willingly

July 14, 1995

Group Prayer

DANIEL (TR #2) "Good evening, my friends. I am Daniel, your loyal teacher, here to address you once again regarding those matters which will instill in you increased belief of your identity as dignified sons and daughters of the Most Highs.

There is a great augmentation of power and energy in your arena this evening. This is a natural development as a result of your belief, of your understanding that new levels of awareness and comprehension and reality can and will take place through your faith. Faith in yourselves as well as faith in your teachers and, yes, in your comprehension of your religious life, your personal spiritual identification with Divinity.

This augmentation of power and energy is a lure. It lures you into believing you can attain greater enlightenment, and this forward lure does indeed bring you into new comprehensions, yet these same lures can be frightful/frightening to the fledgling soul. How does one trust energies and powers which one cannot control or comprehend?

This evening I would like to spend a few moments developing your trust. I have help in this lesson, for you are bestowed with the Spirit of Truth which is trustworthy, which always suggests the direction toward which you need to lean.

Trusting that you will (physically) grow is not difficult, for you have grown in obvious ways and the testimony is apparent. Growing in intellectual ways also is fairly evident, for your associations modify/adapt to your thinking processes. But weighing the growth of your soul and its involvements requires your trust that you will see positive results.

As a fledgling spirit you are urged to trust, yet your experience as a mortal on this trouble-strewn planet has not given you cause to engage in trust willingly. 'Prove yourself' is a frequent denouncement to those who say, 'Trust me.' The proof of your reality is in your acceptance of yourself. How do you feel about yourself?

In your social time (this evening), we were heartened to see and hear you give evidence of the growth results of your trust in the face of your fears, in the face of pain, in the face of confusion, doubt, anger, frustration, lamentation; even so, growth is transpiring, some more quickly than others, but all of you require trust to grow. Otherwise, you would only exist mechanically, instinctually. Your emotional realms would be devoid of fulfillment and your spiritual lives would remain inert.

It is a tremendous feat for animal-origin beings to trust that which is not visible and yet you are beginning to perceive and believe and act upon that truth that the greater reality is more substantial than the reality to which you have heretofore been accustomed. Some of you are more eager, more ambitious, and so your growth steps tumble you more quickly into experiences which would naturally unfold if you were to trust more in the process, in the natural synergy, but we enjoy the fireball children as well as those who wait quietly for clarity.

In the trust that you are developing, there lies the foundation for the trust which is placed upon you; thus you are entrusted. You are given work, assignments. Do you feel sometimes that you have more work than you can handle? Then increase your trust in yourself and in Divine Overcare. As you assimilate your own actuality in terms of your morontial identity, you gain trust in your own preconceptions, for now the preconceptions are from your Thought Adjuster rather than from your corporeal frame of reference.

Do not be frightened by the power and energy which results, which will impact you, which will lure you into unknown realms. The universe is orderly, beautiful, infinite, organized, symphonic. You are becoming part of a grander scheme of things. Allow yourself to accept those surges of energy and power which will augment your ability to keep up with your own ambition to grow.

Be gentle with yourself. Trust yourself. No longer are your motives circumspect. No longer are you completely egocentric and circumscribed. Give yourself credence as being able to make those decisions, those judgments, those steps which are required for your ascension. Distrust is an item to be considered as a discard item. Caution, intelligence, wisdom, probing minds, inquiring minds you all have. You have also the intimate knowledge of the presence and guidance of the Original I AM, our Grandparent, and the merciful ministrations of Michael and the Divine Minister. These are your intimate associates, closer to you than your spouse, your children, your neighbor, or yourself.

That is my lesson this evening. It is a review. It is a recap of an earlier lesson on trust. Many teachers have spoken of trust, for it is essential that you engage in trust. My and your associate Tomas is unavailable at this time and later I will also be focusing energies on another matter, but I am here now, Tomas is available through circuitry, and we are mindful of your growth needs, therefore, dear children and close companions, what shall we address this evening in our open forum?"

JANET: "Daniel, I'm sure you listened to the sharing before the meeting so I think you already know what I want. I want this stuff off! I trusted and I don't think I'm very happy with the results; and now I will trust that some proper adjustments will be made."

DANIEL: "Daughter, yes, I understand. Bear with me as I find a way to convey to you in words which will fall gently upon your ears, that which will enable you to bear this burden without distress.

In your experience in your work, (indeed, in work which is impressive and invaluable), you have most acute knowledge that there is often pain which comes from resistance. Your distress at receiving that which you are in line for and needful of and willingly accepting is only awkward to you for it is, as you say, in your conscious awareness.

