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Larkspur, CA


Bring Your Burdens To Me

JULY 21, 2003

Good evening, my children. My peace is upon you now. This is Michael. Tonight I wish to alleviate more of the burdens that you carry deep within you. It is my desire that my children are freed from the angst and the stress of everyday life on Urantia. But this is not to say that your life will become a "bed of roses." No, my children, in bringing all of your burdens to me, I will lighten your load and give you much expanded capacities to handling living on this challenging sphere.

For times of trouble lie ahead, and I need you, my children, to be stable anchors amidst the troubled waters of adversity for your brothers and sisters. I need you to be prepared and to let your light of truth shine though your sole to attract those lost and abandoned children whose lives have been beset by the turbulence to come. And so I ask you this evening, do you wish to be these anchors for your brothers and sisters? Are you willing to stand firm amidst the waters of adversity to quell the fears of your brethren while they wail about lost and alone? Are you willing to do this for them and for me?

Take these questions into your heart, present them to your indwelling Father Fragment. When you are ready, you may bring your concerns to me, and I will lead you into a greater understanding.

Student: I accept your offer to be an anchor or a signpost or whatever you want me to be on this world. I don't know what to do. Can you guide me in what to do and eliminate the resistance I seem to come with all the time?

Michael: First of all, C my son, let me express my gratitude to you for your decision to be this anchor of comfort and faith my children, your brothers and sisters. Truly this is a faith endeavor on your part, and what you can do now to stabilize your anchor is to live more faith-fully each day in coming to me and asking to be guided, even moment by moment. In offering to be led by me and your indwelling Mystery Monitor you will be given a greater range of ideas to consider as you go about your daily life. The resistance you are experiencing is simply an untrained mind succumbing to animal fears and not being in a faith posture allowing the Father's plans to unfold both for yourself and for the planet.

You cannot know the scope of the Father's plans; you are only given that which you need for this day-for this moment-and learning to attune to what your needs are. And how the Father and I can provide for them to be met will increase your capacity for faith and grow you into that living light of trust and hope and stability that will draw your brothers and
sisters to you so you can share with them the elements of faith you have learned and now embody more fully throughout your being. This is what you can do now. And I have full confidence this is something you can fully achieve.

My question to you is: do you trust me to guide you, and are you willing to relinquish your armor of resistance and follow me?

Student: Michael, I trust you to guide me and I don't want that armor of resistance anymore, it's of no use to me. I will get rid of it.

Michael: Then in prayer as you go about your day, spend some time before you embark on an activity, call me in-ask for help. Ask for guidance, wisdom, and insight. Still your mind and wait. You will in time sense an impulse to move forward or an idea to consider. Practice this many times over the course of the day, and you will find the more you practice this, that this resistance you feel will diminish. You are training your mind to be used more spiritually, moving beyond the mere primary basic thinking techniques you are accustomed to. And if you are patient and consistent in doing this each day, your mind will respond. Your spirit will be able to be consciously appreciated deep within your being. Does this answer your question, my son, to your satifaction?

Student: Yes it does. Thank you for your offer and thank you for your loving guidance.

Michael: Grow in my peace, and you will find the liberty for your soul.

Student: I will do that. Student: Michael, I would like to thank you for your very steadfast support. I feel myself growing and it's wonderful. Sometimes it's very uncomfortable. I'm beginning to see and really feel dead spots in my life. The other day there was a program on TV where famous actors were asked what was their worst word, and the word that came to me was the word "waste." Everything that concept entails-wasting time, wasting one's life. I welcome the light that shows that kind of shadow. From time to time partly because I'm tired or lazy, my evenings are wasted. Thank you for the uncomfortableness-the consciousness of this waste.

I think the way to break out of it is by going into stillness when I feel this, and just waiting for the guidance of what to do then. Also, thank you for pointing out in helping some of my dear friends who bear their souls to me-thank you for that little gift about listening. That is wonderful.

Michael: J my son, your life is important. And while it is true that the human tendency is to gravitate to a more slothful life style when you are in more of your primal nature, your moments of growth now are yielding the awareness there is more to life than just mere existence. There is service-vibrant, dynamic, satisfying service. The wastefulness you are experiencing is partly the shedding of this slothful nature: complacency, indolence, idleness; this is a part of the past.

