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A Journey Into Us

NOVEMBER 17, 2003

Prayer: Heavenly Mother and Father, we ask that you weave our minds into you. We come to you in sincere, humble, and open faith. We are ready to receive yo,u and ask that those places within us that are not yet open to your divine love and forgiveness be held safe in your embrace and aligned in our Creators will. Amen.

Good evening, my beloved children. This is Michael, your Creator-Father. And I bid welcome to you, R, this evening. I bring you into this tightly knit group in order to sense the presence of the love that waits for you here.

Your Mother and I have been taking you on a journeya journey into us. A journey that is essentially a faith one that you must make alone in the internal quiet of your mind, feeling your way around your beliefs, your feelings, your inner knowing; sensing it shift, sensing movement. This journey is what you will be undergoing in your human life and the life that is to come. It is always an exploration of the unknown, the deep unfathomable mysteries of the universe that our Creator in Paradise has established for us to live, learn, enjoy, and grow in an ever-expanding, ever-changing revelation of divine love and wisdom.

Now that you have been participating for a time, you know the internal changes occurring within you are real, substantial, and becoming a part of your inner soul development. No one will be able to ever take this from you. It is yours. You own this. You are this. It is unshakable. As we go into this period of change on this world you will need to rely on this more and more as you see the external circumstances around you break away and as people begin to doubt even more than they have now in their materially conditioned culture. So this foundation that has been growing within you, my children, is something that you will learn more and more to rely on. When you feel weak and trepidatious, you will know that it is by coming to me I will continue to maintain your strength and your stability.

As we journey deeper into this unfathomable mystery, I want you to take this question into the stillness: where do I want to go from here? Where do I want to journey into this mystery of becoming more God-conscious and more God-like. Take this in, ask your indwelling Spirit Fragment this question. We will continue our exercise for this evening. (Pause)

As you see this direction move through your mind, pursue its course by asking for the desire to follow this journey even deeper. Ask for this desire within you to grow. Ask for it to become more deeply embedded into your thought foundation. Let your Mother weave this into your mind. (Pause)

You may come to me as your Creator-Father and ask for my wisdom and guidance to join hands with your desire as I lead you in this direction. You may rely on me to help you achieve that which in spirit is your desire to accomplish. Find that open quality in your heart that longs for guidance, for loving instruction, and I will be there to add myself into you. (Pause)

Many times have I told you that you are the workers in the fieldthe field of harvesting souls, the field of finding those who need my love, my peace, my comfort. And now I ask you to sense this direction and point it in the outward fields of service. Your Mother and I will add something into you. (Pause)

My children, as you look at your brothers and sisters who struggle with worries and concerns of their own self-identity and self-value, be not dismayed when you come up against resistance as to the spiritual truths that you wish to share with them. Be not disenheartened when you feel their judgment or their scorn or even their derision. These are all deeply embedded fear reactions that have been triggered by the light you wish to offer.

It will be important for you to connect with me during these times of ministry to your needy brethren so that I may illuminate their hearts with loving forgiveness, merciful compassion, and gentle understanding so that those deeply embedded primal fears in the dark places in their minds will open to the light of truth. This will not always be easy for you to do as the mind will want to engage itself in intellectual discourse and try to approach your ministry to this other person in the realm of intellectual idea sharing. I ask you to avoid this as much as possible.

Instead, be a sympathetic listener. Let them unburden themselves of their fears and of their deeply held ideas. What you can do as you listen is to connect with me, ask for my love to flood through your being, and to exude from your heart in directing it into that persons heart. Just let that flow continue until you sense that person is starting to relax. And you will sense this, for you will see a change in attitude. You will notice a slight shift in the way they speak and in the way they hold themselves.

It is important now for you to minister less with your words and to share your love. This is what your brothers and sisters need the most, my children. It is my love. It is my understanding. You can best share this now through your compassionate listening. You know in time that as you grow in this capacity to listen you are also gaining the internal strength to hear my voice that will speak the comforting words directly into their soul.

