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Lightline teleconference T/R group
March, 4, 2004

* Daniel: Greetings to you all, I am Daniel, representing the staff this evening in our discussions with you. We would have you focus on the stillness this evening and center yourselves more deeply. It is my pleasure to communicate with you on this Lightline, as you have so aptly named this venture. Welcome to the universe family.

Many of you wonder what the future may hold. There is much happening on your world, both materially and spiritually. The times when great changes come about are usually recognized in retrospect by seeing the signs along the way which pointed to a new and brighter way of being. But those who have chosen communication with spirit and who have undergone the exercises necessary to gain a connection, who have committed themselves to God, and understanding what springs forth from that Source, are able to discern the signs of the times presently.

I, as an ascending mortal, do not have direct knowledge of when new measures pertaining to our Magisterial Son will be instituted, but I do discern the signs of the times, and I would tell you this evening that much is stirring from the spiritual side. The activities of certain corps of angelic beings have heightened, have increased. My supervisors are called away to conference frequently. And, therefore, this increased activity has many of us recognizing that something is being instituted that is new. All of this activity brings enthusiasm to us for the possibilities of increased ministry, for the possibilities of bringing illumination at a greater level than was possible previously, but most of all it strengthens our commitment to the mission at hand and the importance of conveying to you those methods and truths which can facilitate your comprehension, bringing about the descending of spirit consciousness upon your being, amplifying the potentials for service to your brothers and sisters.

All of these announcements, conjectures, potentials and possibilities that you hear about are to strengthen your resolve that the time of a new age of spiritual enlightenment is at hand on a global level, even while this very spiritual enlightenment is in the palm of your hand this very second as you reach up while we reach down.

Tonight I ask you to recommit yourself to this growth process of seeking the divine in the silence. Recommit yourself to gaining knowledge and understanding that can enable your abilities as an ascending child of God so that you can minister today even as we minister to you now and as preparations are underway for ministry in the future. This inward journey of seeking the truth is the bread and butter of spiritual growth and regardless of what may come, soon to be, or in the distant future, this application will undoubtedly bring about the very ministry you seek to witness, flowing from yourself to others. Commit yourselves to this plan, my friends, and the progress of your world and the universe will plow forward gradually, but surely.

At this time I would love to converse with you regarding questions or comments as time is available.

Manu: Hi Daniel, this is Manu, and I have a curiosity question. You spoke of a certain corps of angels that are very busy right now. Are you able to tell us who that corps is? Are they in the Urantia Book? Or are they an unnamed kind? And what do they do?

* Daniel: My friend, I referred to corps of angels in the plural sense. They consist of several orders, such as archangels, seraphim, and others that are listed, as well as ministers that you are not directly aware of. This action of the orders of the Infinite Spirit symbolizes a shifting of activity to a new level. But this is as specific as I can get at this time. I hope that will suffice.

Manu: Yes. Thank you for entertaining my question.

* Daniel: You are welcome.

Marshall: Daniel, I have a question. This is Marshall.

* Daniel: Welcome.

Marshall: Are there classes available for our attendance, upon request, on your side of the veil to further prepare and rehearse us for our individual and collective unfolding in ministry?

* Daniel: When you ask if there are classes available, I assume you mean other than your communications with us now and in your own quiet time?

Marshall: Correct. Whether it's quiet time or conveyed to the superconscious or the subconscious that we may not immediately recognize, but to be ingrained in us for service as it unfolds down the road.

* Daniel: Thank you for that clarification. Much preparation is underway and the conscious communication that we have is the most direct means that we utilize to prepare you, but with your willingness, this signalizing to your Thought-Adjuster that you are ready and willing to serve the universe and the family of God does bring about the potential of superconscious ministry, much as the reserve Corps of Destiny undergoes this ministry of the deep mind. And I would be remiss if I did not mention to you that many persons, both within and outside of the recognized mission, are already being trained to the extent of their willingness to be of service and to grow in luminosity, in spiritual understanding.

Marshall: Yes Daniel, very exciting and confirming also. Thank you very much.

* Daniel: Yes, and as I said, signalize your willingness to your Thought-Adjuster who is the enabler of all ministry. (Pause)

Marshall: If there are no other questions, I would like to ask another.

* Daniel: You are welcome to ask, my friend.

Marshall: This is more of a curiosity question. Right now, for instance, you have many students, I'm sure, that are not part of this group. Are there techniques where you can communicate, such as with reflectivity or other techniques, where if you were called on right now by a student, say in East Asia, could you communicate with them as we are communicating simultaneously?

