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How Did You View this Past Year? (2002)

December 30, 2002

Good evening, my children. This is your Creator Father/Brother. I am Michael. How it gladdens my heart to see you here this evening, for I wish to instill within your minds my devotion to your well being, as you give me your devotion to learning of me and growing our relationship together.

Another year is drawing to a close. What kind of a year has it been for you? Did you enjoy the year? Was it a year of challenges and opportunities for learning? How in your mind would you say you are perceiving this year overall? Where have you grown the greatest? What have you to be most thankful for? I ask you now to spend a few moments recollecting your year, and I would ask you to summarize in a few short sentences what you think this year has meant to you and where you have made the most progress in your relationship with our Father. Spend a moment or so reviewing this, and I will elicit your feedback.

Student: It has been a year of great physical challenges for me, and I am grateful for this relationship with you. I just have a mere inkling of what it means to have a direct relationship with Michael and Mother Spirit. I kind of believe that I brought some of this on my own head, as it were, for having what you might call poisonous thoughts - poison over my entire life. I am wondering how I can expiate those thoughts, so I can make progress in my union with you and Mother Spirit. So I think there's an opening, there's a fear now I am not at all sure what the future holds for me. But I am very grateful for this company of philosophers, Jesus seekers. I am embarking on a new course of treatments to help me yield results. But I suspect that's not the final answer.

Michael: My son, I have watched over you all of your life, and know in great intimacy the challenges that you have had to bear throughout all of the experiences you have had over the course of your lifetime. To say that you have poisoned your mind is not to blame yourself for how you thought. For in the absence of any true spiritual leadership or guidance, your mind developed quite as a result of your emotional needs and your reaction to those experiences you had during the early years of your growth. But you are aware that your mind was unduly negatively influenced. And now you are putting great effort forth in resolving these deep conflicts within yourself. This is a time of great release and unfolding for you. And it is true that you cannot know what the future holds. This glimmer of an awareness of me and of your Mother in Spirit will surely comfort you, console you, and create in you new yearnings for higher truth and deeper love. Your faith is living. Your faith is leading you in a new direction. The second part of this evening's instruction will address the future. Look at this year as a turning point in your life, in your growth; and look to the future for the unfolding of new and better things to come. Who would like to share their recollections next?

Student: Michael, I feel very blessed. This last year I've had a beautiful garden, and all the flowers that are blooming in it are all the people I know. So I am hopefully, kind of breaking out of a prison of self, and there's all these people. It's just wonderful. Welmek, dear friend Welmek, a very big part of my life now. Thank you, Michael, for stopping in, as you will, on your, in your life, to be with us. It's been a rebirth of wonder and feeling. Thank you very much.

Michael: J, my son, it gives me great pleasure that you are opening more to our ongoing relationship. This relationship is not a weekly encounter that we have to share together. But it is a daily life-to-life sharing of experiences - that I encourage you to dwell upon now, as you gain greater strength within your spirit of those potentials within your mind that are deepening your spiritual awarenesses and augmenting the growth that you feel activated within you.

Student: Michael, I can share with you the fact that this past year has been quite a momentous one. The first few months of this year, along with the last few months of the previous year, were for me an exploration of the depths of illusion: being offered great promise of accomplishments in this world, and discovering that nothing truly came of it and that it was at a great cost.

Fortunately, I was able to transition out of that for a few months, and in the middle of the summer I ended up here, systematically being exposed to the teachings of the Urantia Book, the teachings from the mission of the Teachers, and the Church of Christ Michael - all of which have been powerful influences for spiritual connection, clarification, and promise. Particularly, I can see a great deal of the things that have happened in my life for many, many years coming together daily in ever so greatly an inspirational and rewarding way; and in a way that makes me feel that the effort was worth it. I recall hearing you saying a week or so ago that adversity is what gives us the spiritual growth, and that that's what we are here for.

So I am looking forward to a great deal more of growth and service and living according to your example as Jesus - and thus gaining a depth of personal experience that opens up the power of the universe to serve my brothers and sisters in a way that helps them open to their capacity to connect with the wonderment of creation. So, thank you! That's it for me.