As you journey in this place of growth, know that this growth is meant to take you outward into the world of service. As you minister me into your brothers and sisters, I will am ever present in you waiting for you to open the channel of my presence to surround both of you. Now take these words I have spoken to you deep within. Call on your Mother and she will weave these into you and let them become a part of your body. (Pause)

As you share my love out in the world, you will gain confidence in your capacity to feel me move in you and through you. This will in time reduce your tendency to think of yourself and will help you focus on another person more and their need. This effortless self-forget-fullness is the true measure of how well you are mastering your capacity to live in faith. Your own neediness is a quality that you will outgrow for it strikes at the very core of certain deprivations of love and understanding and value within you that you feel. I am here to fill you with all that you need. Open your hearts and let these voids become heavy and rich! with my gifts to you. (Pause)

Sit in the heart of love, my children. Sit in me. Feel my peace. Breathe in the threads of love binding us together as one. (Pause) In me there is no need. In me there is only peace and the assurance that I am maintaining you in a universe that is filled with help and guidance and all of the resources that you need to live abundantly. Trust me. It is safe to rely on me. Let this be a time when your assurance grows even stronger within yourself. (Pause)

Live in me, my children. I am your foundation. The external world around you is but a distorted shadow of a reality that has been developed by humanity. It is not your foundation of truth, and to be influenced by this will surely bring you disappointment. Think now of your desire to be so stable in your emotions and in your ideas of life, and know that I am ministering my truth within your mind. Spend a few moments letting this idea take deeper root. (Pause)

In time you will come to sense this foundation as the true rock of your life. And what you see in your world around you will not be important or influential in your life. In time the spiritual realities growing in you now will overtake your minds and give you increasingly profound joyous levels of peace.

It is my desire that your Mother should entertain your questions this evening, for she so ably and graciously weaves within you this new reality of our love for you. Rest in her, rest your minds in her as you address her. Feel our softness, our gentleness in your minds as she speaks her words of love onto your souls. Good evening, my beloveds. (Pause)

Well, my little ones, we have taken you on another journey this evening. Greetings, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks to you now. As you know we have been encouraging you to seek to change, to seek to be disrupted in the foundations of your thinking where error and fear have long resided. Tonight as I created new thought streams within you, know that our love for you, our upholding of you is going deeper into these resistant foundations to break them into less rigid ideas where our love and truth can penetrate and bring you into new awareness of our upholding of you. As you sense this within you, be not dismayed at some of the ideas that may percolate up in your mind a! s to the fears or old habits of reacting. This will be quite normal for you to experience for a little time as our love for you gains greater foothold throughout the myriad patterns within your minds.

Tonight I would entertain your comments and questions on what we are continuing to build within youthis new foundation of truth and light and goodness and righteous and wholeness and health-fullness of mind and body. Take your time in returning to a more conversational frame of mind, and when you are ready I will address your comments.

Student: I do have a question, Mother. Why is there a loud ringing in my head now? Ive never experienced such a loud sound. What is going on?

Nebadonia: R, my son, there are many circuits within your physical and mental bodies that require intersection, that require connection for a seamless thought stream of spirit to enter into your conscious mind and for you to perceive the divine voice within you. Your body is being adjusted to attune to this. There are certain physiological changes that must occur so that this seamless stream can flow through you. Do not be concerned. It is all quite common as your body attunes to higher vibrational frequencies. Think of it as tuning your ears to this higher radio signal that the spirit v! oice within is broadcasting to you. You may in the future sense even more unusual adjustments in your body: people have noticed there are tingling sensations in their limbshands and feetenergy shifts in the torso, a higher speed if you will in the body, and certain sensations in the head and brain area of pulling or tingling or weight shifting. These are all very common physiological changes. I assure you that you are in very loving hands and no ill will come to you. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Yes, I do.

Nebadonia: Do you have any further concerns?

Student: Yes, but they are too mundane to take the time now. Ill wait until other people have asked their questions. Thank you.

Nebadonia: That is fine. Thank you for showing your faith in coming to me. I embrace you and hold you close to me now.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, on Saturday I asked for energy and in this transformation in the chakras is it the energy of enthusiasm? It is energy that the Thought Adjuster can physically put in? A vitality? I ask for your help in that area.

Nebadonia: My son, the energy that originates at the very source of the universe is manifested in human awareness in numerous ways. You will sense it as this divine enthusiasm, you will sense it as a light-heartedness and a lightness in your being. There is a greater vitality towards becoming God-like as your perfection hunger increases. For what changes in your mind is the enhancement of joy that you increasingly perceive as you sense all of the love that is inside you that is yours as a gift from the Father in Paradise. This energy has a life-affirming quality to it as you have already experienced.! And this will only grow stronger the more love you sense.

It more important though to ask to receive this love-energy than it is to understand the components of the energy itself. The love-energy is the dynamic force of the universe. It weaves through every molecule in your being. Allow this to magnify in its intensity in you. Feel this deeply. It is not so important now to understand the components of what this energy is as to just feel it, to immerse yourself in it and to sense that every cell in your being is bursting with a joyful playfulness of being in love with your Creator. Do you understand, my son?

Student: I think I do. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Do you have any other concerns about perceiving this love-energy?

