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Idaho, US of A, January 31, 2004.
Machiventa Talks.
Subject: "Recognize Your God In The Eyes Of Everyone."

Received by Sandy Montee.Machiventa:

"We have reminded you on many occasions that every mortal has the capacity to hear and learn from a personal teacher. Many of our teachers will work with health issues, feeding of the poor, and especially in becoming the little inner voice that gives direction and hope.

"Ask yourself what it is you need to help yourself with, and what help is required by others around you that are in need of a friend. Prayer and meditation will assist you in changing the direction of your life, and you will always start to experience greater opportunities as you come closer to your God.

"I will not proclaim that the skies are going to open up, and that another great Savior will descend, who will make everyone acquire kind and loving personalities at a mere touch. I will say that each new day on earth is cause for great celebrations, as long as you keep your heads high, praise God, and carry forth with you the promise of a better life.

"If you recognize your God in the eyes of everyone you meet along the road, all the more happiness will come to you. Our best times are when we are giving of ourselves and this is the only real power we have.

"We do love to watch the miracles around us, but as children we must give that credit to the Father. Thank you for listening to me.

"This is Machiventa."The 11:11 Progress Group.

"Good evening to you my dear student, and greetings to all who will receive this message. We note with pleasure the many of you who are celebrating together with us, now that the improved circuits are open, and we expect a time of much spiritual growth to follow this important happening. This is also a heartening event for the many teachers who have waited for the opportunity to have an audience of just one, or many.