Michael: May your next year be full of as many challenges and stimulating opportunities for growth as you have achieved this year in fulfillment of your anticipated desires. Another Comment?

Student: Well, Father, I have been very pleased with the spiritual growth that I have had this past year. I feel like I have come to know you better - as Michael and as Jesus. And I'm very pleased with the spiritual nourishment that I've gotten from you. I feel very much less dense than I've felt a year ago. I am actually able to feel your presence, and being in your presence. And for that I am pleased, and I do expect that the growth will continue. And I want to say thank you!

Michael: Daughter, the thanks is due to you, for you are the one who chose to grow. You are the one who asked to receive a deeper understanding of my being and my love for you. And it is all a matter of your choice. Where do you place your spiritual interest? Where do you place your prayerful intention? I am available always to each of you. Your growth is due to your own efforts. So thank yourself for being interested, curious, hungry, and for responding to the leadings of your indwelling Adjuster, who is so patiently and assuredly guiding you on this journey. Another comment, please.

Student: Yes, Michael. My life since last December is so completely different. It seems like there has been numerous challenges that I have had to meet and overcome and walk through. And with each challenge, whether it be the same situation that occurred late last year, or with my family, or with my roommate, or with any other relationship that I have or had. I have found a deep reward. I found a new life, a sense of life within me, a sense of joy, a sense of wealth and richness, and a newfound connection with the Father and his love for me and for everyone else. My life is really transformed.

It may not seem so in the outer, but on the inner definitely so. It's like without God, without the Father and his love, I am nothing. But with him I am everything. And that is my vision. It is to be everything that the Father has planned for me: His will to pervade my every breathing, waking moment - to live in that absolute certainty that you did upon this planet, with the certainty of faith and of your oneness with the Father that we all have within ourselves.

I'm not saying that I don't have moments of sadness or darkness or depression. But I have less of them, and now have a brilliant sanctuary within myself to go into and restore and rejuvenate myself. And this is where I am today. And, remarkably, it is transforming my children and the people who are around me. So I am looking forward to the future, because I know only goodness and beauty, and inner and outer wealth, and love, and creativity, awaits me.

Michael: You have asked to be made in this new image, and you are finding yourself to be becoming a transformational figure, as all of you are. And so I say to you: Does it feel good? Do you enjoy being in this place of heightened inner awareness of what your potential is and as you see it outworking in your life?

Student: There is a sense of excitement, of a knowing that just around the corner exists a new way, a new vision, a new experience - of the Father's will. There's this inner, this life force that is vibrating within me.

Michael: Hold onto this thought, as we move into the second portion of this evening's instruction. Are there any other comments?

Student: I guess, for me this past year, Michael, has been one that I wouldn't have expected to go the way that it's gone. When I asked to be transformed a little over a year ago, and I feel like I'm sort of halfway through the process. Parts of it changed and parts of me are the same. I never thought I'd end up here, halfway through it. And here being where I'm being drawn back more into myself than I have been for years. Because I always thought it was to go out more from myself. I find myself more needing to be more within me.

And I suppose the relationship I have with you and with my Father has, I'd say has solidified, to some degree. It's become more a part of my ordinary life. And for that I am really grateful. Yet, at times, there's not enough fire within me, not enough inspiration - though I don't get really weighted down. It's like waiting for something to spark that hasn't sparked. And that's what I mean by being in the middle of the transition.

And what I would like to look forward to in the next year is the ability to make that spark more my own and to hold onto it so that it's always there. And thank you for everything that you've ever done for me and those I love. Thank you.

Michael: You are ever in me, and I am ever in you. And there is no separation between us. And there is nothing that can come between us, if this is your choice to truly grow closer to me and allow me to accompany you through your life. And as you well sense within you those potentials are finding a new place and internal structure. The stage is being set for your desire and interest to be, as you say, sparked. Be patient and let the inner workings of your indwelling Monitor continue to minister and create those associations in your mind that will yield the greater realization of who you are and who you are becoming. This is a time of internal change, with new meanings yet to emerge within your mind. Be well comforted that this place is important now; and it is up to you to be loyally confident that you are indeed moving forward as you move into anticipation of another year of growth and opportunities.