Student: One thing that was new to me on Saturday was the adjutant of counsel in the throat area. I would appreciate any enlightenment on that.

Nebadonia: The ability to communicate in thought symbols in human experience is a gift from my mind to yours. As you grow your soul body so does this adjutant of counsel begin its expansion in capturing higher universe concepts. You grow in your capacity to communicate. Your spiritual vocabulary, as it were, increases. The words of love, the words of truth, the words of comfort, forgiveness and mercy expand. This is a natural outgrowth and it will happen over time the more love you experience within you.

The conveyance of ideas through your verbal means of communication is such a prevalent means of communication in your world. I say to you that there are other forms of communication, but at this point in your development this is the main one that humans understand. For now, I would ask you to consider the idea of becoming so full of love that your whole body would wish to explode with it. And your own inner energy centers will calibrate on this energy of love that is growing within you, and you will find a different level of expressing yourself. This is gradual, this will become almost imperceptible to you. But looking back over time you will notice that is the outgrowth of c! ounsel within you. Does this help?

Student: Yes it does very much. Thank you again.

Nebadonia: Be in my embrace, my son.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I would like to ask a question concerning the method of communication between us. Would I be better served if I could commune with you in his depth through my own stillness? Would I be better served in trying to communicate with you in this way even though it may take much longer to reach this depth, than to enjoin this free and open communication with you through my sister?

Nebadonia: R, my son, your stillness practice is still very vital to your spiritual development and the enhancement of the circuitry to sense the presence of me and your Father. You may still wish to commune with me in this way we are now conversing. But in time you will no longer need this for my presence in you will be more perceptible. It is a natural outgrowth to perceive me personally and to hear to my voice within you. You are gaining greater confidence in your ability. And you have been given a personal teacher, and this is also an effective means for you to develop the confidence! in your ability to receive this higher level of communication.

Practice this as much as you can during the day. My daughter who has been given to you will teach you and help you to grow in your capacity to sense me more. As you are in the stillness call on me to grow you in mein my womb of lovecreating new circuits of my being to weave through you, holding you close, making you feel safe and comfortable. When you sense this safety and comfort, it is I you are sensing. When you sense love and warmth, it is I. As you lie in the stillness and ask me to weave this through you, know in time that you will grow and your capacity to receive me internally will be fully satisfied. Do you have any other concerns about this, my son?

Student: My main concern was addressed. I just want to make sure Im not delaying this deeper communication with you through the simplicity of the communication we have now, for this is much easier than having this depth of communication in the stillness. I do not want to slow down my growth in that way by having such easy of communication with you this way.

Nebadonia: Well, if you wanted to test yourself, you can always go as you say, cold turkey!

Student: I was hoping for your suggestion as to what would be the better way of growth.

Nebadonia: But I want you to consider the humor in this. And to take this growth more light-heartedly! You are growing, my son. Please take off these qualifiers that you put on yourself. They are a distraction.

Student: Your counsel is well taken. I would like to thank you once again for this beautiful teacher you have assigned to me. Its such a gift, an unimaginable gift!

Nebadonia: I receive your gratitude with open arms. Know that while you feel this blessing is unimaginable, it is true in our universe there is always so much more help than you can imagine. It is so difficult for you all to see this unseen benevolent conspiracy of love that works on your behalf when you have so many other material distractions of competition and deprivation pulling at you, conditioning you. I ask you to get used to thisthis level of help, this level of guidance that is available to you. Imagine it! All of your needs will be met. Imagine it and claim it, and let yourself grow confident that this is all for you because you are my child.

Student: Thank you, Mother. I suspect what you are saying to me this evening is to simply lighten-up! I will take that counsel.

Student: Mother, does consciousness or awareness permeate the universe with as much completeness as time and space and matter?

Nebadonia: What you are understanding as consciousness is actually much greater than what you understand of time and space. Think of the universe as being permeating with circuits or threads of information all running through it. These threads connect beingsintelligent beings, human beings, celestial beingsall together in this pulsating cosmos of love and life. The idea of consciousness as has been understood on this world is simply a way to identify that there is this stream of information that weaves into you, that is available to you from the realm of spirit matter, which is your Source and which has encircuited you to pull you back into the embrace of the Source of all ! love and life at the very center of the universe.

