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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group ,   Arcadia, California

Topic:  You Have All Changed

 June 7, 2004

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, JarEl.

Tonight it is a small group, nonetheless it is still very important that we meet. As always I am very grateful to have the opportunity to speak to you. It is an opportunity I look forward to always. Among the many different sorts of obligations that I have in the Universe, this is one of the most pleasurable. The reason why is that it gives me an opportunity to relive my mortal life through your lives. I can look back on my mortal experience and use it as a guide to assist you. Having this interaction with you, brings back many memories to me. They are all important to me, for it is as a mortal I began my life.

I look at you and I marvel at the advanced stage at which you are. For such mortals to come from such a world to have such a high level understanding of the Universe and your connection with God, is truly amazing. With so much doubt and darkness on your world you have managed to shine through with brightness and have managed to continue on a steady path towards your Father, regardless of all the setbacks that you may have encountered in your own life. That is truly amazing, for it shows true character and throughout all of your personal experiences you will discover that the one true thing in your life that has held you strong is God.

That is something that you have never doubted in your life and which has brought you to this point. So going back to my assessment of your current state of mortality, compared to my former state of mortality, I applaud you for you have advanced much in your lives. You have truly grown as children of God. Your lives are becoming much richer for this. The opportunities that you will experience will be many. Those opportunities will bring forth other children of God, who you will help tremendously.

Remember that all of these blessings that you are experiencing at this moment are here for a reason. They are here because God wants you to have the greatest and best chance to fulfill His Will and your own. You have done His work and you continue to do His Work everyday. This connection that you have with God, brings riches to your life, not just material but also spiritual, emotional richness.

Your friends and your family have all benefitted from your quest, your search for God. Everyone you have touched has been enriched by your own search for God. Because of you, thousands of people live better lives. This is something that you constantly do. I am simply acknowledging it and bringing it forth in your consciousness.

My advice is to consciously think about the effect that you have over other people's lives. You will find more, than anything, because of your search for God you have not only helped people but you have changed their lives tremendously in your own efforts to better yourself. That simple acknowledgment can bring peace-of-mind for someone who might not think they have done much. Simply look around and see the people who surround you and realize that you have really changed their lives in more ways than one.

Before this meeting began, Henry had acknowledged Lucille for her contribution to this Teaching Mission and this study group. If you think about how she has affected all of you, you will understand the power of the one. I am just one. Yet you come here every other week to listen to me. Every single one of you in this room can work as an individual and you can also hold great influence over others. It is up to you whether you want that influence to be positive or negative.

When you search for your spirituality and you search for God you begin to turn your life into a positive. Your reaction towards others, your effect, becomes positive as well. This world has gone through many changes. You may think that there have only been negative changes, but do not fret over the turmoil that you see. For the day will come when the world will begin to change more positively, even now, as we speak, there are positive changes happening on your world. I feel, just as many of my colleagues feel, that you should focus on those positive changes; that you should put more work on those changes that are happening that are positive, instead of looking at all of the negative. Are there any other teachers who would like to speak? Are there any questions?

Very well, since our group is small, then our lesson will be small as well, good night. All: Good night, JarEl.


Teacher:  JarEl