Are there any other comments before we move on?

Student: I see that this year is just another reminder of how blessed that I am, how I've been moving through life with some knowledge of that, but really not giving enough connection time to really know and feel and believe in the spirit. And this fall three different challenges that I've had through people that are close to me, and started to take the time to learn how to ask for the help that I need - because I can't do it all by myself. I realized that just in the asking I can receive and start to feel a connection with Jesus and Mother Spirit. And the calling of my heart and letting it flow into me, having a real feeling that helps me to know that it is real, to continue the practice of asking and just letting it come in. This has brought great peace to my heart and great strength of purpose and action - to know that I can relax, because I am not alone. I don't have to do it all myself. And for this I am truly, truly grateful. Thank you.

Michael: And daughter, I am grateful for your faith, and for your opening to receive the help and sustenance that you have asked for. It takes great courage on your planet to open and ask for help in the realm of spirit. For so many of you it has been through intense struggle and doubt. But yet you have found that the help is able to penetrate those places of fear and doubt within you.

And when you find that, indeed, you have received what it is that you required, it almost comes as a surprise. So the faith that you exercise is, indeed, a precious gift, each time you ask, each time you take, to ask to put your attention toward the spirit. This is all a precious gift to me. And you cannot know how much I value this.

So it is on this note that I wish to ask you now, for the coming year is a time of renewal and resolution. And these resolutions and promise of renewal are made within, with the best of intention, and a heartfelt motivation for life to be better. Sometimes the resolutions and promises are made and it is difficult to keep them, despite your best intentions. And it is not so much that the resolutions that you enact at this time are perceived as failures, as it is that sometimes in human life, because you do not receive great results in a short time, you perceive them as failures and give up. But I say to you, it is the promises that you make and the desire to improve your life that is significant. How well you live up to this is, in some ways, immaterial, because I see your growth and I see your desire. And that is what is important to me - not how well you live up to your own standard of achievement.

So what I would like to ask you now is to go into that place of your heart of what it is that you would like to desire for your life in this coming year. And I would ask you to consider not how well you would achieve this, but the desire within you for this to become fulfilled at some point in your life - whether or not it is this year, next year, or in 10 years or in 20 years. What is it that you would like to achieve the most? And then share that with me, when you feel you are ready to make a commitment to that.

Student: I would like to fully experience my spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and heart and soul. I would like to be forgiven. I'd like to forgive. I'd like to merge with Christ Michael and Mother Spirit. I'd like to experience the joy of life - to the full, and bring the joy to everyone I come into contact with. I'd like to realize my highest potential in every respect.

Michael: My son, you have asked for many things. And I pledge my devotion to you, to help you achieve them. I ask that you simplify your desire. And what is the most important thing that you can focus on now to achieve in your life? (Pause) What do you perceive as the single most important component of all you have expressed just now?

Student: I think the highest component is the full flowering of my spiritual potential - in union with the Father, with God, Christ Michael and the Mother Spirit.

Michael: Full union, as you are expressing, will achieve over the course of your eternal lifetime. But if it is your desire that this is the single most important component, then in the coming year I pledge my devotion to you, to help you achieve greater internal awareness of that which you so earnestly seek. Will you, in your own mind, be comforted by the fact that I will accompany you on this journey? But you, also in your own mind, must be aware that it is not so important to ask for so many things, as it is to strive each day to learn to love God and to share your life with Him. Do you understand my meaning now, R?

Student: Yes, I do.

Michael: Things, aspirations in life, must follow a particular course of unfolding. Do you understand this?

Student: Yes, I do.

Michael: What does this mean to you, when I say this to you?

Student: It means that I should stay focused on loving God.

Michael: This is the paramount devotion. (Yes.) And so you will receive the encouragement, the counsel, and all of the assistance you need in the spirit to stay focused on this. Do you trust this now? (Yes, I do.) And so I seal my promise with your desire. (Thank you) And we will go into the New Year together. Who is next?