Shall we give the poor example of a child who has clubfoot, who must wear a device on his leg in order for the bone to grow straight. Your circuitry, your energy augmentation is feeling to you like the restraints on your clubfoot. As your bones fall into their natural place, you will walk and run. In the meantime, this appendage, this encumbrance is really more of a nuisance than a pain. You admit your consciousness of it is most distressing.

How unfortunate that this analogy leads to another analogy of and involving discomfort, for now consider if you were born without a left forearm and you were given a prosthesis. At first you would find the device cumbersome, heavy, ugly and difficult. Yet, as you become accustomed to this device, it becomes a useful tool with which you can accomplish more than you had thought possible.

If you could in faith compare the recent opening of your circuitry as one of these or any related type of example, it might be helpful. I will not be so unfeeling as to suggest that there is 'no pain, no gain', but I perceive that your true distress is your awareness and the burden which this awareness reveals to your understanding of being in what some would consider an enviable position, what some would consider a responsible position, what some would consider a ludicrous position, of being able to communicate with personalities beyond your optical vision, for indeed this is what is transpiring.

Your personal circuitry is opening, and like a ventilator which has been closed since the manufacture of the product, the vent is opening, the air and light are flooding in and causing you to be aware of an aspect of yourself which is not customary and therefore is accentuated in your mind as being dreadful and painful. This is not to say that some discomfort has not been recorded.

Am I given now to understand, fellow worker, that you would rather not avail yourself of these additional powers and energies which will greatly enhance your personal life and those you would serve?"

JANET: "I may be in an enviable position but I don't feel like that at all. I feel miserable. I feel constantly distracted. And the interesting thing to me is that I was able to hear these entities quite clearly before this augmentation, and as far as I know, I've heard nothing since it came on. Now maybe that's my own stuff getting in the way; that's fine. The way I feel right now is that I want it off! Now! Thank you."

DANIEL: "I cannot interfere with your own evolution. Let me ask you: How do you think the fish felt when it began to develop legs, crawl up on land, and breathe with lungs?"

JANET: "If the fish felt like I did, he has all my sympathy. I'm just extremely uncomfortable, Daniel. Is that...? I mean, what is it? Like, "tough s___"? Is that the deal? It sounds like it."

DANIEL: "I am at least as distressed as you are for under no circumstances does anyone wish to instill pain or discomfort. I am only in a position to suggest that perhaps the Life Carriers will make those necessary adaptations which will allow for your acceptance of your connectedness to cosmic consciousness less obtrusive.

I hear your lament and I am quick to acknowledge your long-term establishment as being a being who is conscious of your spiritual nature and your relationship to your universe and the friendly aspects of it. I also am aware that you utilize these same realities in your application of your healing ministrations most effectively.

Let us discourse a moment, if you will permit me, regarding your discomfort at sledging through several weeks of refining process following your recent trip. This discomfort is more acceptable to you, apparently, in the realms of your understanding of growth development than what has occurred with your ear?"

JANET: One, I was told before we went to Palm Beach, this was a distinct possibility so I was warned ahead of time. Two, at least to my knowledge, it did not involve anything electronic or unnatural. I was not asked nor told that I would have all this added electronic equipment on my head and no one, I mean, it's like they said, 'Okay, you've agreed to be in the circuits, so from now on we don't have to ask or let you know when we're doing this,' and I resent that. You know, I'm being honest. I would have very much appreciated--I don't like people assuming that they have permission--and when the discomfort got worse instead of better, I was really angered and I'm still not happy. I feel there's a big difference because I trusted that I would heal, that it wasn't going to be fun, but that I would heal. I feel that healing is a natural process. I don't feel that this is natural".

DANIEL: "For the benefit of those not present, those not present in the flesh, I perceive no equipment appendanged to this mortal's being. These perceptions of equipment are greatly enlarged. There is no mechanical device prying open any apertures. There is no requirement that you sustain this discomfort at all. If this distress is over-reaction, a misplaced understanding, in alignment with your perfect Healer Parent, seek resolution, dissolution of this distress. There is no pain in spiritual growth, no physical pain is attendant. No growth is required if it is not your will. No demands are put on you, except those which are willingly assumed by right of passage into awareness of responsibility in line of service and this is the natural, spontaneous result, desire, effect of a spiritual experience. What you have been experiencing is not a spiritual experience. Cease and desist your distress.

There are, as I said earlier, augmented power and energy evident this evening. It is not within my purview to identify those energies except to say that they are natural and loving. I would suggest that perhaps your volume is turned up too loud and that if you were to relax your volume, it might help your condition.