What you will encounter as you journey into this realm of consciousness are deep and broad bands of information growing you in relationships with other beings and in relationships with ideas and the mysteries of the universe as you discover the intelligent scheme of the Fathers plan. You will have the capacity to grow in this information, and you are on this journey albeit you are doing it in the physical realm. You will be able to grow from level to level to level to level until one day you are standing in the very center of the universe fully united with your Divine Source from whence you came. As you think of the idea of consciousness, think of growing into the awareness that God has for the universe, and your life ! will be an exploration of understanding the plans of God. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Well, at least at a rudimentary level. Its definitely food for thought and inspirational. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Do you need anything clarified in your mind?

Student: Well, theres plenty of non-clarification in my mind, but for now this is all I can digest. It definitely feels complete.

Nebadonia: Your mind is stretchable. While it may seem that you are just barely grasping this idea, sit back and let the thoughts and the ideas that I have shared with you now enter into your being and encircuit that which you already know and make it greater. Let me weave this into you now for a few moments, C. (Pause) And be in my peace.

Student: I want to know why Im experiencing an escalation in my symptoms.

Nebadonia: R, my son, the tumultuous conditions in your body are moving through you as this great shifting, sorting, and correction process unfolds within you. Gain a greater interest in trusting where your Father Michael is guiding you now. Has He not encouraged you to look less at your physical condition and more at your spiritual growth?

Student: Comments too faint to hear.

Nebadonia: The idea to consider is to let go of the outcome of your physical condition and your physical body. This does not mean that you are going to leave this world. This is an internal attitude adjustment that says: It no longer matters to me what happens to my body. I am more concerned in growing in my Father, in his truth, in his light, and that is the focus of my life. There is a distinction to be made in your mind that is less focused on your physical reality and in tuned with your spiritual inner development.

I encourage you to consider this carefully in the coming days, and to even more fully go into that realm where your body becomes less important to you than your spiritual growth. You may, in your stillness, call upon your Father and me to help you make this parting of the ways more clear in your mind and to lead you more into that joyful relaxation of spirit that in turn has a healthful restorative effect in your body. As you ponder this answer and re-read it in your lesson transcript, know that we will be there to assist you in this perception change. Are you willing to do this now, R?

Student: Ill have to read the transcript, but I get the gist of it. But I am concerned. (Other comments too faint to hear)

Nebadonia: I understand your attachment to your physical condition. But truly you are much greater than thisyour self, your personality, who you really are as a child of God in this ever expanding universe. This physical body you inhabit now is what you must use to navigate this planet. But as you detach more from this vehicle in attitude and more in the idea of yourself as a child of this whole universe, your body will be able to relax more in trust, and you will find a very comforting soothing healing effect. Rest in me now and let me weave more of my sense of your identity into you. (Pause)

Student: Mother, I have a question about my ability to learn new things, new concepts. Sometimes I find it very challenging and time-consuming to learn or grasp new topics of things like financial or computer concepts. Im wondering what kind of advice you can give me to focus better to learn these things more quickly. I have the problem of focusing in some areas.

Nebadonia: C, my daughter, your capacity to learn new ideas is a quality that changes the more you practice stilling your mind and relaxing it so that this information that wishes to intersect into the knowledge base that you already have can be sorted and coordinated with what you already know and help you achieve new levels of understanding and synthesis. But if you expect that this will happen quickly, you will be disappointed. I encourage you to banish this word from your learning vocabulary.

The more efficient way of capturing and coordinating information in your mind will occur when you enter a learning environment in an attitude of stillness. Your attitude of stillness grows the more you practice it in the quiet times of your days so that when you are more actively engaged mentally you can carry this attitude of stillness around you, this deeper relaxed state of the mind where information flows seamlessly in and has the capacity to be sorted and assimilated within.

Student: I think sometimes I respond to my fear about learning new concepts and I become paralyzed and perhaps stop trying even though I feel Im trying very hard because the topic is unfamiliar.

Nebadonia. This is quite common in human experience. When you are ready to learn a new concept that seems challenging to you, come to me. Ask for me to open you into the realm of the deeper understanding in your mindal circuits. Breathe and relax. As much as you can, open your mind to the stillness state and tell yourself: I am open to learning this new idea. Take the judgments off about time and fear. Be relaxed and ask for my peace, my soothing calming presence within you to quell your fears. AND Practice this many times over when you are in new experiences and one day you will find that these new ideas will not seem to be so overwhelming, but you will be excited because you will be learning something that is quite beautiful and interesting and will give you greater mental breadth and range.

Student: Your words are very comforting, Mother. I will try this. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Feel my peace now enter into you. And remember to access this each time you learn something new. Remember, it is not so much what it is that you are learning, whether it is important or trivial, than it is to be in this relaxed state and receive. Receive me.

Student: Thank you, Mother. That helps a lot.

