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Are You Ready To Be Changed?


NOVEMBER 3, 2003

Greetings, my children. This is your Creator-Father, Michael. As you have experienced the exquisite presence of your Mother these past several weeks, I know that you are embracing a fuller capacity to sense Her within you. Long has this planet languished without feeling the embrace of its Mother. And now, that time is at an end as your Mother opens Her arms to embrace the planet fully so that in time all with know He all will be conscious of Her and seek Her embrace for their very own.

You do not yet understand what this fully means in your human experience. Yet I say to you it is a most wondrous development to behold as your Mother makes ready to embrace this world. We have asked you if you are ready for change. You all have assented to this. I ask you now again: Are you ready to be changed? Are you ready to become more fully Father-conscious as change comes about on Urantia.

I know you have all agreed to this and your hearts are open. But the human will does resist as you have well seen and are now more cooperatively understanding. But I would caution you this evening that some of these changes will not be easy. There are difficult and challenging circumstances that you all will face. But we have said to you, you do not go through this alone. We are here with you. It is only your momentary awareness that separates you from us. Go within. Still your minds. Ask for our safety to mesh within you a deeper awareness of your connection to me and your Mother. (Pause)

As your minds are being impressed, focus your willingness to change on allowing the disruption of distortion within you to occur. As you breathe in, know that it is your Mother’s breath of life that softly removes you from the intricately designed thought forms that have influenced your thinking. As She softens them, give Her your consent for the distortion to be uprooted and removed. There is nothing to fear. Your minds are being aligned in me. You are safe. (Pause)

When you come to me in this fashion, you are feeding on my truth. Your mind will have a compounded awareness of increasingly spiritual ideas and values that lead you directly to Father-consciousness. As the clouds of confusion recede and eventually evaporate, you will be inspired by the freedom you feel internally. As we have said to you, you will feel a new sense of joy and hope. This is what we ask you to shine from your inner being outward to your brothers and sisters to attract them to you.

As the world undergoes a change, there are not very many who understand who I am and who your Mother is. And it is not so important that they understand who we are as it that they see us alive in you by your love, by your understanding, by your forgiveness, and by your compassion. The human heart responds to truth much easier than the mind—the intellect—does. Let your truth—that love essence of me—flow through you and to help heal your brothers and sisters. Fill yourselves with me. Ask to be expanded in the truth. All of the truth you will ever wish to ingest is yours for the asking, my ! children. Ask now and receive. (Pause)

One day you will be free from the scourge of evil that has infected this world. As you journey deeper into this purification that is underway within your cells, trust that this experience is real and that you are shedding the old skin in favor of the new light of life. Journey in the place of rebirth, come to appreciate this journey of becoming. You are providing a great service to the planetary reclamation by your conscious choosing to undergo this now. And you are not going through this alone. We are here. (Pause)

When you come to me you may be as small a child as you wish. It is my delight to hold you in my arms to soothe your fears, to bring you new hope and inspiration. The brave façade you show to the world is not a requirement in coming to me. I say to you: it is more important that you come to me in the sincerity of your smallness, in the humility of your meekness, and in the timidity of your defenselessness. This is what I ask of you, my children. Come to me in this small state, and your Mother and I will build you strong, noble, courageous, vibrant. All you are leaving behind is fear. You get more love and joy, beauty and truth than you could have ever imagined!

So I ask you again: are you willing to change? Are you willing to go into this period of change wholeheartedly and unreservedly with me at your side leading you into more opportunities for service?

You have had deep impressionings within your mindal systems these last several weeks. There are many seeds germinating in your mind now. Let the soil of your consciousness system rest. Let the seeds be safely enmeshed in your Mother deftly growing new thought streams within you that will impinge in your awareness when the time is ripe. I pause now to entertain your questions. But not too many questions as the experience tonight is still moving deeply within your minds.

Student: Michael, I have an 18-month old granddaughter and I watch her mother take care of all of her needs. I’m wondering if that’s what you meant said to become as little children? What are the limits? What am I supposed to do? What are you supposed to do?

Michael: I am your Father. I respond to your needs. If you were to imagine yourself as a rebellious 17-year old adolescent, who is ready to ignore his father’s wisdom and experience and to go out into the world on his own to make his own mistakes and to stumble and fall over the errors of an immature mind without listening to his father’s wisdom, do you think that you would be able to receive the love and guidance that was available to you? (No, I wouldn’t!)

