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Nottingham, England, May 21, 2004.
Teacher Armesh.
Subject: "Not Yet Time to Sift the Corn."

Received by Helen Whitworth.


"Please start to write for it is important that we continue with this series, communicating readily to increase the connection and the clarity in translation. Today I speak of different things to previously, of love and joy, ways of fulfilling yourself with beauty whilst continuing your service and plan on earth.

"Always you search for truth in understanding and feel bitter when this understanding is not yours for the taking, but realise understanding is nothing if the capacity to comprehend is not present.

"This capacity cannot be learnt, but must be grown, carefully tended and nurtured to allow the flower bud to gently unfurl without ripping the petals. As with a rose this cannot be hurried. Even though you may know the shape of the flower and see it in your minds eye, forcing the bud to open will stop it from achieving its full beauty, and it will wither, still a bud.

"Allow the time to unfurl in nature’s time. Meanwhile collect knowledge, accumulate and sift, but do not attempt to fit all the pieces together for it is not yet time to sift the corn.

"Remind yourself of this whenever you feel lost, unsettled or unbalanced, relax and flow and swim some more with those dolphins, allowing yourself fun and laughter and light. Without the sun the rose too withers.

"Know that this is true, and that true compassion will unlock more doors than 600 keys of understanding, for it flows soul-to-soul without boundaries, and without judgement."

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