Student: Mother, I have a question about the practice of stillness. I can still my body but I cannot still my mind. It just keeps rolling on and refuses to stop and I cant be in the present with my mind running off. Its frustrating and I dont want to do it anymore. My mind just wont still. Do you have any advice about that?

Nebadonia: C, my son, there is an energy presence in your mind that is quite powerful, you might even call it quite locomotive in its power and drive. It is important for you now to accept the driving force of your mind and not to be frustrated by it. For stilling your mind does not necessarily mean that your mind is going to stop. Your mind will not stop, but your mind can slow and soften. What do you think would be an effective means for you to slow your thoughts?

Student: I dont have an idea about that and I dont know how to do that. Nothing Ive done in the past seems to work very well.

Nebadonia: I ask you to take this into your Father Fragment and ask for the thought impulses to slow down while you wish to commune with the Father. I want you to do this now for a moment. (Pause)

Student: My mind seems to be amazingly peaceful and quiet right at this moment. Not having any distracting thoughts at the moment. Thank you, Mother.

Nebadonia: When you practice this, call on me, and we will work together to slow you down and to help you overcome this frustration. I ask you to accept the fact of the power in your mind at this moment and how it moves. Begin to tell your mind that it is now time to learn to slow down. This is a thought you can carry around with you during your normal conscious awareness throughout the day. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, I will do that. Thank you, Mother. The more I get to know you! and the more I get to know Father, the more I learn to love you both. Thank you for your love and guidance.

Nebadonia: It is always yours to enjoy. Be in my peace.

Student: Yes, Mother. I wish to thank you for our communication together the other evening along with Michael. Since that evening Ive experienced a deeper sense of peace, like something was lifted out of me. I have been implementing the instructions you gave to me on having Jesus be with me throughout my day and communicating with him. There was an experience I had the other evening where, after a particular phone call, I felt this deep sense of loneliness, pain, and anguish. It was so overwhelming that I asked you and Michael to give me some idea of what it was all about, some insight. It was so deep and hard to get through.

But when I allowed myself to come into your presence and energies, and the word that came up wasthe word has slipped my mind. Where my love wasnt allowed to be expressed. When I was in your presence, it was lifted. The word that came up was rejection. When I had that insight, it lifted and I wish to thank you for that. It seems like as I let go of myself into the Father, and let go of this neediness that I seem to have acquired, the purer my love is, and the more aware of your presence and Michaels within me I am, and the deeper sense of peace I have. I wish to thank you for that. I know my life is changing and transforming. It seems like my mind only desires more and more thy will and nothing else matters. I wish to thank you.

Nebadonia: I receive your words with affection and understanding. The grateful attitudes of our children who come to know us who live on this world, who have been so sorely deprived of our love, is so precious that you will never truly understand how much we appreciate your gratitude. But D as you have had parental experience you know what it is to receive the affections of your children. And I say to you, ours are so much greater. Our appreciation and our cherishing of your affection are beyond human expression. As you know there is a proportional relationship of the gratitude you give and how it expands how you receive. And so it is.

Who would wish to speak before I retire?

Student: Mother, I would just like to slip in one question, a little off subject, but I will ask if its OK. Our Avonal Son that has been promised to us, Monjoronson, is he to be the sixth epochal revelation to the planet, or is he a part of the fifth epochal revelation to the planet?

Nebadonia: My son, why do you concern yourself with such inconsequential matters? What does it matter what number this is? This gift that is being given to you defies quantitative sequence of events on this planet. There are more epochal revelations to come in time. I would not wish to discourage your appetite for curiosity by answering this question with a number.

Student: Forgive me. In defense of asking the question there was a transcript that I read from one of the teachers just recently that spoke about this planet receiving seven epochal revelations to get to light and life. So that question came up in my mind. But youre right; it is inconsequential.

Nebadonia: And I understand your curiosity. I am not admonishing you for it. It is a humorful response that I give to you. Enjoy it in the lightheartedness of knowing that your boundless curiosity makes you ask some very amusing questions to me.

Student: Its good to know that I can amuse my Mother.

Nebadonia: And on that lighthearted note, let us come together in the joy of being a family. Know that your place in this family is secure. You have the devoted tender and ever-available affection of your parents who watch over you and carefully guide you. You have affectionate brothers and sisters in the spirit whose help, whose greater experience is there for you to seek. My children, this fa! mily you are in is your home. Come into your home. Find your place. Take off your shoes and relax. Sit by the fire of your Father’s and my love for you and let yourself be warmed through and through. We are your home. You are in us and we are in you. Feel your home and rest in the comfort and security of our embrace. Good evening, my precious children.