Student: Michael, my desire is similar to that which was just stated by this gentleman who I have come to be in the habit of calling "Mr. Inspiration", because of the real, strong and endearing way that he has persisted in his efforts to grow beyond the deteriorating on the physical level and the great stride that he is making in his clarity of attunement and spiritual growth.

For me, the terms that I would use, as I am learning now, would be my desire for Adjuster-fusion mindedness; so that I have a clear, pure, full attunement to the God that dwells inside: allowing me to live while still on the mortal level in the most exquisite way possible. Again, based on your example as Jesus: serving, and always 100 percent remembering the Father, the love of the Father, and standing for the implementation of the will of the Father in any and every situation that I am in.

Michael: And my son I pledge to you my devotion to assist you to achieve this. For it makes my heart glad to hear you offer these words of promise for your spiritual destiny to be achieved while in the flesh. You have asked for a great blessing, and you have asked for a great achievement. And this achievement will not come without effort on your part. Are you aware of this? (More and more.) But you are not alone. And you only have to call on me each moment to walk with you, and I will go into this journey to uphold you and to assist you when the way becomes more effortful than you may realize at this time. If you are ready to make this commitment, then, my son, I will seal my pledge of devotion to you.

Student: Well, on one level, naively, I am going to say absolutely. Of course! And on another level, with a little bit of maturity in me now, I offer my willingness to rise to the occasion 100 percent of my ability in spite of whatever difficulty and apparent shortcomings that may seem to be there. So, yes, I make that commitment.

Michael: Then you have my promise to assist you. And you only need to call on me when you are in the more effortful times of engaging your spirit on this journey of Adjuster fusion. (Okay.) You are one with me in this pact. (Thank you.) Thank you!

Student: Michael, the thing that has been standing out in my mind, especially as I hear you talking with R and R. The thing I need is self-discipline. Dozens and dozens of times a day I feel blessed to know what is the right thing to do at that moment. And I am trying [side one of tape ends]..for me too it will be a striving to get the courage to make that effort to do what I know is the right thing. Time for me, too, to get my feet back on the ground, in a way, and get to work.

Michael: Will you call on me when you feel your weakness getting the best of you?

Student: That is the thing, Michael, I keep hesitating to do. That is my effort to not forget you. Yes.

Michael: And my pledge to you, when you call on me, is to hold you firm in your resolve. But this will be something to place your mental attention on now, and be consciously aware of what it is that you are choosing and what it is you are asking for. You are asking for rigorous self-control. And you will need to practice this time and time again, in order for you to achieve, number one: the awareness that I will assist you and hold you in that self-control; and number two: for your body to respond to this habit so that you feel that you are beginning to wean yourself away from the bad habits and growing healthy and strengthened ones that you wish to achieve.

I ask you to go into that place in your mind where you have been reluctant to call on me, and find that place of resistance. And ask your Mother in Nebadon to begin to alter this perception within your mind, and have it more anchored in the desire to call on me. Do this now, and when you feel ready I will seal my promise with your desire to call on me. Take a few moments and let me know when you feel ready. (Pause) Student: I don't know if I can.

Michael: Just try your best, and let go. Student: Okay, let's go. Please help me to remember this moment. In one way I cannot bear to disappoint you. That's the fear that how do you break a promise to Michael?

Michael: You will not disappoint me if you in your own mind and heart break this promise. For I understand very well the frailties of the human heart. This is less effortful than you think. Coming into that place where you have felt resistance, to call on me. But I understand and will hold this idea until later in the meeting when we will ask our brothers and sisters to gather around you, and help you to receive Mother's ministrations within you, if this is something that appeals to you. (Yes, thank you.)

You see, my son, there is nothing that will keep me from you, if this is truly an area where you need help. And you cannot disappoint me. You cannot fail me. You are my child, and it is my delight to help you with whatever difficulty you are facing. All I ask is that you allow yourself to receive and to be in peace. We will move on and return here at the end of our meeting.

Student: Michael, I love you so much, and my whole life is devoted to the seeking of God and a nice personal relationship with my real parents. It is so exciting to me! And I feel that my only real long-term goal is fusion with my indwelling fragment. I realize that I am quite immature and quite ignorant, and that it is a very bold desire. But I do also have complete faith in your ability, in Mother's ability, to work in me the necessary adjustments and guidance that can make that possible. And I only make that statement knowing that I can trust you, and I can completely depend on you to guide me to that place of fusion.

