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The Barnard List

US of A,

Christ Michael.

Subject: "Dealing With Fears".

February 16, 2003.

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "In these troubled times, I seek to reward your diligence in attending our brief morning meetings with words of encouragement for all. Circumstances are greatly unsettling, and rumors abound that may fill your minds with fearful thoughts.

"In truth, you need not fear the future, for you yourself are creating your future in the present when you accept this day as the beautiful gift you receive from the Father, and you return His love to Him by in turn giving it away on this day.

"You do not need to listen to the words of the fear mongers, or you can choose to lay aside your fears, for I am with you, always. You are unconditionally loved, and you can take our Father's love abroad today. You can take the 'sunshine of His love' to every place you step.

"Remind yourselves that the acceptance of fear is but a daily choice you can make, yet you can instead choose to ponder the love of God, and the ever-present ways in which you might share this love. Myriad opportunities do constantly arise for small acts of kindness, and you can do much towards creating peace by walking fearlessly into the storms of life.

"Already you have come through many fearful storms, and you will doubtlessly survive the present ones. Keep your eyes and your mind on all that is positive, and make it your choice to move away your thoughts from the negative.

"Evil will never prevail, and it is our Father's will that you will fear nothing with which the fear mongers try to poison your minds. Choose to serve the cause of courage, for these mental struggles are yours only if your choice is to walk in fear.

"Pay no mind to what the future might or might not bring, and contemplate what today will become when selecting the better option for only thoughts of love."

"I am Michael."

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