While it is true that if you work expending energy-whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual-there is time of replenishment. So you have rightly considered that the stillness state is your haven of replenishment of all of the energies you need to continue to grow and perform of your universal duties. But while you are in this state of becoming, there will be a period where you are excreting this waste. Just as your physical system must excrete, so must the spirit toxins that have affected you for so many years be purged and cleansed from your being. As you sense this waste within you, offer it to your Mother for her purification and wait to receive the spiritual complement within you that I will seed within you that will be able to produce a fruit of service in your life at some point.

What you are undergoing at this point is a natural cleansing of your spirit system. This wastefulness will diminish, and you will feel a lightness of being-a presence within you of a stimulating compulsion as it were to be of greater love, greater comfort, greater steadiness for your brothers and sisters. And that you have already experienced this many times over, surely this is an indicator that more is yet to come. So I say to you, bring your wastefulness to your Mother and me, and allow this time of cleansing to prevail in your life. Be as clean and pure a vessel of the Father's love as you can. Is this something that interests you now?

Student: Oh, Michael, it does. And in your directness, you went to the cause. I meant waste in the sense of something irretrievably lost-we are creatures of time. And if we miss an opportunity...this is how I meant waste.....wasting time, wasting life by not living up to your potential. You've gone right through that to point out the way to not miss that opportunity is to be clean and keen to that opportunity when it pops up. Your directness astonishes me! Thank you very, very much.

Michael: My son, why should it surprise you; am I not your creator? And am I not your human brother that experienced the fullness of what you now undergo? And would it not be normal that I would understand the fullness of your inquiry and be able to attend to your need? And so you are learning more to trust me, and this is good. For more than anything of you, I desire your trust.

Student: The love you have for me, Michael, seems infinite and perhaps I welcome being astonished by that infinity. It's absolutely thrilling. Thank you for your inspiration; your breathing that life into me.

Michael: And receive more my breath of life as your Mother enters you now and feeds you. And be in my peace. (Pause) Who is next to share with me.

Student: (Too faint to hear.)

Michael: R, my son, I am opening the ears of your heart to hear me more within you. Regardless of the condition of your body, your soul does receive my truth, and I wish to now enter within you and expand myself into you. Receive me now, my son, in faith. (Thank you.) (Pause) My peace is upon you, my son.

D, you may address me now if you are ready.

Student: There have been numerous situations I've experienced over the last couple of months: relationships with my children, with C, with my roommate. They have helped me grow so much in my spiritual nature. But I was pondering the other day as I was sitting in meditation about things you have spoken about-about resting in you and resting in God and trusting. What I have come to realize is that I do not allow myself to completely rest in God and trust in His divine plan for me, even though I know in my heart that I am being led into a greater expression of who I am. I want just to rest in Him and you and to allow the burdens of this world be cleansed from my psyche so I can experience the beauty, truth and total love of our oneness together.

Michael: D my son, it does gladden my heart to hear of your sincere dedication to follow the Father's guidance and to be receptive to the perfection lure within you. But for a time, my son, you will feel the time-lag of your burgeoning perfection as you sense that you have not yet fully achieved full soul satisfaction of union with the Father. So my question to you is: can you be satisfied with the beauty and the connection that you have already achieved? Can you find enjoyment and peace and rest in that? Student: I guess I can try. But I get the sense as you mention of the dissatisfaction-that there could be more. That life doesn't have to be this difficult.

Michael: This is part of the sincere desire of your soul to experience union with your indwelling Father Fragment, but it is also a component of your pre-existing evolutionary nature to be relieved of your hardships. And never have I stated to you that this life is an easy one without effort and struggle. I ask you now to consider letting go of both diametrically opposing forces within you and find the rest and peace and joy in the growth that you have achieved and celebrating that which you have experienced. For you know, my son, that your growth is progressive and that you will achieve that which you achingly long to in your soul. But if you stand against the tide by only wishing to be unified with the Father, how can you appreciate that which you are experiencing in the moment and becoming-embodying that which is of love, of goodness, of patience-and thereby giving (tape turned)..... within your consciousness to lead you into greater soul expansion of that which you cherish. This is the more complete and steadfast way to grow. Projecting yourself into "I want to experience more" is the activation of the ego-nature-that which you have come to define as your ego nature. The soul nature is in the more immediate sense of experiencing that which you feel in the moment, and letting the Father and Mother and me add more into you. Will you consider this now more fully?