That's my great overall goal; and my more immediate goal would be to see myself able to minister for you to the spiritual orphans on this planet, so they can experience the hope and joy of having divine parents.

Michael: My daughter, you are a stalwart worker in the kingdom of Heaven, and for this your devotion is highly valued and honored. And I offer my pledge to assist you, as you well know you have always had it. But tonight I call upon your awareness of the promise that you are making to yourself and to your Father fragment for this to occur in your lifetime in the flesh. And you have my seal, as we bond together now, so that this is something that you can achieve.

And you have my devotion to guide you in the way to minister to my children, as you walk on your path to your fusion. Be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself, as you walk on this path now. For it will, indeed, challenge many of the areas within you that still require spiritual tempering. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: Well, probably not fully. But I am aware of my inadequacies.

Michael: But are you also mindful that you need to be gentle with yourself in dealing with your inadequacies?

Student: Ah yes, yes. I will try and remember that. You guys will remind me. Right?

Michael: For what we see is your potential. And your perceived inadequacies, when they are properly aligned with the Father's will, will be great tools for you to use as you minister and gain greater foothold on your path. So I ask you now to consider to look at these more squarely, as mere potential talents that have not yet been properly molded for the Father's use.

Student: So I can look at my inadequacies like hidden gems that haven't been really mined.

Michael: Yes. That is one way you can not fear the excavation. (Good, I can go with that. It sounds great.) You go into these deep places within you and extract the jewel that lies deeply imbedded in your experiential nature.

Student: Oh, thank you. I look forward to it; the full treatment.

Michael: You have every potential within you, my daughter. And I say this with the utmost confidence that even though you are somewhat in jest about this, it is serious and it is light-hearted at the same time. And to use this buoyancy that you have about you as you perceive this, and bring all of the unmined gems now up to the surface so that they can be used by the Father in a way that will bring you much light and joyfulness. You will gain more appreciation this year of this, as you walk and grow and serve.

Student: I look forward to it, and thank you so much. And I do take this very seriously.

Michael: And I know you do. And you have my seal of promise to be with you every step of the journey. Go in peace, my daughter.

Student: Ah, thank you. I will. Student: Yes, Michael. You know that almost every day that I pray for the same things: Of the oneness with my Father who created me in His Image. To see as God sees, to love as God loves, to create as God creates, and to live as He created me to live on this planet. And I know from this place I'm able to serve completely and lovingly and freely, and this is what I desire to be completely and utterly open to my Father's will and His agenda for me - to be one with the Paradise within myself so that I can share with others the real inner paradise. This is all that I desire and want, for I know if I seek first the kingdom of Heaven, everything else comes to me and comes out from me. This is the only way I can live, and live upon this planet and be of service.

Michael: As you open yourself more to the willingness to live in this state, do you also wish to draw me into your being to help you achieve this? For no man comes to the Father but by me, and in seeking the Father you seek me, and you learn of my ways, and you come into my truth. And so my son, I ask you, are you ready for this experience of alignment with me, more in your life?

Student: Yes I am, if it's necessary for my self-portrait to be complete.

Michael: This is not the essential ingredient for you to be complete. The word necessity becomes an intellectualized idea. I ask you to go into that place of your heart where you seek to know me. What is it that you sense there? What comes to mind within you?

Student: This immense richness and love, and joy, and exuberance.

Michael: So then do you find it still a necessity? (No, with a laugh.)

Student: No. It's an expression of who I am - experience of who I am, and it is here in every moment that I breathe; I can draw You into me in every moment. And that's what I desire, and to expand so that I can embrace others in my exuberance and Your exuberance and joy and love.

Michael: And I seal myself in you as you achieve deeper levels of this awareness of who you are as a son of God. You are a son of God! Let this seal deeply within you now and overtake you even more than you have heretofore experienced. (Long pause.) Who is to share next?