And so if you were to imagine yourself as a 8-year old boy who enjoyed being with his father and considered the time spent together as a precious gift because you felt loved and cared for, would you be willing to listen to your father and come to him more readily?

Student: Most definitely, I would.

Michael: And if you were to imagine yourself as a helpless baby that could not do anything on his own, would you then not imagine yourself as lying these exquisitely wonderful and loving arms that held you close and provided for your every need? Would you not then know that you were safe?

Student: Yes, safe and loved.

Michael: And so, my son, it is a matter of your perception. Do you wish to be the baby, the child, the adolescent? The choice is up to you. How you perceive yourself in relationship to me is the factor of what you will receive from me. The more you come to me in humility and smallness in asking me to help you to fulfill your needs and to help you understand life, the more I can give to you. It is this simple.

Student: Thank you, Michael. I have one other question. I have friends who are ill, is there some way I can give them your peace, or is it only something that you can do?

Michael: You have access to my peace. You can, through your prayers, ask for my peace to be directed into another individual. Perhaps this individual has no knowledge of my peace and yet there is a need for this peace. You who have experienced it and value it and have direct access to this, could you not then ask for my peace to be instilled into this other person? How much peace will be instilled, and when will this person sense this peace? You will not know. But do not hold back in administering my peace into this individual because you know! not of this. Your prayers are important for they begin weave new thoughts into a person who may eventually sense that stirring of spirit within them to awaken consciously to the call of truth. This is what you can do to bring my peace into them.

Student: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Thank you. I am.

Student: I’d like to thank you for the inspiration. Breathing it to me, you and Mother have got inside me and taken me to the very edge of self-control, and then helping me discover a whole world of feeling. I’m finding it’s all feeling—it’s nervousness and anxiety and fears all through the day. Anger—I have to watch my temper all of a sudden. I found a great fear of neediness. Because my whole life, it always seemed that freedom began at the very edge of neediness. The more I could provide for everything for myself then beyond that was freedom. And so now I am finding a fear of needing you. But I’m also glimpsing that this is OK because it is you. I hope to find a way of fully accepting this—even glorious to need you. Thank you for your patience.

Michael: J, my son, it is not patience that I show you in my desire to help you overcome your raw human nature. It is sheer unabashed love. There is no time expiration on it! It just is there. You have well described the distinction and condition between self-control and aligning your will with the Father. Why is it acceptable to be needful of your Spirit Father? Why is it acceptable to want to be cared for? Ask yourself these questions in the coming days. These are the questions your Father Fragment longs for you to ask so he can minister to you in innumerable ways in your mind as to the delightful ideas that you will see as to why you will enjoy being needful of us.

The precipice you sense may feel like a sharp jagged. But as you step off the ledge into the unknown experience of needing me, do you think it will be a hard sharp drop? Or perhaps you will walk on a buoyant bubble of light and be uplifted and supported in a way you have yet to experience. Are you willing to go into this inquiry now in sensing a new level of life in the spirit?

Student: I’ll answer just between you and I, Michael, in the days to come. Thank you .

Michael: My peace is upon you, my son.

Student: Father, I have no questions for you. I just want to express my thanks for your love—your beautiful, beautiful, beautiful love. Thank you.

Michael: Thank you for your love, R my son. It is a precious gift that I cherish.

Student: Michael, as I was in stillness and prayer the other day I was thinking about resistance to the Father’s will and oneness with God and truth. I was thinking about what you said when you were on this planet about how we can do greater works than even you. That we can claim and proclaim our oneness with you and the Father in Paradise. I looked at that and said: why am I resistant to that? Why do I deny myself my higher good? I know that my life would increase in fullness and expansiveness and wealth and love, truth and beauty. Why do I resist that? So I claimed what you have proclaimed for all of us so many years ago. But it is quite a challenge and I have been through a roller coaster of emotions.

When I entered today I was full of unhappiness that is hard to rise above. I know when you were on this planet you experienced unhappiness and disappointment deeply. But you were able to see the truth beyond that. I wish to see that as well—to see as you see. Because our minds are one and our hearts are one.

Michael: Yes, D, they are one. You are coming into that unity of oneness with me. To fully embrace it you must see as I have seen and to see as your Father sees. The human condition contains within it a wide range of experience, ranging from the despairing desolation of losing one’s life to the heights of joy in claiming your sonship with the Father. Are you willing to embrace the full range of the human condition and to love each end of the spectrum as I have loved and as our Father loves?

Student: I will try. I will try.