Student: I see that real clear, and I see myself in that situation where I feel frustrated because I desire more and I can see the ego in that, instead of experiencing the fullness of who I am at that moment in my own beauty. I get frustrated and that is not being one with the Father. I see that very clearly. And you mentioned the quandary of being diametrically opposed between ego and soul. I feel that quandary with my roommate, whom I have asked to leave because he did not honor his word to me. I'm torn between my soul saying one thing and my mind saying another. It causes me great discomfort, because I know the relationship I had with him had great spiritual significance.

Michael: But beyond that there is judgment on your part of yourself that your desire to do the spiritized action with your roommate is actually impeding your ability to move forward. You must find within you that place of honoring what it is that you want and standing firm upon that ground without judgment of yourself or of him, and knowing that you are doing your best in that moment. This is all we ask of you, my son. Why do you ask more of yourself?

Student: I don't know; that's the quandary. I don't know what it is that I want in this situation. I don't know what God wants of me.

Michael: The Father in Paradise only asks that you try your best for where you are at this point in time. Nothing more and nothing less. You have a great capacity to make decisions and stand firm with your resolution. Will this be the right decision? You cannot assess it at this moment. But you must consider several factors. This has to do with the diminishment of yourself and the diminishment of your roommate in this situation. Ask the Father to help you understand that there is no judgment placed upon you now if you feel that you have reached an apex in your relationship with C and that it is now time for you and he to grow in separate directions. Can you do this now?

Student: I will try. Michael: All that we ask is for you to be honest with yourself and recognizing your limitations, and then being able to move forward in confidence in knowing that you did your very best and allowing the Father to continue to unfold the greater expression of His love in both of your lives. Can you do this, my son?

Student: The question comes up: did I do my best? Could I have done more? Did I do enough?

Michael: I invite you now to go into that place of judgment within yourself. (Pause) Sense the hold this judgment has upon you. Now, ask your Mother to untether this from you. (Pause) Now invite me into that place and ask for my truth to fill you. (Pause) Rest in my truth, my son. You will receive your answer. (Pause)

My children, the light of truth on this world is growing stronger. But there will be a price to pay as the evil of the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion releases its grip upon the hearts and minds of the men and women of this world. There will be turmoil and increased emotional pressures brought to bear as these individuals begin to feel the heaviness of the spiritual poisoning that has been a part of this planet for so long. This spiritual sickness contains within it the seeds of rebirth and regeneration. But those who feel the fullness of this spirit poisoning will not necessarily see the seeds of healing within that.

This is what I ask of you, my children, to be their bastion of spiritual sanity by allowing your Mother and me to bolster your faith; to create within you that steadiness, that peace, that understanding and compassion that the others will find to quell their souls and to feed their seeds of healing within them. As I depart this evening, invite your Mother to blanket you in safety and comfort that will nourish your faith, keeping you strong and spiritually healthy through the adversity to come. I withdraw and leave you to your Mother. Good evening, my beloved ones.

Mother Spirit: My children, this is Nebadonia, your Mother. The truth of Michael is upon you. And whether or not you are able to consciously experience it, I am building a greater infusion of His being within you. Receive, my beloveds, and be steadied in this truth. (Pause) I say to you: all of Urantia is being prepared to receive Michael and a new son whose mission will take you to the shores of light and life. Long have we waiting for this time of healing on this beautiful world. And so, it is upon us. And you are bringing this light of truth, among others, onto this planet. Receive His truth, my children, and carry this torch high above you for your brothers and sisters to follow. (Pause) Sleep well safety encircuited in my womb as I continue to rebuild within you Michael's foundation of Living Truth. Good evening, my children.