Student: Michael, what I would like to be able to do this year, as almost every year, is to answer the calling that I first had when I was 5 or 6, to find my creative work, my creative self-expression: to express what it is that you and the Father show me so that others might see the beauty and the grandeur of your creation.

There have always been lots of internal obstacles, blocks to my creative expression, and also external want. And when you spoke tonight that it's not so much the achievement, it's the intention that's important, I would just like to be able to say, once again, that this is what I feel that I must do and that I most want to do. And I would like to define that release from what holds me back from doing that, so that I can do what's been given to me to do. And so that's what I would like to be able to work on this year.

And I really appreciate all the steadfast support you, the Father and all the spiritual entities have given to me to continue to stay with this calling, despite my lack of making it real in the world. Thank you. Michael: Go now into that place of your desire for your creative expression to become more manifest within you and without you. I want you now to feel me inside of you, accompanying you in the outward directional manifestation of this potential that has been seeded within you over the course of your lifetime. Can you sense this now, C? (Yes) Draw me in more fully, for this is now not your journey alone to make; for I will accompany you through this as you meet the challenges in your life, both internally and externally - to be that support structure within you that you now need to reveal this in your life more fully.

Do you sense this presence of mine within you growing now? (Yes) And I want you to feel the strength, and to feel your smallness; and to yield that sense of smallness into me now, and to let me be more dominant in you now, as I lead you into this domain. Do you sense this smallness within you now? (Yes) Then I seal my pledge to accompany you, deep inside of you now. And I ask you only to return to this place where we have bonded together this evening, and to allow me to lead you now into a deeper revelation of who you are as a daughter of the living Father in Paradise.

There is no fear that I will not accompany you through. There is no obstacle that you must handle on your own. So in this place of our promise, let us go together, you and I, on a wonderful journey together. And you will see how beautiful, indeed, your life is becoming. Be in my peace, dear child. (Pause) We can move on to a next person.

Student: I want to ask for this year to have the remembrance to ask every day to make the connection, and to feel the love that's coming into me now, just listening all of this. To find the peace and allow me to chase away the negativity and fear that sometimes crops up, through the hurt feelings or the lack of forgiveness that's only just about being afraid, and how powerful that love is.

So I ask that this year I come to know Jesus and Mother Spirit love even more fully, to continue to be in my highest purpose as much as I can, because I really want to be there. Then I know that I am my best when I am there. And I probably will not be perfect either, but I can really feel the sense of acceptance and love, and understanding more what procreation means. Thank you for the gift of being alive so that I can spread it around too.

 Michael: My daughter, your prayer is answered. (Thank you). The awareness that you seek will come from the ever-expanding place within your mind to know the Father's love and to live as a conduit of the Father's love to others, whose lives you influence through your faith. Each day spend time in seeking to know me, and seeking to know your Mother.

Ask us questions. Ask us to reveal ourselves to you. Ask for yourself to be more consistently child-like in your approach to us, as you come to live more in faith and trusting that all things good are coming into your life and making you more loving and more lovable. The awareness within you will grow. This is assured. It is the natural outworking of your desire. And so in sealing my promise in you tonight, I will reveal myself to you more fully than you have experienced before, and that of your Mother, who is also commingling Her promise into you with me.

Your perfection is not required. Your attention to know me is requested. And be in that place now of the desire to know who your divine parental sources are, and we seal our promise to reveal ourselves to you this year, as you become more of that living conduit of our Father's love. Receive this now, and be at peace. (Thank you).

Join hands please. Be now in that place where you have made your request and pledge for the New Year. Call me in spirit into that place, and receive my outpouring of presence within you, to accompany you on this journey. (Pause)

Father, these are your children, who are growing in their devotion to You, who are growing in their desire to know You and to love You, and to be the living vessels of Your love to the spiritually hungry children of this planet. I call down from the very center of Paradise Your love and Your light to feed these, Your children; and to commingle with the promises that I have made to each individual here tonight, that they will be upheld, that they will be nurtured. Your light and Your love is their salvation. And as it goes into their bodies and into their minds, it will overtake all the darkness within them. Create in them the new spiritual vibrancy that will be the beacon and the drawing power for Your children to find their comfort and sustenance in You through these living vessels of Your love.