* Daniel: The answer is that I cannot divide my attention. I must be in one place at one time unlike the Creator. But I am not simply Daniel, alone in my ministry to you, and therefore when there is a calling for a spiritual understanding, even if that person is calling upon me specifically, there are members of our working team who would respond such that the distinction of it being me or another teacher is not always discernable. This depends upon the attitudes and perceptions of the person receiving and the degree to which a substitute would even identify them self as separate from my personality.

Hopefully, as you grow spiritually, when you call out for understanding and knowledge you are ultimately seeking God, opening up through that presence for spiritual enlightenment, and therefore it matters little who brings the response to you, for we do not encourage personal identification long term with a teacher, per se, but increasing identification with your soul self which is the relationship of the Divine Adjuster to your personality. If this focus comes about in your consciousness then the spiritual ministry loses the need for the identifiers to the degree that one would not be disappointed if it were not Daniel coming, but actually some other minister who serves the Divine as I do. I hope this offers clarification and understanding for you my friend.

Marshall: Very well said. It does. More confirmations, thank you, Daniel.

* Daniel: You are welcome. Are there other questions this evening?

Marshall: If not, I will ask a third. Regarding the spirit of truth, in our book it says the spirit of truth is almost wholly limited in its function and power by man's personal reception of that which constitutes the sum and substance of the mission of the bestowal Son. Could you clarify that? My intentions for asking are to ponder how we can more effectively identify with and allow this spirit of truth to more totally function throughout the whole personality.

* Daniel: The short answer would be to practice the stillness, and understand your self. To expand, I would say that the stillness practice is the practice of letting go, placing yourself in the presence of God, and simply absorbing that presence without overmuch expectation, and by consistent practice there is a transformation that occurs in your mind. An affinity for divine truth begins to build and with this affinity for divine truth, the need for the individual to have control, to frame their experience based on preconceptions, is let go. This letting go in God's presence brings about the subtle shifting of the ego into alignment with the Divine as the ego recognizes the safety net that the Divine brings to the personality. With this diminishment of control by the ego where the ego submits to the Divine, then you become in a state where you are receptive to what is, rather than what you want to be. Then the Spirit of Truth can function most effectively, for you are actually seeking the truth, cleanly, clearly, and with firm intention.

The degree to which you are unwilling to know the truth is the degree to which the Spirit of Truth is limited in function. There are other balancing factors within your system such as the intake that you bring into your system. Your body being brought into balance, in combination with the practice of seeking the Divine, brings about the highest clarity. It is a gradual process. Very seldom is there a sudden shift where one suddenly has full knowledge. Is this answering your question this evening?

Marshall: Yes. Just to clarify, I understand that when the animal mind is transformed into the higher spirit, morontial light and living, this state of being receptive to what is can be attained and when this state of attainment is reached will it allow one to begin more fully utilizing mota, morontia mota.

* Daniel: Yes, it will allow you to draw closer in understanding the conceptual patterns of the material in relationship to the morontia patterns, but there is something you gain after this life in the morontia life that can't truly be attained as a material being and this level of understanding is the true nature and conception of morontia mota.

Marshall: So revelation will have to work as that bridge, bringing the material, bringing mortal into the spiritual.

* Daniel: Yes, and take heart that you will be able to approach an understanding of the conceptual patterns, but won't completely recognize the nuances until you are released into the morontia experience.

Marshall: And by utilizing the assistance of our morontia companions such as yourself, will we be able to work along with and get the results that mota would yield, if we had that mota more in . (inaudible).

* Daniel: You mean when you enter the morontia experience?

Marshall: No. As we are here, as we are becoming more morontia-ized but not directly able to utilize mota in our associations with our morontia brothers and sisters like yourselves in any given task or assignment, what have you, we would have that through our association with morontia spirit beings. Is that correct?

* Daniel: Your understandings even now, for some of you, are beginning to approximate these realities and as you further develop your approach to understanding this will increase, yes, and this is due to your willingness in relationship to God and spiritual sources serving there under. You will more unconsciously recognize these values as you commit to growing and developing your spiritual capacities. Has this clarified for you?

Marshall: Thank you, yes.

Manu: Teacher Daniel, thank you. The T/R is having a little difficulty speaking (due to cough). Could you please close the session with a prayer to our Father?

* Daniel: Yes, I will. My friends come into the stillness with me as we seek the Divine in prayer.

Father, we bring ourselves before you in humility, recognizing and desiring your divinity in our beings. We seek to know that which has created us so that we may discover why it is that you have found us so worthwhile to be a part of the vast creation. We seek to manifest those gifts you have given us and bring ourselves into embrace with you to know the value you have place upon us all even while respecting no one more than another. Truly you are good, you are beauty, and you are truth, and may this reality become increasingly clear as we ascend toward our ultimate realization of the purpose for which we are called forth, individually, and as part of everything that is.

Peace be upon you, my friends. Have a good week. Goodnight.

Group: Thank you