Student: I have a general problem. On the one hand I am getting stronger all of the time, but amazingly I have no feeling of you. Emotionally I agree with what is being said and I ask and ask and nothing seems to be happening.

Michael: R my son, as you become increasingly strengthened in faith, there are certain places within your body where you sense me that will eventually yield into that body-recognition of me in you. Can you allow the time of healing continue to run its course of action within you?

Student: Yes, I’m learning patience.

Michael: And what do you think of that word—patience—how long is patience?

Student: It’s a word that signifies a reality that has not been part of my life. This affliction has forced me to be patient. I see it as a gift in a way. I see it as a learning opportunity.

Michael: So in testifying what you just said to me, what makes you feel that things are not working in you?

Student: I know things are working, I’m just concerned that I don’t feel anything. That’s the paradox. I’m getting stronger but I don’t feel anything from the reading of the transcripts…what that is.

Michael: There is a qualitative level of healing—a threshold you would call it—that has not been reached yet within the blending of your sentient being and your physical body. As your recovery in spirit progresses, my reality will more pronouncedly be experienced in you. I am there; you have knowledge of me. I ask you to continue to love: to love others and to love me. Focus less on your physical condition, and even though you are excited about the changes that are occurring, I say to you this is not as important to me as the changes occurring in your soul; your capacity to trust me, your willingness to love me and your brethren mo! re. In focusing on this more in your daily living will you reach that threshold in your healing that will open new doors of experience in feeling of me and my love for you. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Oh yes, I think I have to be patient.

Michael: It is more than being patient. It is also focusing on your desire to love and to trust me.

Student: Also, to love and trust other people in my life.

Michael: I ask you to focus less on what is experienced in your physical body now as you improve in strength, and to be more amenable to being of service to others and loving them. That will open the door and heighten your threshold to experience me. Do you understand? You have journeyed well, my son. My peace is ever-abiding in you. My comfort will give you the patience that you need; my inspiration of my life to give you the compelling desire to serve with love and devotion.

Student: Someone in the complex has advanced Parkinson’s syndrome. He doesn’t talk very much. I’m wondering if I should sit with him even though we don’t speak much.

Michael: As a person who has experienced the same condition you can certainly empathize with what he is going through, can you not? (Yes)

Michael: And in sitting with him, could you not just open your heart and exude your compassion and understanding to him? (Oh yes!) And would that not be more eloquent than any words you could speak?

Student: I’m excited at the prospect of doing this.

Michael: It is very interesting to see how you in your human lives have always felt that communication was through verbal means, but truly you say more with the unspoken attitude towards your brethren. Beam your love, your understanding, your compassion, your empathy to this individual. Let it flow freely. Ask for me to flood that into you as you sit with this individual.

Student: I look forward to it.

Michael: Then ask yourself if you are still unable to sense me! After you open your heart to receive my love to flow into this other person, then ask yourself whether or not you sense me. (Thank you.)

Student: Dear Michael, please teach me the next step in fatherly love that seems so important in this world for my family.

Michael: Go within. Ask for the deeply embedded pockets of judgment to be softened and to yield to the greater truth of divine wisdom and love. Invite your Mother into those deeply embedded places that you have no knowledge of where this judgment is residing. Ask her to open the floodgates as it were for the judgment to be turned to wisdom, understanding, mercy and forgiveness. Let yourself experience through your daily life and interactions the release of the judgment and the concomitant influx of the higher spiritual values. You will find this to be one of your most valuable lessons and add increasingly to your capacity to charm.! (Pause)

As my peace settles into you now, be assured that the Father’s love will indeed prevail within you. You have a great capacity to understand and to emote. Keep going. Let this time of striving be a joyful exhilarating time in your human experience. You are only becoming more serviceable to me and your Mother when you do this. Have you any other questions now?

Student: That was wonderful. Thank you.

Michael: My sons, roll up your spiritual shirt sleeves. You are going into the field; the field of change where there are many lost and confused souls. As we harvest these souls together and show them the sweetness of the Father’s love, the joyfulness and the liberty in following the Father’s way, know that my strength, my enthusiasm, my devotion will pour through you and give you an unbridled capacity to serve with such fervor, devotion and delight that this will be one of the most! enjoyable in all of your universe career. You will remember these rugged times on Urantia with such fond recollection and yearning because the depths of human misery that you will be able to help a person step out of will be so compelling and a testament to the grandness of the Father’s loving plans you will be awestruck by its beauty. So let us go into the fields together, you and I. Let us change this world—my world—my jewel in all of Nebadon. Make this my home again. Good evening. END