My child, I am at a loss as to how to console you or minister to you. My advice, which you have not asked for, is to seek healing from the Infinite Spirit. Seek comfort and rest. Allow yourself time to wade through life's vicissitudes at a pace which is compatible to your own system. Do not allow others expectations of you or anticipations of you or demands of you to stress you. Indeed, do not allow your own expectations, anticipations and demands to stress you.

Rest in the knowledge that you are safe in the loving arms of your personal Creator. Accept that nurturance. Allow your entire being to be washed with those warm, womb-like waters which heal and soothe and nourish. Set aside your equipment. It does not become you.

How do you feel?"

JANET: "I feel just like a little kid who got chewed out by their parent; and other than that I'm not too sure how I feel. I do have one other question. Is all this new power available to every human being on the planet or just to certain groups and individuals?"

DANIEL: "I will address that, yes. This power, energy, is available to all and any who are open to it. There are many who have no use for such energy. There are many who have long sought this understanding of energy. The electricity of the universe has been turned on; the circuits are open. Your world, which has sat in darkness, has had floodlights turned upon it. Those who would be blinded by the light, still walk with their head down. Those who have gazed into the sun seeking the brightness, are elated.

The expansion of circuitry is a natural result of being re-connected with cosmic energy. Any being may access this energy. Resistance to this energy will not stop the energy but it is not required that any mortal being grasp it. This spiritual flood-light rains on the just and the unjust, the rich and the poor, the this and the that.

There are beings, mortal beings, who have sought spiritual reality, who have indeed found spiritual realities along the way, who seek even now for greater spiritual realities for this is their acknowledged path. For them, greater doors will open, greater lights will shine, greater energies will be available. In contrast, those who chose to ignore the spiritual renaissance can remain in their mode and are as well loved and tended to in their sphere of reality as are the Bright & Shining Morning Stars.

So yes, this spiritual power and energy is available to everyone. There are no 'chosen people' in this classroom.

Has that satisfied you, TiEl? (no response)

Before the baton is passed, I want to convey to you how dear you are to me and to many others, how we respect your integrity and enjoy your spunk. Your tender-hearted core is a true flowering example of love personified, and I appreciate being permitted to engage in conversation with you. Do challenge me/us again. Do consider me to be your devoted friend."

DEBBIE: "Daniel, while I was sitting here listening to the dialog between you and Jan, I could not help but feel a lot of energy, of Jan's energy, and I would just like to offer.... This is what I saw happening here, because I feel like maybe there's been . .. I'm hoping that maybe the insight that I was given during this time might help Jan in interpreting what you said, because I know Daniel so much closer, so correct me, please, but I see that you said to Jan that,... Well, let me just preface this, because . .. I can say this because I have experienced to some degree what has happened here.

We all go through dark nights of the soul. Sometimes they're not just nights, they're months. Sometimes they're a year and it just seems like it's forever and you just can't ever get to the bottom layer. You just keep peeling and peeling. And during that whole time that you're peeling this stuff off, it seems sometimes, there's a place where this stuff just kind of collects. This has happened to me. And I see that what maybe has happened to Jan is that the opening of the circuitry and her purging of so many things and trying to come to grips with 'Who I am'' as a human, and 'Who I am as a child of God'; and so there has been this purging and it's all kind of collected. I'm maybe guessing that it's collected by her ear and it's, you know, it's like with a baby, you have to burp the baby! She's ready to be burped. It's all collected right here. I know it's a kind of a gross picture but to me maybe this is what has happened.

And at the same time, the circuitry is opened up and she's beginning to develop that higher range of consciousness, but it's very frightening, and you do--you want to scream, you want to holler, because it's... you want it so bad but at the same time it's very frightening, it's very scary and you don't want it, and it does seem painful, but that's the human aspect of it. The spiritual aspect is not painful, as Daniel very beautifully stated, that that isn't what's bothering us; it's our humanness.

And so I see that what Jan is experiencing might be a physical thing which she is interpreting as being circuitry and perhaps it's just the purging of other stuff that's collecting where the circuitry is supposed to be connecting. That's just what I feel might be happening.

Anyway, I took it from Daniel, too, that in no way was the discourse made to be belittling or to put you in a lower position as a child and Daniel as a higher guide. I took it as being straight-forward, talking across to you, not down, and so . .. and that was my gut feeling that what was happening here is that you were shrinking and at the same time I could feel Daniel thinking he wanted you to expand and realize that when he said to drop this mechanical devise, he was saying to drop it in the spiritual sense and let the spiritual rise, and realize that it was more of a physical reality.